Is Vetements the official brand of the Alt-Left?

Is Vetements the official brand of the Alt-Left?

I'd rather she didn't have any shoes or socks on, but I guess this is hot too.


The military did it


Didn't he only do this so he could go to a woman's prison? Honestly if that actually works it doesn't seem like too bad of a strategy.

Should have let that piece of shit rot in prison or executed for aiding the enemy. But thanks to that dumb nigger Obongo it's allowed to run free.

Is this pol?

looking at it makes me feel physically ill

Your boners sound weird.

>being against refusing the mentally ill treatment makes you a /pol/tard

>parrots /pol/ derived talking points word for word
>not a poltard
kys right wing cunt

>Chelsea Manning

It's just called left. Liberals are not left they're right.

All of 4ch is rightful /pol/ clay.

Why wasn't he executed?



>there is no difference between domination by private institutions and state institutions
What kind of nonsense is this... private institutions don't hold any legal authority over civilians, while the state has the authority to literally decide whether you're even allowed to stay alive or not in many countries. Like when was the last time someone got locked in a cage for 40 years by Pepsi.

pshh google "Coca-cola death squads Colombia".
Basically Coca-cola sent death squads to kill working union leaders out of spite, becaue it's not good for THEIR business.

Corporations would be states if they could, if nations didn't hold power over them. They're assholes.


that tranny could kick our asses m8. she had military training and we don't. If thats your fetish go ahead.

>get arrested for like 20 years
>go trans so you can go to a woman's prision
>fuck all the inmates there
>gg no re
>go out
>realize retards have taken over the internet
>just fuck my shit up flam tbqh

In the absence of states, corporations become states. Who the government is just depends on who happens to be the biggest guy on the block.

>submitting to a tranny weakling online

holy shit youre pathetic

careful not to get fused with your armchair there user

>hey fascists
>boot stomping picture

They've gone completely insane, right? How the fuck can you have two braincells and be this self-contradictory?

this isnt an argument, not everyone is incapable to defend themselves from the mentally ill like you

>lower muscle mass and bone density from injecting exogenous estrogen
>festering wound "she" calls a vagina that needs to be stretched with a dildo or else it will close up
>didn't even weigh a buck fifty as a man
lol, the only guys he could beat are probably the limp wrist fags on this board

Bro "military training" for a tech/intel job isn't teaching you how to be a killer. Maybe she's a decent shot with an M16 though. You wouldn't believe how weak everyone in the army is until you see it for yourself.

You guys aren't seeing the truth in why chelma is effay. The truth is that brad figured out that he was too short to be effay as a man, but he could be a cutie alt thinspo gf, so he made the necessary change. He literally changed his whole life to be effay, and you faggots just sit around and post frogs on east-African net-fishing forums. Pic related.

yeah dude you sure are strong as fuck. fucking nerd hahahahahah!

>this nigga talks as if he was hot shit strong af
>uses Veeky Forums

muh horseshoe theory

fucking liberal

I don't know how pathetic you have to be to think could kick your ass

>not smashing fascism being Veeky Forums af with your fellow all-black techwear homies

nigga idk how to use a M16. She does, I don't own weaponry that strong and you're a fuckin dweeb lmaooo

She can't own an M16 if she got kicked out of the military man. I doubt there are illegal weapons or anything besides dildos and vodka in her arsenal.

/pol/ is one of the largest boards by far so a lot of Veeky Forums is like that now

>she can kick your ass with her military training
>she can shoot you with a gun

Stop talking like a nigger. You sound pathetic. What the fuck does an M16 have to do with a fight?

yeah all because Saint Moot left. Moot would have deleted it.
He deleted the cancer /pol/ was spreading with /new/ then /news/ back in the day, give it a 3rd chance and he fucked up. He retired.

Nobody liked /new/ back in the day, now I know why. Crossboarders are shit.

>being this retarded
an M16 has everything to do with fighting.

Daily reminder that /pol/tards are reportable and baneable under the rules of Veeky Forums if they're crossboarding. They're meant to stay in their containment board.

Also the Global 3 - Garbage Outside of /b/ applies to their posts very often.

Yes, but we need to keep the leftist bait threads. Fuck off moron

>speaks like he is part of Veeky Forums
>not even a regular here

You're from /pol/, fuck off m8.

why dont you try to do it for me soyboy?

Love the hypocrisy of the right:

Manning leaking to Wikileaks: Leaks are for terrorists
Snowden leaking to Wikileaks: TROO MOO MURCUHN HEERO YUY

what if iam a fascist but find that hot?

I'm left leaning, yet I'm not pro-degeneracy. Where's your god now?

you're a nazbol-tankie then lmao

/pol/ will say you're a degenerate so you better re-think your alliances.

Why do people indulge in this mental illness?


No, he's a man nothing he can do including prancing around in a dress, adding fakies and chopping off his dick makes him a woman. He's just a mentally ill man

He's a felon can't use a firearm, own one or walk into a gun store...I.Iknow to operate an M16. Also he was likely trained on an M4...

nigga you have been browsing Veeky Forums for more than a decade and are a fat that dates fats I think you're in no position to criticize anyone, not even your dad which is a failure and fucked up royally.

I know holy fuck

off topic but you're a fat fuck

I use quotations therefore I am smart

i wont say this isnt degenerate. but other than other degenerates i dont want my fetishes to be promoted in media as being normal.

/pol/ is the new /b/

How did he afford those boots? He gets free gender reassignment and Vetememes it's not fair

even people who agree with you, have by now mostly accepted, that the easiest treatment of this mental illness is gender reassignment.
just call "him" a "she", is that so hard?
Are you somehow threatened in your masculinity by it or why do you feel the need to be an asshole?

also you're a fat fuck.

Did you just assume his gender? Sad.

no, I did not :^)

(everybody knows sieg - who is way too old to still be hanging around on this milanese hieroglyph discussion forum, by the way - try harder next time)