Is it possible to not look beta with glasses? Do I need contacts to make it?

Is it possible to not look beta with glasses? Do I need contacts to make it?

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Yes. No.

are you retarded? you only look beta if you act like one. like glasses even matter

Fuck I probably got baited


>not going Clark Kent mode

have a good face to begin with

now frek off


If you have a strong facial construction, yes.
I've gotten some compliments on my new large-frame "hipster glasses", whereas my old small and minimal pair made my face look weak. It matters a good deal that the frames compliment your face shape.
Generally though I'd say it's safer to wear contacts. If you aren't confident in your face assume glasses will make you look worse, until you find a pair you really like.

Just got laser eye surgery. I would recommend. Makes you feel more confident and means you can do contact sports.

only betas care about this alpha-beta-chad-virgin shit

Be good looking.

>not going full pic related

can glasses hide eye asymetry, was thinking about getting the fake ones cuz i am self conscious.

also what model would be best?

Clarence may be able to lift a lot of weight, but he LOOKS like a complete "beta" and also he is one. He's a fucking vegan for fuck's sake.

Blood for the Blood God


Here's some advice OP

>green eyes
>very bright and wide eyes
>can see bitches in the dark
wear night vision goggles, confirmed to make bitches wet
or you won't ever make it

Yes. If you have a buzz cut.

sadly no. i'm a glasses guy myself and i admit that far/short sighted is like being handicapped. you need fragile tool to survive. no matter how strong and masculine and smooth you are, without your glasses you won't be able to do anything. it's a clear sign of weakness and handicap. it's like having one leg or something. i notice that people with glasses always have these hobbies or extra ""skills"" to compensate for their weakness. for me, it's music, fashion, and photography.

Your hobbies are very common amongst basically everyone.

Hijacking this thread. What style of glasses will make me not look like a hipster faggot? The current trend seems to be those glasses feminists always wear.

The problematic glasses are circle or oval-ish glasses with a metal ribbet on each side of the frame

So just classic rectangular frames if I want to look like an ordinary person? Thanks.

I'm gonna get a home trial of these (all for regular eyeglasses), I have an oval face shape with quite round cheeks and chin, I just find that anything with too thick a frame looks comical on me.

The last one is a bit of a wildcard, but coming up to winter I dress quite dark and thought something to go against my pale skin and that would be a good idea?

Why don't you ask pol or r9k, you stupid cunt

Rectangular frames are fine if you have the face for it. There's nothing wrong with wearing circle glasses, just have to put some effort to not looking like a nu-male and avoid the metal ribbet.

Looking ordinary is a type of fashion, friend.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I get my frames.

there's nothing classic about rectangular frames they were just some weird early 2000s trend that caught on for some reason

they dont really look good on anyone

Dude, just no. They even have a category for your face. Check that one.*&Available=true&FaceShape=oval&Gender=male&ItemCategoryCodeID=8&OnlineFlag=1&Outlet=false&@Sort.PopularityM=1

I have a similar headshape and my new glasses are round-ish. They compliment my face.

glasses are sign of shitty genetic, its hard to not be beta with glasses. With modern technology and plastic lenses glasses are light and looks quite good, but few decades ago, normal lenses made of glass were heavy and thick as fuck.

I do not get this glasses fashion, being a sighlet is disability.

What is going to be next, hipsters wheelchairs?

Only an Asian could get away with these frames. And even then they'd just say "well yeah, he's asian"

They are an accessory, if you don't like jewelry or anything flashy but want to accessorize in some way its one of the easier ways to do that.

Dadcore is best operator fashion.

it is possible

What is everyone's opinion of these?

I really like the tortoise and the teal combination.

This is the most retarded thing I read today

I ordered a pair online like this, they should be arriving soon
They will probably look gay

ID on shirt?