Are Adidas Pharell Hu's the next big thing? Should I cop before the normie wave starts

Are Adidas Pharell Hu's the next big thing? Should I cop before the normie wave starts

ew please

I don't see these catching on.
They're too much like stans and too much like yeezy's.

The ones that want yeezys are gonna wear yeezys, and the ones that want to wear stans will wear stans
So I don't see this getting too popular

Mate, they're $110. Yeezys are like double that.

Steps on how to get fashion pieces trending
1: Get Kanye West to wear it
2: Done

Only works on asians and niggers. Whites are immune.

>implying ppl actually fucking buy real yeezys
>implying most ppl don't just get decent reps for 1/3rd the price..

Holy memeroni chuck

t. Poorfag

These are sitting. They're trying to make it a new roshe/nmd by releasing lot's of colourways, but I don't see them catching on.

get a job

Looks like a pair of laundry hampers

>Tell that to the masses of Asian fuccboiz running around in them

Also tbqh it's not like yeezys are made of high quality, and the design is very simple to replicate so it's not like it's lost some sort of important design when made into reps

And almost every person you see wearing them are most likely wearing reps or knockoffs so what's the fucking point in paying resale for a shoe that every Asian fuccboi has a replica of?

It doesn't make sense, most ppl will think your legit pairs are fake, and there's soo many ppl that want them or wear them, that it doesn't fucking matter, ffs most ppl can't even tell the difference between fake yeezys and real ones since the design is so damn simple to replicate

White people follow Kanye the most you faggot


stay mad brokeboi

yes and yes if you like them. these will be HUGE

>not wearing Pharrell Supercolors instead


Pharrell's NMDs are much better. I feel like they're just trying to make a cheaper version for the normies to cop that looks similar.
Pic related will be my next cop.

These are so much nicer than the Tennis HU

>still falling for the tech shoe meme
>still falling for the addidas meme
>still falling for the celebrity singer collab meme

seriously, the market is saturated, you don't look cool or unique for getting just another variant of the entire bag of shit.

The past Pharrell Hu sold out immediately, the fact that these are staying on shelves shows that they won't get popular. Dead in the water

had a navy pair of these but i FUCKING lost them

If golf balls where a shoe

Almost everyone on Veeky Forums now is a poor 16-20 yr old normie that uses their parents money to buy stupid shit because their favorite celebrity or friend told them to, then act like they're SOO into fashion and design
And they're so "yew-neek"

how one lose a shoe?

"16-20 yr normies" can still go and get jobs. They can also put in some work to get legit pairs for retail, which is essentially the same price as the best replicas.
That's what I did.