Just bought these, did I do good?

I'm tired of uncomfortable, minimalist sneakers and Gazelles just make you look like a limp-dicked self-loathing numale.

Are they versatile? What should I wear them with?

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OP here, I think I posted a limited edition pair. I just got the classics. Pic related

You really can't go wrong with af1s, just wear whatever you want. I'm glad you didn't buy gazelles, adidas are overrated in general and vans are boring unless you're wearing a really nice technical jacket. CPs are just overpriced. But fuck flat sole shoes in general.

Theyre a great shoe but in toronto they have a very JHEEZE BACKWOODS WALAHI MY YUTE connotation

>adidas are overrated but my shoes are not

These are literally mc donalds core sneakers

I'm sure 1 person out of the millions that bought some shit like that pulled it off pretty sweet, im sure you can too

you can't really fuck this one up dude, it's the single most perfect sneaker ever made, these all blacks and the all whites, i have 3 pairs, two white lows and black mids, getting black lows soon, however i'm contemplating getting pic related before the black lows, Nike finally put their shit together and released something decent


what the fuck does that even mean


What did he mean by this?

that sounds cool asf

ugly swoosh

You did good, timeless and amazing shoe.


lol OP you went ahead and fucked up and got the JHEEZE BACKWOODS WALAHI MY YUTE shoes

tfw non-Toronto people have absolutely no clue what you're talking about kek

as much as you guys seem to hate adidas, these work well with just about anything and are okay for comfort ability. Only reason I got these is because I had no idea what else to get.

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i like white af1s but black ones really just make me think of like, ups drivers and fast food employees and shit

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