Hat thread

let's talk hats.

recommend me a new hat, Veeky Forums. pic related is what I had in mind so far.

btw I'm even carefully open about some fan merch hats from vidya, anime etc. because Pokemon Go hats look genuinely cool.

Yeah me too mate except i've got a small head so any hats for small heads thats for me thanks fellas yep alright

im gonna cum



Get this hat fags



w2c nacho hat?

OP here. I could actually get one of these because there are custom made trucker hats. so I only would need a pic with these letters and have it printed. not doing it though because who the fuck wants to be reminded of Veeky Forums outside of Veeky Forums. fuck that.

Or if you were autistic like me, you might've ordered a limited edition pack that came with an official hat.


heh, I'd wear that for shit and giggles but I'm european so what gives, you know?

You would end up assaulted by a kebab with a meat cleaver and then jailed by the state for offending him.

In America I literally think a kebab is more likely to be assaulted by a white guy for being a kebab.

In Europe you're probably more likely to be assaulted by kebab.

I don't know why, but Europe is terrible at integration and the US is really good at it.

what about bucket hats?

I'm latino (Brazil) and I use this. KEK.

they are much less accessible than baseball hats.
on the beach, yeah they are fine but in the city I'm not keen on wearing that.


stop pretending to be a girl you fucking spic pedo

worst trend ever

this person could be wearing anything and still look cute so bad place to base opinions off of

that person is me, so thanks lol

Bought this a week ago

oh np b lol

I like that dued



What do you guis think of my leaf hat

yes i drew those sweet flame decals ive had this hat for like 13 years

i ordered this into production, could sell them