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I have to add some meat back into my diet for health reasons. What's the best lean meat that I can eat to stay /thinspo/? Also, is it true that I'll get sick if I don't slowly reintroduce it back into my diet in small amounts? I'm a male.

I would think that chicken, turkey, and other white meats would be best because they have the most protein and whatnot.

Are those typically considered lean? Should I avoid beef? I already know that I'm completely avoiding pork.

Google says they're lean meat. Just check how much of whatever you need is in them per calories. If you need iron, red meats may be the way to go. If you need protein, white meats would be better. It really depends.

How do I get lean as fuck? I'm on my sixth day of fasting.

Read the FAQ. Also stop fasting for god's sake before you die. A consistent, reasonable calorie defect with exercise is a healthier and much more maintainable way to lose weight.

Okay, thank you for the info. I need it mostly for the nutrients like iron, so I guess I'll just look at the calories and stuff. I'll probably stop eating beans since they make me feel bloated and just use meats as my primary protein source since I have to eat it anyway.

Not in so far as I've seen. Fasting is literally one of the healthiest things you can do.

Is 130Ibs too low for 6'2? Right now I'm at 145Ibs and I already look pretty sticc.

130lbs might be a bit too low. I'm male, 5'7 and 110lbs. I look like like a stick man

I'm 6' and I was only slightly lower in BMI and I felt great about myself but I did a full blood test and found I had some mild nutrient deficiencies. Although, that could have been from the weight loss. I've packed on a bit of muscle now and I'm getting back down to 125 or so, and I would do the same if I were you. 130 might be too low.

Thanks for the anwers, I think I will get down to 140 and then start a little training for muscle definition so I don't look like a total twig.

New thread, feels really good man

is 5'11, 130lbs good, or do i need to keep pushing foward?

My goalweight is 140 at 5'11 so idk why you would go much more below 130

is there anything i can do to get a significantly thinner face in about 2 weeks. I know loosing weight in general would help but I specifically want to focus on my face.

No, you can not spot reduce fat, it goes off together with your overall bodyfat. if you have a moshy face in particular its because of you're genetics

what can i do about my headaches from fasting/IF


1. Start mewing.
2. Pray it works.
3. Re-adjust your expectations.
4. Come back in 5-10 years and tell us how it went.

Any advice on staying thin when you love whiskey/wine/ale?

I don't eat a whole lot but I drink quite a bit.

you're so lucky you look thin at 145, i'm 6'2" 145 but i still look fat :(

so hungry

eat me qt

am i /thinspo/ yet

post qt outfit inspo for thinbois like myself

what's your height/weight?

5'8" 133.6 lbs



Don't worry user! I have always been a stick without muscles, I guess you are just stronger built.

fat fuck

T.T never get swole
This is a year after trying to lose muscle from excessive weightlifting

you actually fell for the fucking swole meme?

It's me posting again
6' 139 pounds
183cm 55kg
Rate me Veeky Forumsggots

get abs you're skinny for them to get marked easily.

Drink less. I like to alternate alcohol with water, keeps me hydrated and I drink less booze.

That requires effort
No thank you

I second this, getting abs and losing that bulge off your stomach would make you look a lot better.

im 6,2 and 125, ive never paid attention to what i eat but i wanna stay thin but bulk up a little. any tips?

Work out, get a lot of protein, eat more but not too much more. You should ask Veeky Forums though 2bh.

And also lack certain non-essential, health-impacting micros that can only be found in red meats

but you guys chose this life, not me, you can fuck your shit up all you want

literally retarded from not eating

just look at what creatine supplementation did to vegans, then realize that you don't even get the nutrition they did.

You weigh less than my physically active (still very skinny, poor diet) 14 year old self did, and I was shorter than you. I had also been sick that year due to a food poisoning that hospitalized me.

do any of you actually want to get laid

i already have my dude


What is this?

This thread needs more inspo.

Skinny boys are fucking disgusting. What women would date that? Thinspo is for fucking girls not guys (unless gay).

I mean I love being /thin/ af but I gotta be somewhat strong and agile too at least to be better at protecting what I like. My 2 relationships for example. Thats why I do sit ups and push ups everyday. depends on a lot of things.

There might be people who prefer to not exercise and I understand that too. They do like that frame, me too but sometimes you got no much choice.

binged again

I'm bisexual. I date a skinny guy and a skinny girl. It's good looking/hot to us. Thats all you need to know.


>not being bisex master race
Shaking my head.

I don't know what to do with you anymore...

how much do you think I have to go till I'm /thin/?

currently 5'5 205

It depends on what you consider "thin." 111 lbs. would put you at a BMI of 18.5, which is borderline underweight and definitely thin but not skeleton.

you are almost there


guy or girl?

troll or actual autism?

chicken and tuna

doesn't matter hot either way

I was getting rid of a lot of my old clothes. I found these shorts I used to wear when I was a 310 pound fat fuck. 165 pounds now.

how tall are you?
you still look pretty gross desu

looks like loose skin he'll probably have to have surgery for that. congrats on the weight loss, that's huge

I don't have loose skin, but I have stretch marks from being fat. They cleared up a lot, but they didn't go away completely after losing the weight.


best thing to do is not dwell on it and keep pushing forward. you'll make it user.

I'm currently loosing weight, I am considered normal weight but I want to be thinner, does anyone have any tips for loosing weight from the chest/pecs?

Just keep losing weight, what else?

>tfw trying to thinspo but don't want to be a skeletal fuck
Being as underweight as is just gross man.

You obviously don't have to be that thin. Is that image too much? I don't want to scare people away from the thread.

The more weight I lose the more I start looking like being male instead of female.

Eat without salt, drink loads of water, chewingums. It won't do miracles though.

wouldn't really consider myself "thin" anymore but have this. 6'2" 170lbs.

Yeah it's too much tbqh

Really, the guy in the picture wouldn't be so skeletal if he exhaled and stood up straight.

Posting more thinspo anyway.

Still looks a bit scary lmao

Im standing at 182 cm and im 64 - 65 Kg..
Am I fat?

Idk according to others but you are where i want to be stat wise. Do you have any pics? Id like to see what your body looks like

Why do you want to be thin, folks?

What was your heaviest weight? What was your lightest?

To start it off for me, I think thin girls are lovely and I want to look like that. And I have the tallness and proportions for it, so it's a waste not to. The idea of wearing whatever I want and having it look good is also very important to me.

Used to be 235 lbs, no loose skin thankfully, I think because I lost most of the weight when I was really young, like 15. But it's been very slow since I hit 180 lbs and I gained that freshman 15 when I went off to college. But now I'm down to 165, though I will weigh myself in an hour or so to see if that changed.





I want to walk in the snow and not leave a footprint


>I have the tallness and proportions for it, so it's a waste not to.
This. Also I'm pretty happy with my facial aesthetics so I want to take advantage of them.

Agreed, I have lucky genetics so being obese with them was just aggravating. Weight loss has made me realize I actually have a nice face under there. When I was fat my face just looked bloated.

>tfw shitty facial genetics AND obese

You say this, but user, even the worst facial genetics are improved by losing weight. Take progress pics and you will be shocked when you reach your goal weight. I barely recognize old photos of me, partially because back then my face looked like it was sunken in pounds of fat.

I was bullied a lot in school for being fat. Now I'm seeing those same girls that bullied me putting on weight and it feels really good. But it would feel even better if they saw me slowly looking better while they slowly look worse. My highest weight was 140, at the start of this year. I'm at 120 now, my goal is 95.

ID on this girl? She's perfect

lol.ivi on insta

What you guys eaten today?

Me: 1 egg and coffee.

I had two small breakfast sausages. I'm headed to the gym and will probably have two poaches eggs and some coffee when I get back.

which exercises you do? I like to ride a bike everyday

drink a shit ton of water, fucking tons of it

apart from that just lose weight overall and your face will improve too

I had 4 Toasts with Jelly, some fucking crackers and a Kiwi and Banana...
End me..I cant control myself.
Gonna go fucking jogging right now.

good luck, user

500g of pudding
3 eggs