About to cop this mask for a mask ball one of my friends will throw

About to cop this mask for a mask ball one of my friends will throw.
What do you think?
Better ideas?

a mask to make you look like a nigger, how Veeky Forums

>American Halfnigger too stupid to know what venetian mask is

It's pretty boring, and the whole crow face thing is a meme. Find a more interesting one. Or you could alter this one is some way, maybe some gold accents or something. I'm not familiar enough with masks to recommend a shop or something. You can check "Eyes Wide Shut" for some inspo


plague dr masks are dope

Get a bauta, also tricorn and cape

beat me off to it

yeah ill beat you off to it alright ;)

bring it bitch

Thanks for the Input so far!
I found aask thats a bit more colorful.

>sadface mask
>at a masquerade ball
Avoid. The mask should look neutral, mysterious or cheerful for preference, and be bright: white or gilt, or *maybe* a bright primary color.

Avoid multicolored/overdecorated masks like pic related; they manage to be both tryhard and for casuals at the same time. (They're fine *at Carnival*, but this is the opposite side of the year)

>This is how the bourgeois live

>not wearing tengu

cringe. this is how they will know who's the weeb at the party.

but then again, you know what? fuck all that and fuck what normies think.

I think a Hannya mask is a good choice in general. it's similar to that Tengu.

What do you think about this one?

After looking for masks and seeing all this masks in this thread I am really tempted to collect them now

it would be a great hobby. but you know, that's always linked to having a lot of money. I'd be tempted to have my own mask collection room with a wall for masks.

that one is cool but it should be more well-made and clean looking than that. not Op btw

i would get something smiling or at the very least neutral OP. masquerades or not, who wants to go to a party and talk to a dude with this face

dude, your normie opinion is shit, senpai.

a masquerade should display the whole range of emotions in facial expressions

I think half-masks are also interesting.

these origami-inspired masques are from some dude on etsy btw.

I am the OP, the mask is from a Venetian site, but you are right it looks not very clean

But it looks funny and I know like 60% of the people there

>I am the OP, the mask is from a Venetian site, but you are right it looks not very clean

personally I'm a huge fan of that Pierrot/Arlecchino sort-of diamond pattern. so I'd also search for something in that direction.

gotcha senpai

Hey I collect masks and these are some of my favorites that i've got that are pretty simple and not too crazy to go outside in.






These are very nice.
Do you own them or are these pictures from the internet?


I own all of these. I have around 60 masks that I collect. I use them mostly for photography but I think some of them are just nice pieces to own in general.

Also this one i've got i think is from the same etsy store previous poster was mentioning.

These low-poly style ones are usually just templates. You've gotta actually make them though.



I will probably start to collect masks too

i love the dragon priest mask styles though. And that's pretty much all I've got for simple ones.

didn't attach pic.

>he doesn't want a penis for a nose
s m h






animal masks for maximum furfag

damn those are horrid. maybe it's just the model though

Agent 47 looked good in this


Here's my shitty fibreglass one I got from an old second hand store.

The provenance of it is apparently the guy who made it in the 40's for a ball was murdered later that evening by his gay envious lover.

I really like the clean look of that mask. Anyone know where to cop one like that?

>no MF DOMM mask
im desapoint

could you share some of your favourites from your collection ?



kys sick fag