Return of the headband? y/n?

Return of the headband? y/n?

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just go ahead and rock it. don't be a pussy OP.

Most people I see wearing it are black
I guess it looks alright

looks great with a fro desu

knxwledge rocks head bands too, I wish I could pull them off but alas I'm white


these proportions are terrible his legs look tiny and fat

when is more earl and knxwledge

I wish.

Especially on chicks

can i see some white guys pulling off headbands pls

lmao I never noticed that before, but yeah you're definitely right.

let's go

First of all you're shit for posting a picture from Kung Fury.

I've been trying to grow out something like pic related so I can wear one.
I've been inspired by the lunarcore look, but more specifically Alien and MGS.

Look no further than the original
This is the clearest image I could find

Super straight white guy hair, that sticks out like you've been electrocuted. I think it's a high density of fine hair? Would work with a headband similarly to the fro.

As someone with Focal hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) on the forehead i would love if this became a thing.

is it only the forehead? i'm pretty good in the heat but i remember when i went to school and id wear a backpack i'd get some massive sweat stains on the back of my tees

fuck me I forgot about Rambo

you don't even need to go that far user

w2c glasses

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck 45 in Buff and Dark Tortoise Brown


I hope that ginger kid is letting his hair hang over the headband, having it swept back always looks weird.

thanks homie


May I acquiesce as to where to get this headband?

I rock a bandana now that my hair is getting longer. Helps with this weird as Cali heat tho.

I am white with similar thick curly hair but longer. Where would be the best place to look into head bands like this? I have designer roommate whom I'm sure could just make some with left over materials but what are some good established brands?

As far as I know not at all.
For whatever reason headbands aren't something looked at by designers, which I find kinda strange, but on reflection it makes sense.
They really only popped up in the 70s and 80s.
I've seen them in very few pics here and there so I'm not sure if they're making a comeback or not.
Either make your own or buy some random cloth to wrap around your head.


I don't think you know what acquiesce means.

Acquiesce yourself shut.

omg you racist. if someone asked just say that a black guy inspired you. why so hard to say that ?


any proper glam rocker desu

Truly /Stenoma/

Is that Big Brother 10 winner?

Step 1) Two
Step 2) One
Step 3) ???
Step 4) let's gugh

Got one, LETS GO



Talking about headbands and not mentioning Bruce Springsteen. Pathetic

forgot pic


Edward Hawthorne get out

This thread is now property of LT Dan "Chicken Dinner" Ghealsing

yeet yeet

its bc you can't see his inseam imo
definitely agree this doesn't look too good

let's go

Saw someone with one today, his style was shit but the headband at least looked really good. Probably can look interesting so long as you have good hair.


That guys hairline would look terrible anybody else.