Tfw one shot at life

>tfw one shot at life
>thin hair

Same, but could be much worse I'd rather have thin hair than a slow metabolism


I feel there is literally nothing I can about having thin hair. This is what i've thought of so far/tried

Take Biotin (can get better shit online) it works a little but not hugely
Nopoo, works
Cold wash hair only, not tried yet
Bleached, damages it (makes it even thinner) but lighter hair looks way less thin, roots become a bitch though
Grow hair out. My theory behind this is more hair = looks less thing, although too long and it'll weigh itself down

Gonna start using product when it gets long enough, like mousse and/or hair texturising spray. That shit makes you hair look like heaven

>tfw one shot at life

>extremely thick hair and no balding in any family members well into their 80's

wew lad

fuck you, cunt

hairlets, when will you learn

>dad and his brother are around 60 with thick hair
>uncles on mom's side are varied
>thin at my temples at 24

I'm scared lads

How tot add volume to your hair 101!
Step 1: wash your hair, preferably without shampoo
Step 2: Use some hairspray while your hair is still somewhat wet
Step 3: blowdry it!
Step 4 (optional): Use some molding paste or other product if you want it to last all day

guaranteed way to fuck your hair up permanently. random chemicals and hot air on your scalp

>One shot at life
>Everything else perfect in Life

i know this is a fashion board, but

>one shot at life
>small penis

>one shot at life
>thin curly hair and balding at 22
>but at the same time
>6'4 and naturally muscular
>decent looking
>good sized dingaling
everyone has got pros and cons, don't focus on your flaws so much

>don't focus on your flaws so much

always blow dry on low heat user

>thick hair
>balding on my left side
>only 23


Better get on that rogaine

>tfw one shot at life
>decent sized dingeling
>thick hair
>unsymmetrical eyes and lips
>big nose
I wanna die

>tfw one shot at life
>cute face
>long forehead

> TFW one shot at head
> no life

If only you were born before humans wore pants

>tfw 5'10 vice president of manlets

>tfw dick looks even bigger because I am tiny
I don't know how to feel this feel.

>tfw one shot at life
>elderly asian man's soul stuck inside a nigger's body
>diagnosed major depressive disorder
>diagnosed anxiety
>sister gets kidnapped and raped

That's not that bad user, I'm 5'8" and girls still like me (before they meet me)

>tfw shot at life
>terrible ibs
>chronic runner's knee in left knee
>brain fog, headaches, and difficultly concentrating for the last year or so
>doctor's find benign tumor, but refuse to consider it as the culprit

any tips for the last bit would be much appreciated; I eat a high sugar diet, but I am pretty lean and sinewy despite the knee trouble as I lift regularly. Thinking about trying the keto diet; also, considering acquiring LSD just to see if it helps. Maybe I should see a shrink. idk