Dressing to Look Powerful?

Is it possible to dress in a way that makes you look powerful/confident?

I ask this question because I am taking classes at my uni that requires me to stay on campus pretty late and walk back to my apartment alone and I've been followed a few times in the past and I would like to avoid that this year since it sucks that as a woman I just have to put up with it.

big shitkicker boots and a sword

I already have the Docs for it. Might get another pair in oxblood tho.

i can't tell if this is bait or not, but look up some self defense classes. if you're being followed at night by sketchy dudes, they're not gonna be deterred by how you dress. stay safe user

elavorate more on your situation

cc permit and glock 19

It's not bait. Self-defense classes are hard to come by here so I did okay with some MMA classes so I learned some judo throws and BJJ stuff.

I was walking home from classes one night and a guy followed me about 100 feet. Then he stopped me and was asking for my number and Snapchat and I told him no. He asked if I had a boyfriend. Told him I did (I don't) and he kept insisting on being friend until he walked away and he followed for a bit trying to talk to me but I kept walking and he eventually stopped.

I should get one. I live in Texas ffs. I can take a gun to school, legally.

If a glock is too expensive just get a knife or brass knucles. Hit hard, first and go for the neck or teeth/nose. Even a skelly who hits right would put someone on the ground with brass knucles

I was being semi-facetious about the gun since they usually aren't allowed on campuses, but shit you should definitely go for it since its legal.

Was the guy who followed you more autist type creep or like sketchy type creep?

get knucks they're very easy to carry. I knocked a drunk once

as a woman? that's pretty much impossible

take self-defense classes and get a gun, if you want
also wear coats with bigger pockets, so you can fit a pepper spray in easily, when walking alone in the dark, put your hand inside the pocket and hold the spray to be able to react immediately, if someone starts to fuck with you

your attacker won't be intimidated by you no matter what you wear, because you're a woman unless you're a big girl, even in that case, you're still just a woman for most men and they still won't be intimidated

In Texas it's legal unless there is a sign posted outside saying you can't take it in.

Guy following me was in the first category. But I've also been grabbed by drunk guys to but was able to shove them into a brick building face first.

I usually wear jackets/coats even though my friends kinda clown me about it, but it's necessary so I can have my phone close on me or my keys on me.

there is nothing you can wear that will make a man think you are stronger than him because he knows you aren't
buy a gun

I'm with the other anons in the opinion that you can't really wear anything that will make you intimidating. However, I would advise you wear things that keep you mobile instead - no clunky boots (Docs) or anything heeled, instead choose running shoes and pants that aren't restrictive. You'll be better able to dodge creepers, at the least you won't look like a target hobbling around on platforms. And seriously consider carrying mace or a gun in an accessible spot.

Non fashion related, but report weirdos to the campus police, and travel with friends or escorts whenever possible. If you're in classes late, see about traveling with a group of students.

More self-defense classes, get a gun, and don't dress like a slut/bimbo. That's all you can do.

nice "punch-me-in-the-face" outfit

wear baggy clothing.
I see those bomber jackets. have some sort of "puffyness" to them.

baggy clothing works for women in two ways
the typical woman way of hiding your sexy parts and curves and appear unattractive

second is having the would be assailant think twice about the chances that you might be packing a knife or a gun or whatever in that jacket.

shoulder pads gives the illusion of having your chest out and keeping your shoulders straight which is a typical projection of the confident body.

short cropped hair, buzzed on the sides. short hair in general espially on a woman is a statement and if you've read the zombie survival guide means you're ready for a fight and no ones gonna grab you by your locks

combat boots
anything that supports the ankle and has a thick sole or a more distinct tread

collars, i can't explain it but collars.
cuffs, rolled up ready for work ready for action

metal bits
zippers, clips, buttons, pins
anything metal/brass

hope this helps op

men are fucking animals

get a hammer in your bag

this desu

hello user

unless you're a thick bitch or very tall and strong looking with wide shoulders there is no way you will ever give off a "powerful" appearance, especially to someone who wants to stalk/is stalking you.

this is why you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. i'd recommend pepper spray to any girl as it's very easy to carry and very easy to use, legal almost everywhere and easy to come by but you mentioned that you live in Texas so I would absolutely recommend you get a gun as soon as possible and please learn how to use it properly and effectively. if you can't get a gun in the near future then carry a sturdy knife, make sure the blade isn't too long or too short and try to get a thicker blade so it won't bend or snap upon stabbing. folders are easy to carry but if you have the money i'd invest in a good fixed blade.

please stay safe user, this post made me think of my little sister ;_;

This is it desu, its spot on

or just don't act like a pussy

pepper spray is a good idea. knives are stupid for self defense

Google 80s business woman

>Dressing to Look Powerful?

I live in NYC where anything that even remotely resembles a weapon is illegal to carry, so I largely rely on my agility. After a certain time, I make sure to only wear running shoes or combat boots. You might not be able to outrun the average male but you can definitely outrun some intoxicated creep. Also, make sure to carry your belongings in a backpack rather than a handbag (it's easier to run when the weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders).

Oh, and make sure to practice your bitchiest resting bitch face. I've mastered the disinterested death stare and I can confidently say it has a 99% success rate. Expect to get a "smile, beautiful" from a few bold dudes though.

Stop using that cringy fedora name and trip. You are incredibly fucking cringy.

Women shouldn't have to change the way they dress
Teach men not to rape!

(Optional but recommended) Get in a gym and get strong, read the Veeky Forumssticky.

Wear fighting clothes like you were training, the classics are "Muay Thai - Blood in The Eyes" and "Gracie Academy".

Carry wrist bands on your hands/around your wrist.

Open carry a combat knife like the kabar usmc.

If you want to try really hard, buy a kimono ans a black belt.

Since you can get a gun, do so and ignore all of the above.

carry round an rpg or something

Baggy clothes don't work. I was wearing a knee length duffle coat three sizes big when walking home late at night once and a passing drunk guy still managed to get a hand between my butt cheeks. It was actually pretty impressive.

Brass knuckles are a class A misdemeanor in TX. Up to a year in jail and $4000 fine, just for possession.

>walking home
>get a hand between my butt cheeks

how does that work, can you illustrate it in ms paint

>ms paint

You walk by and do it in one upward sweep and hope they're wearing a skirt.

cute kitty knuckle duster keyring or defense pen and a bottle of pepper spray. keep track of the blue lights on your route, try to make a friend to walk with, and always have somebody to check in with.

knuckles are a really bad idea you edgy faggot
just possession is a felony charge in basically every city of every state
assault with knuckles could be met with an attempted murder charge with deadly weapon

OP: get a ccp or carry a dangerous-looking knife
alternatively, carry a baseball bat everywhere you go

it sucks that you got attacked. i hope you reported them. those fuckers should be in jail. but these stalkers, how many of them are just other students that live nearby?

don't buy a gun, buy a bicycle or bus pass. or safest, call a cab/uber. the bike is cheaper and you don't risk harming a bystander/yourself.

>look powerful/confident
you mean intimidating
>as a woman
be an ugly and buff butch lesbo

seriously, wanted Veeky Forums got /k/ instead...

Get fat.

women don't actually get followed on the street, it only happens in movies. they just like to pretend that they are desirable. almost every woman claims that this happened to her though. as for the question, if you are so insecure i recommend not spending any money on new clothing but instead stop acting like men are dangerous predators. it's not like you can't fight back.

Op, long coat and hood/hat w/ SIG mpx sbr or Vector in 10mm w/ folding stock sbr or handgun. Remember to buy HP +p+ rounds and magdump.

oh no, a man has come with his garbage man opinions on topics he never has and never will experience. whatever shall we do?
anyway, I like to wear jeans and bring a jacket with me at night. walk quickly and with purpose, head up, back straight, and plan your route carefully. it's mainly attitude.

dye your hair, cut it short and be fat
there, nobody wants to rape, problems weren't

it's just the truth, sadly no clothing alone will deter such actions

You are legitimately retarded. Only someone who lives in their parents basement and doesn't talk to woman would think this. Clueless autist.


You're an idiot if you actually believe that this never happens.

This would probably attract aggressive black dudes

I'm not sure if changing what you wear is guaranteed to help your situation, since there will always be someone dull or drunk enough to try to fuck with you in broad daylight in front of a crowd. I'm the one who stomps around in leather platform boots, bombers and black makeup, and even that doesn't seem to stop anyone, though I do feel confident in that otherwise.

At this point you should just wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident, whether that be standing out or blending in. I'm always armed with pepper spray and at least one combat knife (no gun because muh Sandy Hook), which has definitely helped me in the not-too-distant past, so I'm with every user that recommended that. Both are cheap on Amazon or an army-navy shop. Best of luck to you OP

>ask for self-defense and deterrent
>complain about getting recommended the most efficient way to do both, despite living in one of the few places in the world that affords you the privilege

great post

knives are a good option in places with strict gun-control bullshit, as well as on most campuses since they won't allow guns anyways

pepper spray sounds good and might even be good in many cases, but if a guy is really intent on doing you harm pepper spray isn't going to do shit
especially if the assailant has been sprayed before; it really doesn't have the stopping power a lot of people would like it to have


>making this about men vs women
>being a sexist in general
are you dating the retard up there? because you two would go great together

literally all the same person

>knives are a good option

No, no, you fucking moron.


convince me, faggo

Hey I live in Txs too wanna be my gf where do you live?

These kind of people generally don't have the mental capacity to realize intimidation, pepper spray seems a more solid option. Same goes for a method of transportation that is faster and preferably also more crowded. Where I live, most of us students live in the same area. If that's the case for you, then consider asking a male student to tag along for at least part of the commute.

If you want people to back off, ask them to. If they don't, you are in a situation where you may defend yourself if you see it fit.

carrying a knife is not the best idea unless you know how to use one. It can aggravate an attacker, and if you don't know how to use it and they successfully knock it out of you hands or take it away from you, it can make the situation many times more dangerous. knives are not the best idea for anyone who isn't trained in using a knife in a combat situation.

looking at how women army vets dress may help - these are actual strong women, and they usually look the part. Think simple, utilitarian hairstyles and clothing.

body language plays a large part - keep your shoulders straight, take confident strides, try not to look tired, and stay aware of your surroundings, but keep it low key.

>Where I live, most of us students live in the same area.
this. anywhere from 200-1000 students probably live on the same apartment block as OP. some percent of those people also take night classes.

all you weapon fags are just feeding paranoia.

i see the same deliver truck everyday on my way to work. doesn't mean i'm stalking him, we just have the same schedule.


If you're a woman, then dress ugly. Wearing skin tight jeans is going to attract attention from the more melanin inclined individuals

just dress like a eastern european