Veeky Forums TV Shows

post effay TV shows ill start


There are none

>columbine boots
>Rage against the Machine T shrit
>gas station employee
>recessed chin

Veeky Forums?

Yugioh cuz Kaiba had that swag ya


know where i can watch with eng subs?








Why did everyone use oversized coats?


There's only one. Also fuck Jerry irl, can't stand him as a person.


Everything in this show was really nice to look at.

Palm trees trended again for a moment, give it a fuckign rest you clueless fucking nigger.

That show is reddit tier

Almost correct
and well he's full jew what did you expected?

Columbo had some pretty nice boots.

What's the consensus on manpurses?

90s fashion


There are definitely more Veeky Forums anime than american TV shows.

Bond movies are Veeky Forums as fuck though


this show is so comfy

Billions is the ultimate Veeky Forums show

also mad men but I can't find it not boring