1st step I cut it shorter to pic related yesterday
2nd step should I dye the ends blond just for fun?

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youre too old to larp as a soundcloud rapper
move on

I'm going to post my haircut lol hold on one second folks

Ok I'm a little scared I don't know if I should show you guys ...

U mad?

Hehe good man! Show your final results now please and thank you.

Dope, going for that Sam Hyde look?

Next time more blond

This better not have been more than 2 bucks
You got ripped off my dude

looks shit

Either go big or go home

Not too bad but going more blond next time

i like your hair, how do i achieve this

Step 1: walk into random salon
Step 2: tell the lady "just fuck my shit up please"
Step 3: ????????
Step 4: post on Veeky Forums

These are some slav tier buildings

what does this twink put in his hair?

Talking about hair.
I want to bleach.
Could it look good ?

Didn't get any help in the last thread. Do you guys want to? My forehead is fucking massive as you can see and i don't know what haircut to get

What should i tell my barber if i want this cut?

I need your advice Veeky Forums

I have intentionally not gone to the barber in about two months to grow my hair and beard out and I look like shit. How should I cut my hair tomorrow?


maybe something.... that.... covers it?

your hair is so dry and fucked, its going to fall off your head when you bleach it. Just buzz it.

pls respond

Post face

get this haircut then post on /tv/

too scared, cant move.

Actually really drunk, gimmie a bit to get a decent pic.

you have no idea


First off you should get rid of the beard.
And honestly i think you can choose whatever hairstyle you like. I recommend using young-stalin.com

That links to nothing, I have been leaning with getting rid of it lately, been irritating me recently.

What is this called?


"just fuck my shit up"

It's called "I fucking hate my hair beacue they are dense as shit, always stick out in some fucked-up predestined directions, can't be grown-out or stylized, they are generally unmanagable and make me wish I was dead when I see pictures of models having nice hair" hair

also known as central-europe-slav-trying-to-be-fashionable-core

My barber totally fucked my shit up. Should i just buzz?


is this ok for a large forehead or should i try something else?

generic but fine. buzz it for fun

Veeky Forumsizen here, I want to get his haircut so bad but I don't know if it will look good on me without a beard, or at least a stubble, what do you think

I like your current hairstyle a lot actually. It really suits you.

>Veeky Forumsizen here
avoid that kind of posts. you don't belong to anywhere, you belong to yourself.

Fa, I seriously need your advice.

I have 1a hair type - absolutely straight and also very thin. As a result my hair lack mass and don't "lie down" at all. They just like "stick out" of my head. That's especially visible at sides. The hair on my temples don't lie, it just sticks out to the sides and it looks ugly.

Barbers refuse to make the hairstyles I want like pompadour or slick back, they say those hairstyles are impossible to achieve with my type of hair because my hair lack mass. So, what options do I have?

ask the barber

>you don't belong to anywhere
Why not? I like to belong somewhere, to "fit in". I like to tell people stuff lilke "this is who I am, what I like, where I hang out". Being part of some kind of group is comfortable

>to "fit in"
Don't you mean "Veeky Forums in"?

My hairline is fucked. Gonna grow it out for three years with no cuts now.

Yell at me for having bad genes please

>forgot pic

Me at two years with no cuts (in a bun)

Still looks fucked

Another pic from a slightly better angle

I have super straight flat hair.

i'm honestly too lazy to style it or anything so i've just let it grow for the past couple of years and tied it to a bun or wear a ponytail. it's almost down to my belly button now
but my hair being so shapeless looks also shit when it's worn open so i can't even rock that.

what's a suitable hairstyle for hair like this?

no, i won't buzz

Oldboy tier

That looks like a normal haircut. maybe the top middle is longer.

That's tough, and I sympathise with you hair that grows like that always looks like shit. You could try growing it long? I'm not sure what that would look like for you. But you'd have to be willing to wait for about 9 months. Good news though, winter's coming so you can have an excuse to wear a hat!

for prettt much my entire life i have only had buzzcuts since I couldn't be bothered about what I looked like. Now that I am venturing out, I want to try and grow out to a more medium length. However when my hair gets long it is really really wavy, what kind of style could I pull off?


What would you need to pull this off, aside from being Jack Keuorac?

a nice symmetrical rectangle head

looks good desu

Would a cut similar to this:


Work with my face shape?

Need help Veeky Forums. Look like I'm 16 with the hair, balding at 32 without, receding hearline at 20 is the reality. Thought about getting an undercut but too much of a pussy to do it without some other opinions on what might fit shit genetics

Honestly you'd probably work a buzzcut pretty well. Maybe an undercut if you combed it from one side

I'm going back to short hair. Would something like Simon Brodkin's cut suit me?
Any recs?

Is it humanly possible to pull off this hair?
I really like it and want it to be my next haircut

just shave it off desu

Yes if you have the right face. Post face.

it's just a fringe with short sides, definitely doable

Just show the barber the picture bro

My hair has always been unmanageable and coarse. I'm getting a haircut soon. What should I ask for?

Crew cut, slightly longer on top

Dont show the barber a anime picture, atleast photoshop the face and cringy clothing out.

Your hair is too curly for it to work

Literally get thisManage it by putting your hair front after shower and using some shit.

I'm not that knowledgeable about hair styles and I'm a bit of an autist. How would I ask for something like this? Should I go for a skin deep fade around the sides?

>Jamie fags posting on Veeky Forums

Go on, say something clever.

Its ok, OP, the other guys are trolling

You can't see it properly in the photo but it's not really curly.

>hating on Jaime
>the best character in the show

If you have long hair, what are the ways to keep it behind your back?

beard at 2.5 weeks, tried shaving soul patch to try and do Kit Harrington beard, it doesnt work doesnt it?

>Says he is from fit
Cringe by the way
>Weighs like 5kg without muscles, not even athletic
What's the Point

You look like a spastic wannabe fuckboi, not even a successful one

So I cut my hair short (but not quite buzzed) and found I look much worse with it. What to do in the meantime while it grows back? Just wear hats and beanies? How can I make it grow back faster?

no it doesnt

Trim the beard, hairs fine

>>Weighs like 5kg without muscles, not even athletic
You can't even see my body on the pic

How do you pick a good barber?

hair spray + dryer and hand worked into shape

or small amount of wax to give slight hold, again hand worked into shape

Let you hair grow. You look like Kit Harrington

Is this hairstyle acceptable in 2017?

What should i do to my hair? For years ive done a 1.5 fade but do to working 60 hours a week for the last 2 months i havent had time for a barber as mines closed when im not at work
Also is it feasible to cut my own hair if its as simple as a 1.5 fade?

Forgot pic fuck

send help!

What should I do?

start mewing

Just shave the facial hair thats it, then make the barber do the rest.

Check out Cillian Murphys hair in Peaky Blinders. It's pretty much like that, but on a guy. It looks really good.

how to achieve good messy hairstyle? I've got short/medium hair, have u got good videos/protips?

anymore advice?

why is mens hair witbout any popular styles besides Hitler youth? ive got hair down to my and im thinking if cutting it or something,but nothing looks good i swear

Search a reference pic. "men fringe undercut" or something. Pinterest has good inspo.

I think you could go 1mm with the sides and shit.

I've had luck with Hanz de fuko quicksand