Would you be more androgynous if you 'could', in terms of both physical appearance (make up, long hair...

Would you be more androgynous if you 'could', in terms of both physical appearance (make up, long hair, what not) and clothing. If so, what's holding you back?

No, I wouldn't.

If anything, I'd prefer to be more masculine looking (taller, better beard, more muscular etc).

I was full andro when I was younger (makeup, long bleach blonde hair, women's clothing), but I grew out of it.

I can't even wear something like Chelsea boots because I think they look gay. I went through a long phase where I would buy stuff that I knew looked good on me but I just couldn't bring myself to wear it out because it looked feminine. It seems any effort to look good just comes off as gay.

chelsea boots arent gay looking but alright i see what yer getting at

being andro aint everyones cup of tea

Do you have a small penis?

all of the andro boys I know are literally swimming in pussy. so yeah, I would if I could, but I'm an ugly cunt with shit tier genetics

would love to be but I'm not skinny enough. getting there though I've fasted for the past two days

I wish this fad to disappear already. Goddam genderfluids and such. This is the cancer that's consuming society

I am female and some people tell me I look a bit androgynous. I have a rather male-looking body with relatively small thighs, hips and my boobs and ass are basically not very visible in clothing. Any male clothing fits me because of my body type, sometimes I buy it because female clothing isn't as comfortable and I often prefer the looks. But even just wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans makes me look a bit male. If you were to put a male head on me I think I'd pass as a male. In the past I worried about people mistaking me for a boy, but now I just dress the way I want to and feels good to me, and in the end it made me a lot happier and for some reason people (mostly guys still, funny enough) seem to be a lot more attracted to me.

androgynous =/= genderfluid

you can be a male who dresses in 'women's' clothes and still fully identify as male. Look at Bowie, or, as pic shows, Grace Jones. She didn't think she was a male or genderless or anything, she just wore what she wanted to wear without caring what others thought.

Maybe the word j should use is flamboyant. There's tons of stuff I see that I really like but I just don't feel like I could get away with it. I think just wear what your comfortable with.
Above average desu senpai

I need to learn to get a closer shave, can't look andro with stubble

I could, if I tried a lot harder. I've mostly been working really hard on grooming myself into a "pretty boy" after suffering years of acne, so the skin care just turned into meticulous and obsessive grooming. I don't think I'd feel comfortable wearing women's clothing, and I'd look like a butch lesbian anyway.

Being androgynous on the day to day means even in San Francisco men and women first admiring you then being repulsed.

It's not that great in my opinion but for myself I feel at peace.

its san fran why give a fuck at all? lol

You know people still get discriminated against here right? Like beat and harassed.

My face is very manly looking, but the only thing I wish I could get away with would be painting my nails

Without my beard my long hair makes people think im a girl from a distance.

alright i guess i assumed since its san fran that they were more accepting but i guess not

Would love to wear makeup and have long hair. Unfortunately I live on a shitty council estate. You'll be harassed for wearing skinny jeans, stepping outside with foundation on would probably land you in a coma.

I'm already androgynous as fuck. no point in becoming more. actually I want a more lean body rn. The pretty face is fine tho.

Naturally andro male here, any good androgynous clothing out their that isn't straight up cross dressing?

Kid core

saint laurent paris duh. Its all about the small frame.

Nah. I wish I could openly be gay in the south without being disowned by everyone I know and losing my job though