Alt right inspo thread

Alt right inspo thread


Why do you do these threads all the time? Face it, alt right is the lamest internet ideology

pepe isn't even an alt-right thing


MSM-fabricated smear word for "any young person who isn't a liberal". nobody actually identifies as "alt-right" aside from useful idiots. also, Richard Spencer is controlled opposition.

Praise Kek, brother!


This isn't even true. "Alt-right" was the preferred term until the MINE SCHREEM MEATIER picked up on the word and started using it. Then the alt-right tried to say it was librul smear word.

richard spencer (the controlled opposition) coined the term and then the media picked it up a few years later. your misinformation is glowing in the dark

you can smell the virginity dripping off him

You are a moron.

you haven't seen the worst and look at his room, he is poor but "ironically" against the poor.

>heh, time to post the same ten cherry-picked pictures of le kekistani redditors

leftist intellectuals, everybody

when you image search this, google thinks it's donald trump

And as if the you faggots don't do the same thing with libs and shit?

>Hurrr bettter post Carl the Cuck and John Oliver 10,000 times, durrr

Not even a lib but what a hypocrite. You should just back to your /pol/ safespace where no one can trigger you, dipshit.

it's some cringy /pol/ memer youtuber who was in adultswim for a little while then he got fired for being a /pol/yp. he also dated trannies in the past but he denies it

>heh, we're reappropriating "safe space" and "triggered"

leftist intellectuals, everybody

>These fat disgusting grease fingers

>Why hello my fellow 4channers. Don't you think that right-wingers are the real triggered snowflakes? /pol/ is the real safe space! Wouldn't you agree??

>Pretending to be calm but actually burning with buttmad inside


>Rightwing SJW can't leave Veeky Forums away from /pol/itics
wagecucks everybody.

but that's true, you're just right-wing sjws

what you gonna do cracker we're more than you here you don't even frequent this board

>heh, u mad?!?

>"fucking right-wingers shitting up Veeky Forums"
>thread on Veeky Forums literally about shitting on rightwingers

So true! It really is a horseshoe, my fellow 4channer.

>ooga booga wypipo

woah.... so this.... is the power.... of leftist intellectuals....

really makes you think

so the fuck what cracker. Veeky Forums ain't changing, it never changes you gonna have to fuck off or deal with it bitch.

>nigger trying to steal more shit

imagine my shock

>responds to everyone who slights him
>not triggered or mad

lmaoooo you ain't got shit pussy

This is the life you grow into because no woman wants you.

"Mens' Rights"

you're a mook.
know why?
you seem to think left wing intellectuals are on
a) Veeky Forums hahahaha
b) Veeky Forums's Veeky Forums board HAHAHAHHAHA

fukn 'ell m9 Idgaf about your politics but i sure hope you don't think that you're in anyway clever or intellectual in anyway. mook.

>beauty of the aryan woman
>fat ugly white women

EVERY time

>The left
>Be fat yet still have no ass

>gf 18 abd 83lbs
God fuck I wan this.

>wanting a tiny stick with no tits or ass who'd fuck up your kid's genetics

don't call yourself a historian if you can't identify every face in that painting 100___!

>has own space concentrated with like-opinions
>space is policed by user-action with prejudice to outsider opinions
>comes to another space
>confronted with outsider opinions
>can't articulate a response without getting defensive or upset

Wow it's like you really check all the boxes.

Why can't the right handle the bantz at all? At least the left can make fun of itself. (Portlandia, Stuff White People Like, The Onion, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.)

Is the right capable of making fun of themselves? I feel like their default setting is just terse rage.

You'd like the Autism Right

kill yourself

Current online right ideology is based entirely on bitterness directed at anyone more successful or seen as "a threat" by rednecks and retarded basement dwellers
Really can't expect much else

I thought that was hippies this whole time

>the left can make fun of itself

What did he mean by this?