>attractive face
>seductive eyes
>god tier hair
>been going to the gym regularly and starting to attain fit body
>wardrobe full of fancy clothes
>lots of nice shoes, fragrances and accessories

>no girls to impress with my cool style, looks and scent
>haven't been out to bar/club in months
>friends are too 'busy' to go anywhere
>nowhere to wear my nice clothes besides occasional casual days at the office or the shops
>not even girls in the office

is there a worse feel Veeky Forums?

Yeah the opposite problem can be shit, everyone knows all my fits and I am struggling to buy more clothes

>go to the shops alone to purchase fragrances
>see well maintained fat guy in good tier for normie clothing who'd be 6.5/10 if he was thin with solid 810 qt gf
>you don't even have anyone to go shopping with

Iktf mate... Same situation. Fuck society.


Fuck off, mkay

r9k is for autistic virgins

>dressing for girls


Do something by yourself instead of depending on your friends

and self-hating socially awkward people with no self confidence who got laid a couple times and blame society for their inability to getr laid regularoy

if your motivation behind being in to fashion and representing yourself to females, then head the fuck out you moron

Such as?

I'm not self hating or socially awkward, just unlucky

No my main reason is so I can be more confident and just generally look good

i fucking hate threads like this

You sound like a complete idiot. It's a good thing there are no girls for you to meet, they'd be traumatized for life.

All that and a shit personality.

Why so many /r9k/ tier threads on this borad

>imblying you can tell someone's personality from one post

user just go do something new.
it doesn't have to be anything crazy, but go out of your way to socialize/do something with other people. whether it be joining some sort of club/sports team or pursuing a hobby, it will help your self confidence and happiness

People always say this but they never give any examples

Going out, meeting people, doing something that you enjoy

How to meet people? I work in a small office full time. Opportunities to meet people through that are very limited. Rest of the people I know are useless for meeting new people

looks like suicide is the only option. sorry, bye!

>decent looking
>went to all boys high school

Went to my college orientation and finally got to see girls. A few came up to me and we chatted, it was great. Can't wait to start in a few days.

iktfb. I'm only somewhat effay but all my friends are very uneffay so I have no one with similar taste to go shopping with and ask opinions on pieces of clothing from.

I can't believe I'm wojakposting, but

There are no worthwhile women on any of the dating sites I've tried. They're few and far between in general.

I have only had negative experiences with nightlife, our scene is apparently particularly bad. All about the money. I also don't really have a lot of friends who be fun to go out with.

I have a FWB but I just cannot see it going anywhere further than where we are. I cannot allow myself to settle for her. She's nice, but I feel like we both deserve a better match. I wouldn't want her to be in a serious relationship with me when I don't feel that strongly about her.

My life is pretty nice, but this is one of those basic human needs we're talking about.

There is, when you have 0 friends irl and still a virgin too.

sounds like a perfect place for you

search for perfection > getting a girl

Have you tried meetup.com?

>this is one of those basic human needs we're talking about.
>My life is pretty nice, but this is one of those basic human needs we're talking about.
true. I'm a 25yo virgin and up until a few weeks ago even a kissless one. Not because I'm ugly but because I have no idea how to interact with females and I never realize when a girl likes me.
Then I went to a friend to drink a little bit and there was a totally drunk 6.5/10 that immediately sat on my lap and made out with me. This has invited me to a whole new world of suffering. I have never really missed intimacy because I never knew how it felt but now I long it every single day. Though I still have no idea how to interact with females (I don't even know any that aren't old co-workers).

Than try to meet new people, expos, trendy bars and stuff are full of people that like dressing fancy and smell nice
Also you can go in all those places by yourself, so I don't get what you're waiting for

>kissless virgin until 21
>get girlfriend
>breakup a year later
Fuuuckkkk dude, the feels. when I was a virgin i didn't know what i was missing out on, so i didnt feel that lonely.
As soon as i got a taste of intimacy, and got it torn away from me... thats the shitty part

>Stop jacking off
>Start listening to "G Eazy" unironically
Give it a week or two and we'll meet back, OP.

That sounds unusual to me, the guy you were talking to. You can't let it consume you though. Appreciate what you can do as a result of being single.

That said, congratulations on an awesome experience. I'm a bit jealous. Feeling desired like that is a nice feeling.

I'm not trying to knock on you, but you guys probably have a shit personality to be honest with you.
You think that by dressing or looking a certain way you can automatically attract girls, but that is only true for certain people.
So you're probably not as hot as you think you are.

A good way to become better at interacting with people is to force yourself into situations where you can.
Say hi to people out in public, startup a conversation with someone in a grocerystore or on public transportation, Pick up a book or phone that someone dropped, etc.
Also go to public events like concerts, rallies, parties by yourself and meet people, or join a club for an interest you have.

Most girls are normies, so it would only make sense that they would date normie guys.. And no looks doesn't really matter

>Feeling desired like that is a nice feeling.
it definitely is.
Though this kind of suffering is somewhat better than total apathy because now I'm at least motivated to make my life better because I now know what I was missing out on.

Sounds fake but ok

Read "bang" by roosh v its helped me a lot, you control your own destiny

shopping alone is much more comfortable tho

>People always say this but they never give any examples
>joining some sort of club/sports team or pursuing a hobby
Are you fucking retarded?

>Say hi to people out in public, startup a conversation with someone in a grocerystore or on public transportation, Pick up a book or phone that someone dropped, etc.
This probably won't work outside of the USA
>public events like concerts, rallies, parties
sounds better imo

find new friends
i used to have shit tier friends who couldn't appreciate me leveling up so I got some new friends instead

Youre quite delusional buddy boyo. You cant be ATTRACTIVE AND NOT ATTRACT FEMALES. You are average/ugly. Sorry.

Hobbies? Sports? Or do you just buy clothes and stare into the mirror. Your friends are not that busy.

How can you attract females if there are no females to attract

I know they aren't, I know they do stuff without inviting me

I just want to meet new people and actually make use of my effay style and looks



>And no looks doesn't really matter

Attractive but not able to attract girls?Post your face

How can you attract females if you don't interact with any females??

Girls hate your kind anyway. Give up already.

Yeah girls prefer fat ugly lazy guys with no motivation

Girls hate obnoxious, arrogant dicks who think going to the gym and owning clothing you call fancy are attractive features and is what matters, hahahaha

Lucky I'm attractive and have a good personality then :^)

>pursuing girl
>she tells me how she wants a man who's sensitive, cares for her feelings and isn't just after her body

Obviously not ;:^)

>pursuing girl

How to even meet

Wtf is effay? I never heard that before and neither could I find it my dictionary

slang word meaning effeminate

>I'm very attractive but women don't notice me

you're delusional just like every other Veeky Forums poster with this mentality

Get a gay friend

at least they got laid

did you ask her out?

I'm in the same boat user. I'm often complimented on my looks by my female friends (who are all fairly attractive) and girls seems to flirt with me a lot, but I'm actually autistic and I hardly leave home

Truly the worst feeling

Can't even use tinder because have all shit photos

I'm pretty handsome but I don't really date much. Don't worry. Men get better with age. It's some version of uphill until 40+

If you take bad photos chances are you aren't handsome


Bois, you gotta realize, it is 80% personality %20 looks. I know plenty of ugly fat fucks who have gfs all the time, while plenty of my gymbros are still virgins. It is as simple as just smilking and talking to a chick. If you don't talk to girls, you won't get a girlfriend, period. Once you regularly start talking to them, not just flirting, but engaging them in conversation like the normal human beings they are, then you start to learn how to not be so awkward, how to get qts to warm up to you, etc.

Is this little finger, asking unironically

Probably best advice ITT

Though looks are more important than 20%

no, fuck off mate, looks are what matters

women would choose some attractive cunt with a garbage personality rather than an average lad with a "unique" personality

Explain this then

do you ever feel like, when you really get to know to know a girl, that they've got a really incompatible personality to you, regardless of looks? i feel like OP's got a pretty specific taste and personality, and no matter what he looks like he isn't going to easily find a girl that he can be happy with.

like, i feel that this "personality" argument works well for guys that are mostly normie, but where are us Veeky Forums posters meant to look? (srs question)
what use is confidence and amicability (in trying to find a gf) when initial conversations should ultimately be a gauge for compatibility?

i know it's unfair to complain about loneliness while having high or specific standards but sometimes it gets to me too. like when people make you feel more lonely than when you're alone, you know?

don't get me wrong though i still love the QTs––like a lack of initial physical attraction is for sure a deal breaker. coloured eyes have me fuckin REELIN

You explained what I've been trying to say well.

Post your ugly mug! It's always hilarious to see the faces of the guys who go "tfw attractive but still no gf!"

You're right, I don't want a normie girl who's sole interests are reality tv, social media, gossip, brunches, shopping and dick

I want an artsy qt girl that likes painting and reading and outdoors etc and who is maybe a little more thoughtful and less slutty than the average girl

Nailed it.

What women truly want is a mix of domination, safety, empathy, entertainment and sexual satisfaction.

As for looks, I think that friendships are a good comparison. The degree to which you'd not be friends with someone because of their appearance is the same as your standards for dating. same age, same general clique, same general concern for appearance, but if the friendship is strong enough..it matters less *

*this applies for a "relationship" moreso than a "hookup" for which standards are obviously different

Is this CIA guy, asking unironically


>And no looks doesn't really matter
user please don't burst our bubbles

shit man. I'm a 21 year old virgin now, I'm not bad with people in fact I have the ability to make almost anyone like me without being manipulative or insincere, however my underlying low self esteem means I sabotage any attempts made by genuinely attractive girls to experience intimacy and shit. I'm not really bothered about it but I don't want to let someone in only to have my life fall apart when they leave. I literally only just got out of my depression phase :(
>tfw going back to uni town for party
>a girl there wants to fuck
>she doesn't know I've already automatically thought about 12 reasons why I don't want to

>Once you regularly start talking to them, not just flirting, but engaging them in conversation like the normal human beings they are, then you start to learn how to not be so awkward, how to get qts to warm up to you

this is the fucking truth
dont be me though
>tfw I can easily talk to girls casually but get really distant and self destructive when they suddenly start having feelings

I think we all want that
girls really aren't that thoughtful though, they're really good at surprising you and being sincere, but they don't think that deep.
>tfw middle child and only boy in the family

Wtf is shopping supposed to be a group activity now?

>attractive face

i'm not buying it, post pic for proof