Everyone compliments my friend's fits

>everyone compliments my friend's fits
>He shops at H&M
>I shop at most prestige stores
>I get no compliments

Do it for yourself, not for others

>large amount of the population are plebs

who'd have thunk it

First mistake. Instead of buying clothes that fits you properly, no matter their price of where they come from, you decided to buy "prestige clothes" that looks like shit, aren't "trendy", and fits you like a bag of potatoes.

To get compliments you need to tick a few boxes and not stay in your own autistic fashion bubble where you, and only you, decide what looks good and what doesn't.

Don't dress for others, and if that's what you care about, who cares if your pleb friends compliment you or not?

People don't know name brands, just what they can see. Who cares if you spent more money if it doesn't fit or is just ugly

typical example of a designerfag buying a shitty incoherent wardrobe that doesn't fit you and thinks that buy spending lots of money on clothes you will look good.

If you care about compliments then listen to this guy. Start shopping at places where all the plebs go.

Be more like this guyWhy do you care about what others think? If you like how you look then why care about others? Why do you want others to validate your fashion sense?

maybe you're just uglier than him

an average fit on an attractive person will look better than a nice fit on an ugly/average person

my friend even gets compliments by random girls on twitter

This is his fit

Because its not about where you buy it, but how it fits you and how good the fit is overall. There is no point in wearing designer when you dont have any confidence.

this is how every soccer player in the entire world dresses.
He gets compliments because women wanna fuck him, not because he is dressed well

>buy cheap but trendy clothing that fits reasonably well
>put together decent outfit with no glaring flaws
>normies notice trends but don't notice cheapness

This is how to dress "well" to normies

that compliment has nothing to do with his fit. his body and face are hot. his clothes are "good enough" so he doesn't look like an autist. that's all.

looks like fucking garbage, and has a faggot face. Post yours so I can laugh more

you're ugly
your friend is not

His fit is boring as fuck and he looks like a Paki.
Maybe he has good personality



As long as you dress the way you think looks good, the right person will notice.

Who the fuck cares about what others think?

Normies think rick and similar brands/gothninjas look weird. Standard shit like what H&M sells is more approachable to your average Joe/Hoe.