Can we get an anime inspired clothing thread?

Can we get an anime inspired clothing thread?

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Fuck anime

Die you flithy fucking weeb

>tfw anime has certainly permeated streetwear, but Veeky Forums is too self-aware about anime to acknowledge it.

You say it as if streetwear is good.


>hurrr Veeky Forums hivemind


Pedophile sub human

>when you wanna cop that but Veeky Forums would judge you hard because anime and vidya related clothing is looked down upon here

gonna cop it anyway. it's low-key and based and Pokemon's TR are fashion icons in their own right.

Do you man--just don't look down on streetwear fags or call anyone's fit "trash" etc. wearing a fucking pokemon shirt.

>just don't look down on streetwear fags or call anyone's fit "trash" etc.

never did. I'm not OP either btw. thanks, pham.

>anime can't be effay


The classic

gonna cop this soon

this is some subtle bait... I like it

Can someone tell me where I could get her sweater?

THIS is what's considered subtle bait on Veeky Forums?

Vincent Brooks was pretty damn Veeky Forums


is that supposed to say rape?


Not sure, if it does, I only want it more


Only anime inspired shirt i have


>black and red
Do not cop

>tfw if you were normal you wouldn't even know what this was
>you wouldn't know it was a he
>you wouldn't have fapped to the doujin multiple times

His shirt has been on my "what to cop" backlog for a while

What's the doujin about? I don't use ex or fap to stuff outside my taste, so I'm out of the know.

>virgin is virgining away
>out of no where, succubus appears
>succubus tells him he's gonna lose his virginity in exchange for his life force or something along those lines
>using succubus' seductive powers he coerces him into physical submission
>it is revealed the succubus is a trap
>virgin ends up having way more life force than the succubus sees on average
>succubus becomes tsundere, hanging around our MC and doing things like cooking for him and acting as his girlfriend when he goes to class
>in the end the trap succubus ends up being the one submitting to our protag
>it's like 200+ pages of full color trap sex
Went on Ex to check, it's called "Succubus o Zetsurin de Toriko ni suru!! | Make A Matchless Succubus Masochistic!!! ". As degenerate as it makes me, it's one of my favorites.

anime is great but fuck streetwear

How young or old are you that you consider this "Low-key???"

lol wtf, altho i've fapped to my fair share of shindol years ago

is there any of "A boy who lost himself to drugs" yet? If so, is it good?

W2C? this is certainly way higher quality than red bubble.

>mfw I know exactly where that's from


getting this soon but in black

hanks for spelling out the dumb fucking joke out loud for everyone
what a unique snowflake you are, never met gay ironic weeb before

I have that. I've worn it to work before, when I had to wear a button up and slacks. It goes well enough with them.

If you had a red bike, this would be cool as fuck. If you drive a regular car, maybe not so much.

Aw you're pretty lucky.
I always wanted one, but they got discontinued.
I'll probably find a way to make one myself though since it seems to just be a modified M65 with an EFSF insignia.

Almost anything from Tatami Galaxy would actually be pretty Veeky Forums.

shut up, faggot.
you clearly don't know shit about anything because there are full retard anime shirts like pic related, in case you're not aware of that. so obviously, yes, letters only would indeed be low-key in terms of appearance of an anime reference.


Im a bit of a masochist that enjoys the cringe comps etc. i want to see someone where this. I like going to cons and talking with the most autistic people there

I know this feel bro

the text is stupid, but theres some weird feeling you get from wearing excessively sexual paraphernalia in public.

Drugs specifically? I don't think so, but there's plenty of "good" ones about boys that are just raped so much they become girls. I guess that's similar mental deterioration?

the definition of masochist is a google search away yet you still use it incorrectly

what wrong with those colors

If you're not supporting officially licensed merch or original fan designs by artists then you're pretty much scum.

good examples of cheap chink shit you should never wear

Need this in my life.

Do doujin artists release apparel?

Real question, is this effay? I'm tempted to say yes, but what do you think?

these clothes will definitely get you laid. and not just laid but laid by an anime schoolgirl

I think it is but then again you might as well buy a normal shirt non-anime related shirt with something like that. like heck, either be expressive about your anime taste or don't bother. this is a clear case of don't bother because there is a limit to being subtle about fan merch and this is clearly reaching that limit. random people will never associate it with that show.

but the shirt itself is alright. I see nothing wrong with it.

>mfw I have anime shirts and have gotten laid by 4 different girls. I'm an ultra weeb, figures and wall scrolls and all that Shit, when they come into my room they rest do t care. Also kinda helps being fit. Just wear whatever you want.
Believe it or not. Whatever.


chuckled heartily at this. Is this dude for real?
I mean, I gotta give them kudos for actually going out in public like that without giving a `single fuck about judgment.

If you'd live where I live, you would still be a hopeless virgin on the brink of despair. I can guarantee you that much.

If you'd live where I live, you would still be a hopeless virgin on the brink of despair. I can guarantee you that much. don't make it sound like it would work for anybody anywhere. it really doesn't.

See I think subtle stuff like this is good. If you wear an entire shirt with an anime woman getting creamed on then it's totally obvious to anyone who browses Veeky Forums that you browse Veeky Forums and that's not something I want

I think its supposed to say rave but who knows


I don't know if that's how it works. Where do you live?

>anime can't be eff-

this only looks good on vegeta tho

This is the one anime piece that I actually want, but I can't find it anywhere :(

I am literally Vegeta.

make you look like an edgelord

i got pic related
yeah its not subtle but as long as people don't know what "oppai" means im fine

w2c :O

Serious w2c

Mine tee


i bought this but the sweater, gonna rep it with some gucci aces and black skinnies

where did you cop it from? been trying to get one, but they all seem like bad quality.

>wear this shirt
>never make friends ever again
>women shun you to the point where you can walk in the midst of a crowd and always be in the middle of an empty circle

that's the point

not with that pencil neck you're not

Found it on Depop but you can see them pop up on grailed and Depop every now and then by just searching nippon astro boy

Best girl

Every day I pray the new season won't be shit.

No, that's literally the full name of the doujin. Same artist that did the succubi one. Most people out there have it as PFP's.

you know the centre face is from a trap doujin right?

so is the one diagonal to the right of it

>the sad fact that these two grown ass men actually recognize where the motives are from


>grown ass men
I'm 22

i'm 24 mang


normally just tucked under a shirt unless im going out, people occasionally say it looks cool i guess

for the love of all that is holy, learn to reverse image search, the picture is literally from the store so when you reverse image search, the store pops up


beautiful, but overpriced

whoops forgot my image like a retard, have this sewn onto a jacket

I see no reason to wear shit like that unless you want to fuck weeb girls but in that case I feel really sory for you user

Probably going to pick th


Where can I get this and what anime?

I feel bad for everyone here who's over 18 (everyone) because we should worry about more wholesome things than clothes, like starting families, morality, community service, making anime great again, and spirituality