Kanye Thread

Thread for general discussion about Kanye.

Whether it's the music, the fashion or cultural influence it's undeniable he is one of the most significant figures of our generation. Love him or hate him, let's get some discussion on his influence on Veeky Forums and fashion in general

I'm a massive Ye stan and I think he is the most culturally significant individual of this era - both for music and fashion influence

But I'm open to hearing arguments for and against this

can anyone deny that the yeezus tour was another level of Veeky Forums compared to any other mainstream artist's world tour


Honestly you should just leave this at KTT



He suffers for our sins.

he is cringy af if you analyze his shit. Still, the feels are there.


anyone see the photos of him wearing those piss yellow 350's. i cringed on the inside

I miss him so much :( i hope he gets well soon

I'm going out tonight to a weekend event thing, can you post more pics of Kanye at the club so I can know how to act Veeky Forums while im there

he rips off everything from everyone nothing he does is original he jumps on semi obscure trends and brings them to the attention to the horde of mouth breathing dick riders such as yourself and you think hes a god who came up with it himself

Yes but then again i think it's like saying that niggers who remix original shit are just niggers and not real artists. This is false. He rips off and in the process creates something new injecting himself in the whole thing.

what even is this meme?did you stop browsing ktt like 5 years ago? none of them try to dress like kanye anymore and their WAYWT is better than ours by a longshot lmao

very true

kanye west. the epitome of the black douchebag

and i personally think s lot of black men (the ghetto gangsta types) are douchebags so that is quite a feat

fuck you. this is me partially even though ironically im not a virgin (i dont know either)

*don't know how either

Thoughts on the new yeezy colorway?
I think they are ugly, just want kanye to move to a v3 model already to be honest.

If anyones interested, watch Abstract: The Art of Design and watch the woman who does stage design, talks about Yeezus a little bit, breddy gud