Whats the most effay city to live?

Whats the most effay city to live?

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Seoul,South Korea

>new york
>clean cut and casual
just because CK and RL are headquartered there doesnt mean theyre representative of the city

Ive been to all these "fashion" cities and most people dress the same like everywhere else. only a few minorities actually try to dress fashionable in those cities

this. have you ever actually been to any of these cities OP? or are you just some flyover dreaming

what city has the most Raf Simmons and Rick Owens?

>living in a city


england lol

England isn't a city, is it?

There are rumours of primitive human societies existing outside London, but no hard evidence has ever been discovered.

Good one

Milan capital of sportswear

Current girlfriend lives in Palm springs with her parents.

They moved into the house furnished.

Went to visit....they have real mid century furniture everywhere.

Beautiful patina on everything and "that old thing" with an eames dowel base used as makeshift towel rack.

Problem is they're starting to do shit like replace the horizontal cedar fencing with home depot pine

And they're starting to stucco sections of the house. As well as replacing the succulents in the yard with bushes.

Slowly killing their resale

>Anglo cities
fuck off

spent a few years in the US, currently alternating between London and Paris, and reg travelling across Europe. From my experience:
old people in Europe dress better than everywhere else,
young people dress more or less the same, with the exceptions of some neighbourhoods like Soho or Le Marais or Rive Gauche. Watching slender girls in their trendy dresses around Le Marais is such a feast for the eyes.

there are some small settlements i have been but the beings there don't qualify as 'human'

kys only japan knows how to dress in asia

>Doesn't mention prada

>Doesn't mention mcqueen

>New york
>Doesn't belong on the list u supreme bape apes

Is Atlanta fa? I'm kind of scared of it tbqhbbq

>New York

Cities are aids


off topic as always

I'd honestly drop London and put Tokyo on that.

>New York
>clean-cut and casual

Chelsea, England


moscow or saint petersburg

also more slav core
>pic obv related

Pripyat, Ukraine

not a city numb nuts


All of those listed have become shit tier nigger infested shitholes in the last decades.

>new york
>supreme bape
>not helmut lang

u had 1 job

wish i hadnt fucked up and chosed to live in Lille instead of Paris


you know all of europe wears adidas tracksuits, right?

The answer to this question is Antwerp.

>vivine westwood

god I hate that cow

but I like London in terms of how people dress, although Paris and Milan are cheaper to live in

I'd replace Milan. I don't think anyone has every discussed the fashion of Milan on here once

Japan is not Veeky Forums
Go back to r/streetwear with your bape and supreme bullshit