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name a more i wanna bite your skin off, fragrance than TF noir extreme

Anyone try this?

I have TF Noir Extreme, haven't worn it out yet since it's too hot still

Help me decide my next designer buy (I have tried & love them all):

D&G The One EDP
Allure Homme Eau Extreme
Gucci Pour Homme II
Noir Extreme
Prada L'homme

What do you have currently? What needs to you do need to fulfill (ie, business days, date nights, club). What aspect of yourself are you trying to bring out?

no but I want to get bentley intense, anyone have it??

I have it, what questions do you have?

can someone 25 pull it off, it's not an old man smell is it?

Nah it doesn't, but it does have a "mature businessman" vibe. 25 might be too young. Seems to be more in the 34-40 age range.

I blind bought it so I'm stuck with it

Recently got some Aventus 15Y11, it's good but there's this sort of gnarly anise-ish/licorice smell, it's not like a true licorice or anything, so it might be going bad. Does anyone know what Aventus that's past its prime/stored poorly smells like?

Newfag here, is sauvage too intense to wear at uni?

no such thing as too intense son, just like no such thing as being too ripped or too flashy. own that shit

If you are sitting close to other people in lecture, yes

how many samples too many? currently on 200

never too many

why is the black part of the creed aventus bottle a shitty sticker that peels off the back half the time instead of some dope shit

I love you.

Creed are Jews and don't like spending money on shit. I mean honestly, their scents are MSRP ~400.00 and they give you a plain glass bottle with a cheap stuck-on label and a plastic fucking cap. Even most cheap designer frags at least give you a metal cap.

Ha there are so many threads of people freaking out they got a counterfeit Creed and those in the know tell them if it looks like crap and the cap is loose, it's genuine.

need some more male florals lads
atm i enjoy:
dior fahrenheit 32
amouage reflection man
dior homme sport
chanel platinuim egoiste
also enjoy tom ford neroli portofino but havent bought it

only 19 if it helps

Green irish tweed.

The One is one of the best scents ever, though I've only had EDT and not the EDP

Spicebomb sucks, it's literally just dude spice lmao.

Xerjoff Mefisto.

Is MI supposed to have really shitty performance? Love the smell but it just fades to so quickly even with like 3-4 sprays

What is the correct way to apply fragrances? Should I apply differently say if I'm going to a club/date instead of just going to work?

Only apply to your genitals for clubbing.

lmao these questions are retarded as fuck

work i do 3 sprays behind the neck
going out: 2 sprays on each side of the neck, 1 on each shoulder and on wrists

In regards to application only, some people like to project more at the club, so wear more. I suppose this is to compete with all the other Persians who put on 14 sprays of "Creed" in the car. But remember: an eye for an eye leaves the whole world gasping for air. Otherwise, it's SOP in western society to apply enough for people to detect only while in your personal space. My pasta:

I do 2-5 sprays generally, depending on frag, atomizer, occasion, etc. Most frags 3-4 sprays. 1-2 on chest for nice wafts from under collar all day, 1 on back of neck, 1-2 on forearm(s). Avoid proximity to nose, i.e. face/front of neck, to prevent olfactory fatigue. Under clothing mutes projection. On hair/clothing holds on to top notes longer, but just a dusting as some frags stain some fabrics.

Best to test application in more casual situations and best to ask others about projection, rather than rely on your own nose. And always err on the side of caution if unsure in more important occasions.

I was just going to order the 4oz Aventus from fragrancenet, should I do something different? All I know is it was in Neiman Marcus, and it was a 4oz bottle.

The lady at the counter said they don't make the 4 anymore, just the 3.3. Does that mean any 4oz is good?

Besides Aventus, I can either afford MI, or 2-3 other lower-tier frags I like, not both. Which should I do?

BTW, I'm testing an Eau Sauvage (edt) sample from Sephora, it seems to have very week silage and poor longevity. Am I supposed to use more than 3-4 sprays of this one?

I'd get Aventus and MI. I'd email them first, though, and ask if they can provide batch numbers, because the 2016 batches of MI and Aventus are apparently not so great. Probably still worth getting, but if you can get yourself 2015 bottles, you may be happier with those.

MI sits close to the skin. It's honestly not that it disappears that quickly, it just stops projecting too much after a couple hours. It's a good scent for more intimate settings, if a girl is gonna be really close to you, she'll still smell it for sure.

>I'm testing an Eau Sauvage (edt) sample from Sephora, it seems to have very week silage and poor longevity

Yup, it does.

>Am I supposed to use more than 3-4 sprays of this one?
Wouldn't' hurt, go for it.

I finally found a use for pic related since I strongly dislike the way it wears on my skin. It makes a very decent sneaker freshener.
Funny that when I open the shoebox days later I can still immediately tell that it's CDNI and not Aventus.

it's okay but not groundbreaking stuff

Where can I even try it (NYC)?

I like it! It's definitely suggestion but I really get the smell of old India ink on withered paper.

I ordered before I saw this post. I guess I could still write them, maybe I'll get lucky?

Would feel like shit dropping nearly $450 on something not great.

Guy you replied to here, if you tried the modern tester in Neiman, then you're okay and don't have to worry about batches if that's the one you like.

No, it's fine! I know I just said it, but if you like the most recent batches of MI and Aventus, it's great! Either you get something you love or something you'll potentially love even more. Or less(?)

According to his site, Osswald or Bergdorf Goodman.

Or order a sample online.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Even the worst batches are still very good fragrances, plus you're not gonna know the difference anyway.

oh look its this guy again

any guides to scented candles?

I'm ready to be knocked about by the fanboys, but I really wasn't impressed by Aventus, or any of Creed's fragrances. Still, to each their own, and I've no doubts that fragrance is subjective and to some it might be the ambrosia of perfume.

Still, what I can't abide by is the alleged inconsistency of production quality. If the batches are really that varying in quality, then Creed production standards in house is truly worse than the most amateur perfumer who orders his ingredients online and works in the basement confounding amateur accords. How is this acceptable in the 21st century, and how are so many people willing, eager even, to overlook this awful behaviour and go about hunting for particular batches?

For all it's posturing as a niche, luxe house, Creed's standards are truly awful. Don't give the excuse of the high quality, almost extinct and therefore varying in quality ingredients they use: Diaghelev smells like Diaghelev no matter which year it was made. Add to that Creed's brilliant but I think underhanded tactic of using the three feathers as a logo without the "Ich Dien" motto to suggest patronage by the Prince of Wales, but never actually ever having held a royal warrant... Ugh

Not sure what you're talking about, I never posted about Roja before?

Thanks user, should've checked myself. Should I try EDP or Parfum? Also, is there any discount site online that might have it (frangrancenet doesn't).

I wear Kiehl's Original Musk as an everyday thing, has anyone tried their Aromatic Fragrances line? The nashi & grapefruit sounds intriguing, I have the body wash in that scent and it's great.

Quick question: is it at all similar to MKK if you've tried it?

I have the EDP. They smell the same, but the EDP actually seems to project a little better. Longevity isn't an issue, I get 10 hours or so, lasts days on clothing.

I, personally, think the EDP is perfectly fine, the extrait isn't necessary in my opinion.

Oh, and no. Discount sites don't usually carry Roja frags. Luckyscent is about as good as you're gonna get there. You're not likely going to get a bottle cheap.

I mostly agree. Creed is a pretty scummy house overall, with their shitty, cheap packaging, raising their prices and making their bottles smaller, their batch inconsistencies, etc.

I do agree that Aventus is pretty overrated, especially when you can get Pineapple Vintage for less than half as much. I do love MI, though, and zip do want to try Viking when it comes out. Aside from that, I'm not too interested in Creed anymore. There are better houses that make better scents without the shitty business practises.

currently wearing Dior Privee, Cologne Blanche

I think my fav out of the 3 Hedi Slimanes but sadly discontinued so I use it sparingly.

currently waiting on decants of Dans Tes Bras and Dries Van Noten from FM

really also want to get ahold of Concrete by CDG

Do you guys like VPH? I think it's a good one to wear everyday to work and casual things, even as a signature-lite.

narsico Rodriguez for him edt or edp? sampled one of them but I can't remember which one it was. I know for a fact it was one made for men. is there much of a difference?

call me Captain austismo but I need some scent recommendations based on stupid stuff I like. keep in mind I'm 25 yr male.

I like dark stormy rainy days. is there a scent that can capture that?

also what would the driver wear on a daily basis?

Fuck when will I be able to try this? The Paco Robanne XS line has a special place in my heart!
Any follow Canadians out here found a way to order this?

I ordered a frag off fragrancenet on friday yet it hasn't shipped yet. does this happen with fragnet often?

Can we please make Frag grids a thing?
they're really fun and they make you reconsider some choices in your collection.

post, rate, recommend

Is there perhaps infographics or recommendations for deodorants somewhere?

I know I'm boring, but I'm a practical man, recommend me a work frag please

is Al Faransi actually good? looks too "niche" for me but I'm really curious


There is something in this that smells like something I smelled when ... I was a very young child, even maybe a baby.

too bad apparently the atomizer is garbage, and it's very expensive

The user above me's post made me think, what sort of frags bring back nostalgic memories to you? Mugler Cologne's drydown smells like my childhood crush's house and it just takes me straight back.

None of the stores near me carry Edition Blanche and I can't find samples online. Should I blind buy?

>dark stormy rainy days
Funny, one frag that does that for me is with its petrichor note (only tried the EdT). The other is Encre Noire.

>I ordered a frag off fragrancenet on friday yet it hasn't shipped yet
>ordered a frag on friday
>ordered on friday

RE: the EdP, It's not exactly cheap, and while it's a pleasant lemon custard and I can't imagine anyone actually disliking it, it's very linear and not very exciting. I bought it blind while and I like it and enjoy wearing it occasionally in the spring and summer, it's hardly a favorite scent or anything to write home about.

The EdT I hear is better.

What are some other heavenly, sparkling or otherwise airy/fresh frags I should sample? Already have a full bottle of Millesime Imperial.

i just bought the little sample of it. shit is expensive.

Pino Silvestre smells like parents bedroom when they were getting ready to go out somewhere

Bulgari Aqua?

If anyone's in London, please treat yourself to a trek up the fifth floor of Harrods to the new world exclusive concession of Floraiku, a collection and sub-house made by the makers of Memo Paris.

It's a really intriguing exercise in making use of Japanese smells in short and exciting (and I mean really unique) fragrances.

I really couldn't stop myself giggling like an idiot high on drugs with their "One Umbrella for Two" in hand. Brown rice tea and powder accord with cassis?? Come on, it's genius. I genuinely think this is a classic waiting to happen.

Also they've set themselves up like a sushi bar and explain all the fragrances as you sit and sip tea so it's extremely entertaining.

What does D&G The One convey versus One Million? I'm a mid 20s male, not particularly concerned with appearing masculine but I am quite comfortable in being mostly masculine.

>The One: Sexy and masculine but thoughtful and caring. Not afraid to put a woman in her place
>One Million: fuccboi egocentric attention seeker, pretends to be rich but is actually from upper lower class background

Have a chance to buy a 2010 bottle of MI, has anyone ever tried batches from around then or earlier? What's it like?

>heavenly, sparkling or otherwise airy/fresh
I've tried #s 2-4 on your list and would not use those words to describe them, fwiw. Fresh isn't really my strong suit, but if you haven't yet, check out:

4711/Bright Neroli/Neroli Portofino
360º Red fM
Agua Lavanda
La Chasse aux Papillons
Live Jazz
Set Sail St. Barts for Men
Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche
Un Jardin sur le Nil

Just tried it- both edp and edt. They're quite nice. We'll see how they dry down.

What is the faint, almost dry vanilla-like note that I'm getting from the EDP? I hate vanilla notes but like this.

it's less expensive per ml to buy 60ml bottles than 100ml bottles.

Anybody willing to suggest a _cheap_ frag? I'm going to cop Body Kouros and Tsar, so I'd like something quite soft, possibly floral?

YSL L'homme.

Definitely in the running user, seems very polite but still retaining some masculinity, I think I'll take you up on this.

Protip: luckyscent has a bunch of free sample packs you can add to orders. Check their "gifts" section, it has promo codes you can add when you check out.

Hey guys, this is the famous board personality you call Samplesperg here.

Just got a new order in, just getting ready to start testing ( ;

not me, the man they refer to as samplesperg

i dont have masturbatory devices

You're fucking nuts.

its intimidating you fucking wasteful you are

I'm sorry, I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say here.

Spread them samples. Let us take a gander.

Anyone else here that tried the new Armani? I did a couple of days ago and it smells pretty good. I might pick it up, but I bought D&C Intenso a few weeks ago and holding onto that.

Got a few Kurkdjians, a Roja sample pack, Ormande Jayne pack, a few Xerjoffs, a few Nishane, a few Zoologist, and the 9 piece Etat Libre free gift set.

Looking to buy a new niche bottle soon, so I wanted to try a couple new houses. Also might get another Roja bottle when I'm in Amsterdam in October, so I figured it'd be a decent idea to sample a few more of those.

I wish I had pockets that run as deep as yours do.

I can't get behind anything that Zoologist does though. They're too unsettling and filthy, and raw and unkempt.

Have you tried anything from MDCI and Profumum Roma? I like almost anything they make.

And to add to that, despite the universal acclaim, MFK bores me to tears. I don't get the appeal.

I've tried MDCI Invasion Barbare, I like it, but I'm not a huge fougere guy. I'll probably try some others at some point. Haven't tried Roma.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little normie? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Sephora, and I have over 300 confirmed samples. I am trained in olfactory warfare and I’m the top sniffer in the entire frag general. You are nothing to me but just another pleb. I will cloy you the fuck out with longevity the likes of which has never been smelled before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with spraying that designer shit in the Club? Think again, Star Fucker. As we speak I am contacting my Sécrét network of spies across the Etat Libre d`Orange and your sillage is being traced right now so you better prepare for the autism, maggot. The autism that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, pleb. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can dab you with over seven hundred 0.7ml vials, and that’s just my latest order. Not only am I extensively trained in unsocial lifestyle, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Niche Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the nose of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “designer” frag was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit Fougère Royale all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, pleb.

Yeah, I don't know the house that well, looked like there were some frags I might like though. Guess I'll find out.

CRIMINALLY underrated


You fucked up.

EDT is better than EDP in this case