WW3 scenario

What clothes will you wear if WW3 happens? Bonus points if are /effay/

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Typical Mad max get up. Armor made out of welded plates of sheet metal and cast iron. Perfect for long distance running to catch my human prey and cannibalize their flesh.

I'd wear the same stuff I do now




or this

what a pathetic thread

Full Rick is the only answer

top kek. To camouflage with the enemy, our new korean overlords. Are you a chink though?

black but kimmy loves basketballians so im safe

/pol/ gtfo
it ain't happening it never happens. retard.

>cast iron armour
>perfect for long distance running

I'm not really strong nor brave enough to be a post-apocalyptic warrior, so i'll just be a hermit of some kind




thanks to trump supporters we might get bombed and/or getting memed on to cover some other important issues he wants the public to forget about. But who cares we voted for teh lulz xD


you know it be true.

North Korea does not have missiles capable of threatening the US. The threat is to South Korea and Japan. You are a fucking moron and should keep your mouth shut.

>what is reading comprehension
read the next part of the sentence ya weapon.

fucking /pol/ man. I hope all nazis get raped by niggys.

>cast iron
>long distance running
what the fuck man

Not this?

damn that's nice. has anyone figured to play fallout on ios yet? I want to play on my downtime.

Probably a full hoplite panoply. So of course the flowing greek clothes

Wandering druid/pyrotechnician build

>get swole as fuck
>wear humiliating bottom boy clothes and a dog collar
>no one fucks with you because if you're that swole and your someone's bitch: that guy must be a monster


you will all be chaff in the wind

PLA-core, because america is getting wrecked and it is a good thing


if hillary won it would have been quicker nigger