posted in the old one right before the limit so new one 'tis.

Lookin' smellin' feelin' like a million bucks....literally.

After you defeat all of the straight men with money and no taste this is the final boss


no dox please

you look like a total sleazbag....well done.

every time I enter these threads I always wonder if I'm being baited

Like this is a fashion board right? what the fuck?

Do up one more button and turn your jacket's collar down and this would look way more authentically sleazy and less like a Halloween costume

You look like an Eastern European used car salesman.

always match your belt to your shoes so right


finally a good fit. Veeky Forums in summer is boring as hell.

you look like a 40 y/o dad who raided his son's wardrobe
I hope for your sake those are fake ricks

awful use of the ricks, you have disgraced them to the point where it is actually offensive and you should return them or give them to someone else who can actually style them like

Jose V's autistic brother


good fit good pic

Hey dude,

I'd say there's a bunch of other shoes that would work better than the rick runners. They really belong in more avant-garde settings than what you've done. Maybe you can get away with the with stacking skinny jeans and an oversized top, but I'd look into rick owens inspo before jumping to conclusions.

As much as fashion is finding pieces you like, you still have to try and find pieces that work together. True - sometimes wildly different pieces can have crazy synergy, but this fit is not quite there.

Maybe just hold onto the rick runners until you've built up a wardrobe to support them.


Neat, i like it

You look like those eurobeat listening burned out amphetamine homosexuals.

>super bowl memorabilia
Boring but good, shave your face

Not you

these threads are always filled with fucking s a d b o y s and meme outfits

Also, terrible photos and awful color rendition.

For example, this is pretty decent fit but photo is so bleak and grey.

>23 posts
>5 fits

And you're the 24th post, contributing to the disparity.

just learning for an exam today and not leaving the house

Totally meh

take pink shirt off NOW


should i wear black leggings instead or are these ok?

not going anywhere today also not wearing the shoes but wondering what u guys opinions of them is

s a d
v decent
I think I don't rly like these very black accents to the overall, they sort of stand out a bit much, also you maybe should have less hair bro

Might say black because would make it more of a silhouette deal, I'm not sure the light pink goes with the black black, opinion


Id say ditch the shoes for other ones, athletic shoes with a dress does not seem to be working here.

halloween costume

dude common


I wish I had this acquisitive power

cool but plain

ok I guess


Thanks for the feed back I agree on the black standing out way too much but I was running late for work and I don't have decent brown shoes which I think would' ve looked better also I balding so I want to let it grow for one last time.

Now on your shoes they look Tyler The Creator core to me.

>>I think I don't rly like these very black accents to the overall, they sort of stand out a bit much, also you maybe should have less hair bro
bad advice. of all things you could have mentioned - you mentioned something which I find to be a personal preference, if anything.
You could have mentioned
-tucking undershirt in low waist makes your gut stand out and your crotch area tiny which looks weird - buy high waist jeans
-you shirt length makes it look like a shirt unless you tuck it but that's not possible here
-tightness of the pants at the hem over the (presumably) high top shoes makes them funnel a bit.
-shoes should be more formal if I understand your aesthetic correctly.

-if you're wearing low top sneakers (especially vans) with shorts, chances are you need to wear no shows (imho)
-if you're wearing colourful sneakers, like you are, especially ones where there's TWO colours added to the fit, you need to either
-match one of the colours subtly
-stick to base (low saturation) colours (black/beige/white/grey) etc. for the REST of your fit
-beanies don't make sense or look good in summer fits. if you are going bald, embrace it and shave it all off. if you need it for medical reasons - look into single coloured thick knit ones. or wear a dad cap, they're inoffensive and quirky.

I like the shoes. Just be careful not to overmatch or wear any kind of hat or you will look like Flower Boy

just took dis

lord I haven't been here in ages

I need an ID on pants and boots because that combo is absolutely shit imo

Oh look it's Kings of Leon in 2011

No worries man also Tyler's cool so i can settle for that haha
Oh yeah dude completely fair enough on the hair front then go all out haha

Yeah i forgot to mention the tuck i meant to say that
ALSO thank you for your in depth advice much appriciated, good advice

Should I just post the all black shit I was wearing in 2011? Are we still doing that here?

Haha fair yeah agreed niceone


Oh and this is the back of the jacket

Gonna turn this denim into one big fully patched DIY and it's gonna take ages

My dude!
Thank you so much for the advice!
I hate these jeans! I wore them on purpose beacuse today I'm bike commuting and hence the high tops I just tossed up what I found and I was running late for work!
is guys like you that keep me comming to this australian postcard appreciation board!

Preppy and kewl af

Change pants and welcome back my friend



I don't like this but I wore it so eh. Think I need a longer shirt or to just try something different.

Aggressive rick, I actually try to dress his clothes down in a way.
simple and clean, maybe take a pic at a different angle next time so we can see proportions
don't know if this is real but I fuck with the raincoat, not the boatshoes
pants could use tapering and the shoes look old or just a bad model of chelsea
yeah kind of, gj
I like the proportions but if those are sweats they might look weird with boots, if not then solid. Shirt kind of looks off in the outfit though, try something else or maybe throw on a jacket.

i like the pants, where did you get them?

It looks like you spent a lot of money to look like someone who isn't into fashion at all. (plain black t shirt, unzipped plain yellow hoodie, ramone lows underneath some plain jeans)

Nothing to seriously against it but I mean if you're paying that much for piece don't you atleast want them to be notable in your fit?

Cool proportions, cringy clothes

Is that a corduroy shirt or just a flannel?

My calves are mcfuckhuge and this is literally as slim as my pants can be in the calves before they start hugging them, it's a blessing and a curse

I've just adopted all around wider pants like so

>Nothing to seriously against it but I mean if you're paying that much for piece don't you atleast want them to be notable in your fit?
not him but why the heck assume something like that as some sorta default
I buy designer clothes but I don't really try to dress to show them off

rate my daughter's fit

>says "I fuck with the"
>is young white boy, by the chair and lamp clearly living with his mommy if not his grandmommy

>dressing the boy in girl clothes

You are raising a faggot

best advice in thread

are polos Veeky Forums?

So what you're saying is because he is still able to live with his parents he's not allowed to fuck with anything? He can't be into another person's fit because he lives with his parents? gtfo.

Wear clothes you like dude, other people seeing them ain't the point
Thanks for saying that lol
Lol u like black cock?
Thanks also lol

Why? :D

I'm sure this looks really cool in Russia

work today ://

i like the yellow

you look like you're probably much more attractive than that dress

sorry forgot to quote

Is that a Julius hoodie? If yes then I assume you have better pieces with which you could pull off better fits. Very very normie/highschool fit.

not her you fucking newfags

can I get one from the back?

need more of her for research

all rick but it looks like dog shit






its ok, better than most fits on here

fir looks good, colors are nice but the pant legs just dont work with the ricks.


1/10 is she even trying?

What are those

I know you stupid assburger I said "You (stupid shitposter) still here (pretending you are a girl)"?

thanks, i like the red
nah hood is rick too. I do, was trying to dress down rick if that makes sense. Almost making rick normie, idk.
you think? I think that stacks sit nicely on the shoe.

1v1 me scrublord im ripped

post fit



Character Name: Lean Ice
Race: Skeleton
Level: 44

lol wtf, i know a girl that looks exactly like you

TriHard Cx



nice fit, why are you censoring your chin though?

Not 100% on the hat but my hair sucks and it's hot out so fuck it
A worthy challenger appears

Don't really like how my chin looks in some pictures and it's a way to retain a semblance of anonymity


Me too, except she's blonde

post the rest of the pics of our grand autismo king you pussi

lose weight

w2c sweater?


Too much green!!! Tone it down.

first time posting


Nic? Why aren't you at your vegan crossfit sess?

Who is this? lol



Can't believe that some are "rating" this as it was meant to be a joke

this delusional fag thinks he dresses better than any of the other delusional fags he quoted