Whats the most effay language to learn?

Whats the most effay language to learn?

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Portuguese or German

Russian, Japanese, or French.



french for sure. everyone not french thinks it's so smooth and sexy.

>implying English isn't the best language on earth, the result of hundreds of years of war, plundering, and literary achievement

Ancient greek

Because it'll be a dead language next week?

French so you can read Rimbaud like it was meant to be read


plus it sounds the best

It won't
South Korea is the 11th strongest economy

Think he's referring to escalating tension in the toward the region. Obviously, Korea isn't going anywhere. Even if the peninsula was nuked, there's enough Koreans in LA alone to repopulate.

French because French is synonymous with classy and suave or Russian because Russian is synonymous with dark and brooding existentialism

the most effay language is french, but only when you only know absolute basics and act as you're fluent in it


Ebonics, yo.

This, shits dope and hella easy

>tfw learning both

god fucking damn I want to rip Rimbaud's boipucci apart


Irish is the most aesthetic language and Armenian is the most aesthetic alphabet.

As a side note, is anyone else in Veeky Forums into coblanfs?


Korean, for being the only language with an alphabet that was specifically designed and didn't evolve from cave scratchings.


nothing weaboo or koreaboo will ever be fah

Honestly without a doubt it's French because the big ass fashion events are always held there.