Self Hate

Help me Veeky Forums I cant take it anymore.
I hate they way I look so much. Everytime im actually happy buying clothes and stuff the moment when I see a big picture of a Beautiful Model I remeber how fucking ugly I am, and start questioning myself, Why even fucking TRY, Why staying on that Diet, Why staying on than Skin Care routine, Why buy all those clothes, Why even fucking care, In then End Ill look like a fucking Piece of Shit anyways. The only thing I want is to be like those Models.
But theres nothing I can do about it.
Tell me Veeky Forums, why even keep bothering ?

I mean it sucks but like you said you can't fix it. However, you don't have to be attractive to be fashionable. Plenty of huge entities in the fashion world are ugly, they just have a sense of style and aren't fat. Keep working on the weight and everything else!

Yeah keep the weight down and all else doesn't really matter, at the end of the you need to validate yourself with what you look like youre not gonna find it anywhere else

what you look like externally doesnt do much for what people will think of you if it's not matched by body language, work on yourself more than trying to buy the jacket that will make you feel good, it doesnt matter what youre wearing till you can feel good in anything

if you're ugly focus on getting body, and getting brain.

Don't hit Veeky Forums tho they're retarded you don't need em, youtube has enough info this days, get Ottermode and hit Veeky Forums and /leftypol/ to build up your brain.

Well, why do you want to be beautiful/pretty?
Is that even important in life?
Imo, fashion just spices up your mood a bit, and that's what you should think of it as.
Minimalism for me is so nice for me as I can just wear it and get on with my day, focus on what truly is important.

Find a hobby that you really like, something that you have control over.
You don't have control over looks and it will most likely just make you miserable.
Clothes and fashion is not the same as looks tho, if you get what I mean, so focus less on looks.

>hit youtube for getting in shape
>hit Veeky Forums to build up your brain
All wrong. There's so much misinformation on youtube that it's scary. Veeky Forums has been absolute garbage for years.

Lit's the best board rn imo
Pics or we can't help

I already have the Body, I hit the gym every week.
But sadly im not one of those guys that after he got from fat to inshape looking any better

Good question, Idk, because I want people to see me as that, because I dont want to not be afraid when somebody is pointing a camera at me. Dont wanna fear looking into a mirror. Pretty much that

Start meditation and remember three times a day that you live your life through your own eyes. Therefore wanting to be someone else is a nonsense.

I just went there and it's worse than I thought. Holy shit it's bad. Only one of the top 10 threads is about an actual book right now and even that one is about the sales of the book.

Having a slightly prettier face won't fix your insecurity. You'll just find something else to be insecure about. Learn to live with the way you look.

We have a saying here:
"Monkey in emperor clothings is still a monkey"
Basically the only option is plastic surgery

The point isn't looking like a model, it's looking the best you can. Most of the people will never look like models, that's not the standard. As said, control the things you can, you have to live with the rest.
pic related

It's cool dude just go full Rick and you'll be fine.

>Don't hit Veeky Forums tho they're retarded you don't need em, youtube has enough info this days, get Ottermode and hit Veeky Forums and /leftypol/ to build up your brain.
bad advice general?

>tfw my mother says I should go into modelling
Is this a sign I'm irredeemable? I think I can make it to a solid 6/10 on a good day.

post face

>static gif
>of a cartoon
You are making it hard for me to help you.

Also those random capitalizations.

i'm not that user but while you're here can ya rate my mug? i'm 95% sure i'm TV ugly/average but every once in a while i'm like "boy this androgyny is kinda effay" and i can never really trust my mum's opinion either

Arya Stark?

let's get it out of the way:
maisie williams
gerard way
elliot rodger
elliot morgan
kate moss and johnny depp's discarded ugly baby

i made that last one up though i wish people said it

I cant tell if youre a man or woman but id smash either way

>reduce your entire life and self worth on how you look

you sound like a whiny, narcissist baby. i hope you find yourself so ugly you commit suicide.

what an odd reply lol i hope i'm never any part of a 'we' you're a part of

The androgyny is interesting. Are you tall and skinny?

pretty sure that has to do with behavior like "you can take the monkey out the jungle but you cant take the jungle out the monkey"

naw, a monkey saved is a monkey earned. or no monkey is an islane

181.5cm i hover around 70kg but i'm learning to skate (how cool am i??) which should help me drop below 65 again. whatever, not tall enough, it's cool

OP, what do you not like about yourself specifically?

it's a kinda effay sort of ugly/average

Why are you capitalizing random words?

be honest pls
do i have any chance of being a normal person?
im so insecure i cant even leave my house
i feel so disgusting ;_;

you look pretty normie

Just shave and you're fine wtf is wrong with you

is this a joke. just shave your face. you already look like a total normie.

nah you're good but don't frown while taking a picture please, it makes me think of Jacob Sartorius

Your are average but very unique. And kinda resembles Michael Jackson.
You have lots of fashion potential.

you're slightly above average/average user, you're gonna make a QT very happy one day. you're pulling off the boyish look now, but give it a few years and you'll look really rugged with the matured beard.

if you feel like you must be working on something, beyond just dressing effay, you could lower your body fat%, but it's already quite okay.

7/10 with work