Fat dude trying to slim down

I'm trying to starve myself. what's the best method of staving off the craving?
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portion control

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i lost a lot of weight in the past, and assuming you dont want to be an anorexic twig, just replace the foods youre eating with healthier versions. i just ate a shit ton of salad with little dressing and a little chicken breast for dinners and replaced potato chips and other junk foods with almonds and pretzels (which i portioned aggresively) good luck man

assuming i want to lose weight in the shortest amount of time possible, would starving be better?

i mean yeah, but you will yoyo back to your original weight or above it very quickly. if you want to lose weight for like a photoshoot or something you can starve yourself and not drink any water but it's obviously not healthy for a long term deal.

>not drink any water
what? i thought drinking water was better when you're losing weight?

yea for long term, but if you're trying to drop water weight/look toned in a day or few hours don't drink water if you can help it. again, not eating/drinking is horrible advice and i would only recommend if you're a martial artist/wrestler needing to make weight or something. otherwise, just lift, do cardio, and count calories so you're eating a little bit less than your daily need

so in the time span of a month, what are my options? wanted to lose like 10-20 lbs

Ritalin. I almost forget to eat sometimes.

you ever hear of the ABC diet?


Exercise and calorie counting would be better desu senpai.
>>Veeky Forums has a entire sticky dedicated to this shit and you should go there.

"So body, are you saying you are hungry? OK. What do you want me to do?"

I was literally eating only cake and bread literally all day until last week (my off season feast was really nice this year) then now I'm back to my 3 portions of fuel a day. I eat only to have energy to train and to not waste muscle, not for pleasure.
I would say that getting into sports helps because you know that you can't cheat not even here and there. Also I know that when season ends again I have 2 weeks of feast and I'm going back to eating 3 kg of flour a day.

>I'm trying to starve myself. what's the best method of staving off the craving?

Literally don't. If you want to improve health its easy as fuck:

>Nothing with added sugar or corn syrups
>No wheat, grains, starches, bread, pasta, oats, etc

And do pic related every other day. In 1 year you will be fit beautifully fit and strong.

If you're not going to straight up starve yourself:
>eat a better breakfast
>eat a smaller dinner
>don't eat anything outside of breakfast lunch and dinner
>reduce calorie intake wherever possible
>put distance between dinner and bedtime

Stop being a faggot ass pussy and start lifting and eating right. No need to starve yourself. There are plenty of healthy options that are both tasty and satisfying. I know it's hard to transition but it'll be worth it and you'll eventually get used to it.

>>don't eat anything outside of breakfast lunch and dinner

THIS THIS THIS THIS, and really the rest of your post is true too.

I fucking miss cakes and ice cream and other junk food so goddamn much, but the key to self-improvement is discipline. Consistent discipline. Dying to old self so your new self can emerge, that sort of thing. Don't strain yourself either, be compassionate and patient with yourself, until it gets easier and easier.

It's going to suck ass initially, but I can't sit here and stress enough just how vastly my life (and overall mood) improved once I really started cracking down on my diet. Best decision of my life, next to exercise.

The only advice I can give is don't over exert yourself to the point you can't work out the next day. Just run and do jump rope everyday and treat it like a religion or a skill you are practicing and progress.


This all about self discipline. You can't be soft anymore. You can't run to food when your in a shitty mood. When you start lifting you use that to release the emotions that would've been suppressed by eating little debbies cupcakes

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Only have 1 big meal sometime in the afternoon and nothing but low calorie stuff in between. If youre feeling real hungry put a banana and a few strawberries with ice and water into a blender and drink that up. Skip the sodas

>would starving be better?
no, i hope you're a young person

if you're totally serious, look up daily calorie information and calculate what you need. WHAT YOU NEED. then, take away 500 calories, and make sure you only eat whole foods, drop all processed artificially sweetened food, and sugar.

keto diet.

i lost about 15Ibs in about a month doing that. worked out like 3 times a week too. nothing major though since im a wagecuck and work 40 hours a week so I dont really have a lot of free time to workout.

skip lunch. work out. drink lots of water. eat a lot of vegetables with high water weight like celery. eat almonds too.

one thing that is good about fasting is the fact that you realize and understand what true "hunger" is, rather than the impulse you have to eat all the time. Furthermore, after a long fast- you can swithc up your eating habits a lot easier.

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