What's this core called?

What's this core called?

crazy white people core

vetements is getting weirder

rebel at day fucked by black stallions at night core


an amazing picture in all honesty

underrated post

got a non-edited version?

Tardcore RP.

if he was more built this is the goatfit

fucking lol





Back bullet magnet core. Those crazy niggas


I bet some hate sex with Tomi Lahren would be fucking wonderful goddamn

This guy still crushes more puss than I do because I crush zero puss

heh heh heh


That's blue collar core with a dose of ethno-nationalism

I prefer antifa core


>wearing literal hitler quote
>eggs dee so punk!!!!

>implying this has anything to do with Nietzsche

>"HURR DURR PUNCH A NAZI" for months

>The nazis just needed one day to BTFO all of them.


Your wiki reading of the Nietzsche page does not mean you understand Nietzsche.

It would be terrible because she, like most Christians, wouldn't do anything other than stale-as-fuck missionary.

Also she seems like she'd be a coalburner.

CIA saboteur core

right back at you


I'd love to fuck her in missionary because I could stare her in the face while I choke her and tell her that she is fake news

Exactly what I thought

Shut up you fucking bitch cunt.

So this is the power of the ├╝bermensch? Huh...

On a young, in shape guy, this would honestly be a pretty solid fit, Hitler quote and all.


antifa are gay af and they arent even effay.

pleb core

there is a huge difference between eing fashionable and effay lol

> they arent even effay.
yeah its almost like they are antifa




Id wear that shirt

You have no clue what punk is. The Stooges were already wearing Nazi costumes in the late sixties and this continued with the Ramones, Dead Boys and most of the other punk bands from New York.

>only people who support Hitler are controlled-op

>deez white people is fucking crazy
fucking niggers on my board
this is the result of blackhairgenerals threads

>I'd love to fuck her in missionary because I could stare her in the face while I choke her and tell her that she is fake news

why boner?



Most antifa girls are dick repellant. I haven't seen a cute antifa girl ever

that nigga in the back is wearing a Bad Brains t shirt. what a fucking poser

>The only thing Nietzsche has talked about is nihilism

how to do comedy on a fashion board:
how not to do comedy on a fashion board:

t. actual clinically diagnosed retard

they weren't nazis tho... the nazi memorabilia was purely to get a rise out of people

i can count to potato, masterrace

t. buttblasted whities

I'm Hispanic

>antifa is awesome! down with the guberment! im such a punk!
Media drones can't be punk you larping dickhead.

How ableist

Somebody should drive a... nevermind

Good quote tbqh
Regardless if Hitler said it, I hate lazy scum and able bodied welfare leeches

yeah fuck those military wellfare queens

if people chanting antisemitism and holding nazi and white supremacist symbolism at a run of the mill KKK demonstration relabeled as "UniteTheRight" isn't a controlled op to tank an entire political leaning because a non-globalist approved leader was elected then maybe it's time to ask your down syndrome dad if there's a hereditary disability that possibly runs in the family


lynch yourself

no thanks maricon

get the fuck off of this board holy shit every day with you motherfucker