Is it true you can play life on easy mode if you're attractive?

Is it true you can play life on easy mode if you're attractive?

>Dating some heiress 6 years younger then himself

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>Is it true you can play life on easy mode if you're attractive?

Obviously. Good thing is that soon enough we will bio-engineer babies to make them look perfect and in a few generations everyone will look good therefore we won't validate people on their looks anymore but on their worth and usefulness to the world.

Wasn't he married with kids? So he abandoned his family? Typical nigger behaviour.

my mom always told me i had to be a good person because i was attractive and it would be easy to be a bad person

yes. attractive people have an immeasurable advantage in life over uggos. Aside from the obvious tsunami of great sex with minimal effort needed on their part, they also have the advantage of being viewed by others as being funnier, smarter, more thoughtful and more kind than ugly people, even if they actually aren't at all (the halo effect). Of course they have problems just like the rest of us, but it sure is easier to deal with them when you're viewed by everyone as an amazing person from the first moment you meet.

He's white just really tan.

What's worse, being ugly or absolutely 100% average? I'm so boring looking people won't even look at me to have a laugh, I'm basically invisible

I feel really sad for women. Their physical beauty is everything they have. And they only have a brief period of it. Taylor Smith too will become a irrelevant hag.

Yes. See the Halo Effect for an example of how attractiveness gives you an objective advantage in life.

He's a mulatto

And obviously, it's called the Halo Effect

true. the halo effect also applies to heterosexual people of the same sex. an attractive male has a way higher chance of getting a job from a heterosexual, male employer than an ugly guy. it's more than sexual attraction, it's the social status associated with looks.

Looking good and Charme make your life easy
I'm speaking out of experience

But they usually look good. For the guy there is income, looks, height and other shit. For the girl it's open 3 holes, decent look and get threw off like a trash when she starts declining at ~30

Won't happen, humanity will be fucked at this point so looks won't matter when creating a monster. What is nice will be then when everybody looks the same? There are tastes to specific things

Not always. Maybe some things are easier. I find that women are much more forgiving when I say something mean.
I guess when it comes to attracting people, it is definitely an obvious advantage. I don't really approach many girls, but do get approached by them instead in most cases. When I do approach a girl, it usually goes pretty well.

Here's the odd part related to that-- I am of Mexican descent, but was born here in the US. My interests are more American. I don't dress like many Hispanic/Latino guys, so if I do approach a Latina, I don't have that great of a chance. Oddly, I have really good luck with Asian women. I don't mind that since they are my preference.

Anyway, I also took back some model before because she thought I was cute, so that's cool.

Beyond being physically attractive, I suggest speaking with many people and becoming more adjusted to speaking with random people. Most people react well. Not only that, but find a style that truly suits you. Also, give off a sense of confidence. So many guys slouch of just look wimpy. Don't try too hard and be a bro, but do develop some true confidence.

Debbie Harry has millions of fans and many great songs, not to mention a lot of money. She probably feels bad that you're ugly and untalented

Not only you have the advantages of beauty but you also don't have the disavantages of ugliness, it's a double win.
Your problems are also smaller.

your mom is a cuck

>you're ugly and untalented

am not ugly though and I only get better with age

talent is overrated. it means little. it's more about work, luck, opportunity, etc

Weird... That was just a few months ago. I had gained a kilo or two bulking. My face was becoming fat. But since then I gained a couple more kilos and not of muscles... and yet, I don't have the face fat anymore. picrel

igor you're really fucking ugly no joke that user is right. is that why you're so bitter at life and society?
all fuck ups have that in common. also if you're so old what are you even doing in Veeky Forums man? grow up you got a life to live even through it's lonely af.

You sound more ugly & bitter

>igor you're really fucking ugly

I bet you'd pay to suck his dick if he looked like this user

no I'm more like the kind of people igor would legit want to fuck. since he is closet gay.
I know who he is he has been here for quite sometime now but never grew the fuck up. Kinda like Sieg. I better leave before they infect me.

you are ugly tho. you look old as fucj too. You can that instantly suspicious if standing around a school or playground look

Very close friends with multiple literal model-tier guys. They look like very akin to individuals like Nick Bateman, Omar Borkan, etc.

Meanwhile I look like the goofiest, unproportional faggot on the planet.

It's almost humiliating seeing women flock to them while essentially trampling over me.

Some chicks have faked being my friend just so they could get closer to them.

They're all 8-10/10's while I'm a solid 5/10


and yet, the old narkoman he has more sense than all you little bitches.

>I feel really sad for *white* women.
>they only have a brief period of it.

Being ugly but having a personality can give you a fun goofy apperance, but being average gives you more range, it means you are basically a blank slate.
You could transform yourself by changing your hair, getting a tan or staying pale.
Developing a distinct style,etc.

>only use looks to get ahead in life
>lose privileges when looks start to deteriorate
zero empathy tbqh

pretty sure the halo effect only apply to white people. us asians don't give a fuck if your shell is attractive or not, we care about how competent you are. hence why most of us are butt ugly and don't care about fashion. of course, i am speaking about the high iq asians and excluding the japs because they're a weird bunch.

>men say women's only use is to look beautiful
>proceed to criticize women for using beauty as a tool

Every genetic alteration that isn't a necessity will be rendered illegal, you naive fuck.

Does the local Veeky Forums nigger see our IPs? When I go to a watched threda that hans't been posted in a while, just then a new post suddenly appears.

I think it's the Veeky Forums employees.

Since when rich people give a shit about laws, "naive fuck" ?

yeah, but attractive people are usually really boring because they don't have to be interesting to get attention

youre 40 and brag about your thrift hauls to teenagers on Veeky Forums

what the fuck do you have


But I'll be dead. And I dont think jews will let we create white people.

Damn was I anorectic

Refused to believe that you gotta EAT to get them gains

What about South Korea, specifically Seoul? They care more about fashion and looks than any white country.

Can a man be attractive?