wanna give this look a try if it's not overplayed like bombers already

Jesus Christ this place really is full of children with no personal identity. Just wear whatever feels right to you, you fucking trend-hopping loser.

You are fucking stupid


I already thrifted some shirts for that purpose and wanted to get some inspo on what to wear with it and be warned if its a massive meme.
Keked at the assumption that i have no personal identity based on a Veeky Forums post about inspo.

does this count?

It's been 2 years, this kind of fits still being posted here. this board is dead.

>I already thrifted some shirts for that purpose and wanted to get some inspo on what to wear with it
You bought the shirts before you even knew what wear with them because you instantly hopped on this trend and "had to have them". You're only proving 's point.
If you just wore what you like you wouldn't be looking for advice and validation from an internet forum.

you just contradicted yourself you fucking idiot

stop posting your shitty fucking fits everywhere cunt

>stop posting your shitty fucking fits everywhere cunt

I wish this was mine desu. Would do anything for that shirt and jacket

stop posting shit and start posting inspo faggot

Wait so what's your point of being here then?

he was just repeating the old "fa is full of kids this place is shit now" meme. While it is true mostly, fa was NEVER good and just because many people here are too young to really be into fashion, not everyone is.


well try not only having lurked here for a month so you can get some taste

depends on where you live and what social groups you are part of
i wanna try this look too, I feel it works better with chinos rather than jeans
not sure about what shoes are good though

Oversized tee+tuck is common enough in Seoul. Take that as you will.

I think it can look good if you're pretty thin.

Can we have a single fucking thread about anything that doesn't immediately devolve into a petty argument? You people fucking suck. Christ.

when you stop making dumb threads

Never, this board is full of normalfags who don't understand Veeky Forums culture and get trigger over the most obvious baits. They also take shitposts seriously.

I didn't make the fuckin thread, I just don't get why everyone has to get so goddamn buttflustered about it.

thannks for the info, gonna look up korean fashion for inspo

You could always try paying a shop some money for them.

post what you find