ITT: Fashion Youtubers Which Use Veeky Forums

fashion youtubers which likely browse Veeky Forums


w2c shirt on the right?

Fav gay couple on YouTube


Prob was a thrift, he thrifts a ton

a pair of autistic spergs. they fit in just right here.

Both of these are objectively good content creators.

fashion youtubers are mostly shit, but not even they would come to this shitty place.

ansonsten safe justin. Videos über modefails anderer gemacht und dabei oversized schwarze hoodies getragen, was 1 keklord

None, they all suck and pander to broke tasteless teens that lurk r/streetwear. Just read magazines, it's the best thing out there.

literally who

mois, schauste dir wirklich mode youtuber an? feels bad tbqfsh

Antwon just regurgitates info from the techwear discord lmao

this lesbian

gearedtowardgear too enlighted for this board


would those shoes look great in shorts?

he seems like the type to be honest

he definitely does, you can tell by how unfunny and awkward he is

woher weiß ich sonst wo man freshe und nice klamotten auf amazon findet?

Youtube merch von leuten die sich über andererleuts Youtubemerch auslassen kaufen ist verdammt effay

What magazines do you read? I'm curious in finding a good one featuring "Grown-up streetwear"/Japanese street style type inspiration.

definitely not. he lurks r/streetwear and make low hanging fruit videos for them. his only accomplishments are modeling a handful of times. dudes style has changed since he started and is a hypebeast that easily falls for memes. do not watch

Lösch dich du peinlicher Spasti