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- Basic routine, skincare guide, and products tips
- How to pop pimples, remove blackheads and whiteheads
- Why you shouldn't use ordinary soap on your face
- How to improve your skin tone through diet
- Studies on how diary and sugars create acne
- How your skin is affected by sleep, sun, skincare ingredients

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Just moved into a dorm and just relized that all the moisturizers I've brought are for my body. Is there any harm to use it for my face

does Veeky Forums like to /thay/?

Has anyone here used The Ordinary's niacinamide solution? It's supposed to help regulate sebum production, but I've been using it twice a day for about a week and my skin seems even more oily than usual. Advice?

How good is sulfur soap?

What else are you using?

Putting aloe vera in a witch hazel solution is the dumbest shit in the world

Cerave hydrating cleanser and aczone. I'm not using moisturizer, as my skin feels fine after using the serum. Not dry or even tight.

I've got a bottle, it seems to soothe my skin but not much else. Will probably use it more once I get off Accutane.

If you're on a budget this is a really good alternative. This is the one I use and it has never caused me problems.

You could try blotting papers or a matte primer. Oily skin after using that serum isn't something I've heard of before.

What's the best way to try and get my super oily face under control? It's to a point where I have to wipe my face down hourly with a damp towel. Not only does it look bad, but it feels disgusting, too. You can see all the grease coming out of the individual pores on my nose, and my forehead and temples are greasy and shiny. I currently just use Proactiv on my face to keep minor breakouts from happening.

Find a gentle cleanser like cetaphil and a non comodegenic facial moisturizer like cetaphil. Kroger brand works fine too. Zinc supplementation does wonders for acne

Im looking for something new to wash my face with in the shower. I currently use pic related, but i think it combined with the sponge i use makes my cheeks fairly dry and red. Is there any recommendations?

Who else /dermatillomania/ here?
I swear I'd have such nice skin if it weren't for the inability to stop picking at this shit

anybody know what these bumps on my nose are?

You look like you could do with a good chemical exfoliation.

Is the sponge meant for your face? Swap it out for a linen washcloth and use lukewarm water instead of hot. You could also try switching to a cream cleanser too. pads

like this?

I have sensitive skin and my nose / cheeks can get particularly red. So I'm worried the stridex max strength will just cause issues

Any anons here used nucerity?

You could patch test it first. Just, it looks like you've got a lot of congestion going on.

thanks user :)

Anybody have experience with either of these?

>skin was doing fine, got good combination down, everything was pretty clear
>Have a few tiny pimples starting to pop up
>Give in and pop them last night
>Wake up
>They are now disgusting whiteheads/cystic zits
Daily reminder not to pick you skin, be patient and let your products do the work. I just hope this shit clears up before I go to uni in 5 days.

A friend recommended me tea tree oil for my acne and I've been using it for two days. Skin feels smoother for sure but is it a meme? Did I buy snake oil?

Is coconut oil really that bad for your face? I know it's not recommended but I had no moisturizer left so I put it to use. Two days later, huge red pimple (one that hurts like hell, can't pop, either. Looks like a bug bite, or something, but of course it's not) and 4 whiteheads on the side of my nose. What the fuck?

>putting literal oil on your skin
>get pimples
what did you learn??

I know this might be a stupid question, but is this a toner,exfoliate, or both?

so am I fine if I just use a Cetaphil daily gentle facial cleanser without all this other shit?

just go to a steam room 2x per week. for 3 minutes. ull b clean.

Because you popd them like a monkey. Use a very sharp tool to do so, like a needle. Pop them with precision then disinfect the area. Boom, no problems.

can you guys rec me some skin whitening products?

I started using a face wash with salicylic acid and my face broke out like fuck. Is this the 'purging' people are talking about?

Bullshit senpai theres no purging in salicylic acid

Where are all the tret fags? What do when face gets RASHES from tret?

Anyone tried using a derma roller before? How'd it go?
I have a 0.5mm one that I received about a week ago but I'm a bit hesitant about actually using it for the first time.

Any good skin products if my skin can get oily?

why does my ass have stretch marks? the sides of my butt are covered in horizontal scars. I have some red ones right on top, too, so I'm actually getting new ones...
so strange

does anyone else have stretch marks in weird places?

I have stretch marks too. On my ass and on my knees as well, funny thing is I was never obese. I think there are soap/lotion products available out there targeting stretchmarks. I already tried whitening soaps and even always moisturizing my ass, they didnt even out the marks

D O N T. Try to get in contact with a dermatologist first

Somebody give me a quick rundown on salicylic acid skin peels. Been doing the recommended skincare routine for a few months now and my moderate acne has barely gone down.

You can give yourself scarring if you don't know how to dermaroll properly.


My ass has actually been shrinking, oddly enough. They're horizontal stretch marks, so I guess they're from vertical growth?

I prefer alcohol-free Humphrey's

Just got this, Buffet + the rosehip oil in the mail today, excited to try them.

>I'm not using moisturizer
There's likely your problem. The serum is good, but it's surprisingly drying and dryness can cause your skin to overproduce oils in an attempt to compensate. Try using a moisturizer over it.

Chemical exfoliator.

Kojic acid + sunscreen everyday.

That actually isn't a bad budget cleanser, though I would upgrade to the Neutrogena Naturals purifying cleanser at the very least, if not CeraVe.

You probably wanna reconsider whatever kind of sponge you're using, or just forgo it altogether and use an occasional lactic/glycolic peel for exfoliation.

Im using a konjac sponge, which i think may be intended for the face. I shower in warm water, and I used to leave the cleanser on my face until the end of the shower when i rinse the conditioner out of my hair.

Maybe im just scrubbing too hard.

>dryness can cause your skin to overproduce oils in an attempt to compensate
Kinda sounds like a myth 2bh, but I guess I can try it.

what's the best way/product to get rid of rosacea? its only on my nose and my nose is also quite dry

Yes, because the skin tissue on your body is far more oily and not as sensitive/thin as the layer of epidermis on your face. If your face is fine though, do it at your leisure. Try it on a day off to see whether it works normally/doesn't.

Is a facial spin brush a good investment?
I use saslicylic acid face wash + alcohol free toner + benzoyle peroxide cream + moisturizer and my skin is fucking shit. Is a Clairsonic worth $169? Is the brush thing just a meme?

I stared using l'oreal products a few years ago because they helped and are more or less cheap.
In recent months I've developed some rash in particular spaces and I have no idea why. I treat it with eczema cream, it is probably some eczema anyway. That helps, but I was wondering if the l'oreal products were kinda the culprit.
So whats a good brand for all that shit? Biotherm? Are they worh the price?

I use the rose version of this and it's nice and cooling in the summer

Never fucked with skincare products until now and need opinions on planning my routine, I don't know shit aside from what I've read here pretty much

Before/In shower
>Oil Cleanser once a week
>Exfoliate twice a week
Out of shower
>Stidex pads once a week

some other basics is to understand your ingredients. its something I didn't do for most of my life and I would wonder why all the shit that I bought kept making my skin even worse.

look up comedogenic, irritation, skin type ratings on:

and if you happen to have allergies which thankfully i don't have to deal with that shit, use:

yall can thank me later x0

Bumping because I'm interested in opinions.

Does smearing ice on ypur face actually do anything? Or is it just a myth that it helps especially with face oiliness?

Anyone here had their facial hair lasered off? I'm considering getting it done because I straight up can't get a close shave anymore (I use a safety razor, make multiple passes and have always shaved against the grain but I can never get rid of the grey shadow) and my facial hair pattern looks like shit anyway (only really grows on neck, very bottom of chin and upper lip while being sparse everywhere else)


I don't recommend it. electrolysis is a much better option from what I understand. laser hair removal works best on leg and arm hair

I have an awful acne scar problem and I want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Is laser treatment (pixel) the best option for getting it done the quickest?

>pic has similar scars to mine, except mine are larger

A skin care place recommended their VI Chemical Peel to me but I've heard some bad reviews regarding that peel

Increasing retin a from .01% to .1%
Going to finally compound my niacinamide and vit c serum
Getting ready to my my 8% kojic acid lotion

Sun avoidance and sunblock too.

Chemical peeling is harsh as fuck and sometimes people show allergic reactions to it.

I had laser myself like maybe nine years ago for some scars and it works decently. It's a little bit painful and you skin will be red for the rest of the day, though.

Everytime my face gets wet and then dries I get tons of microflakes of dead skin on it, like a snake starting to shed. What does this mean

Might be relevant to know that I have sensitive skin on my hands and arms that sometimes gets active into eczema if I don't take care of it, it also becomes worse after contact with water just like my face so maybe it's all connected

>tfw even Differin didn't work for my acne
Time to get on accutane

Use a toner with AHA (paulas choice or corsx) and Mizon snail ampoule. Worked wonders for my scars.

I'll check that out. How long would it take before significant improvement is made using that?

Does anyone have any experience with dark circles? I tried some cream and getting plenty of sleep but i still have them. Can anyone help please

Vitamin E rich soap/products.
And anti stretch mark oil.
Works wonders.

>And getting plenty of sleep
It works, but it's a long term thing.
Patience and discipline.

How do I get rid of acne scars?
Also, what's the best way to get rid of blackheads/exfoliate?

best is to do nothing for as long as you can. don't let even water touch your face. cold showers only for body. every few weeks wash face with water only. nothing you will ever buy will be as good at taking care of your skin as your natural oils. also will prevent sun damage if not in excess. all this only applies if you eat clean and move.

is there anyway to get rid of wrinkles around nose+mouth? i'm starting to get wrinkles like in the pic and i dont know how to lessen it. im considering surgery if thats all i can do depending on the cost and longevity of it. it makes my nose look worse and makes me look older


Can I do it at home or do I book an appointment for it?

Hey guys, quick question about skin tone.

I have a weird situation. Since I've moved South and get way more sun than I'm used to, I have gotten the farmers tan from hell. I've always tanned very easily, but this is a whole new level.

Normally I look like a white dude with a little tan, and when I would take my shirt off there would be a slightly noticeable difference in tone. Now I have Mexican looking forearms, neck, and face, while my legs and torso are pretty pale. I've never liked the tan look, and I've always tried to use sunscreen and the like.

Is there anyway to brighten my aforementioned body parts? I've gotten darker as times gone on and it's to the point where a Hispanic guy tried to talk to me in Spanish. I don't want to bleach or anything, but I'm considering it.

Any advice helps.

Guys, if milk is bad for your acne, what can you say about cottage cheese, kefir, yogurts and other stuff?

at home the deepest needles they sell is 1.0mm and even that depth is uncomfortable and painful without some sort of numbing cream. Estheticians can go up to 2.5mm in depth and if they're under a dermatologist supervision 3mm in depth
Microneedling isn't too expensive.You do need at least 3-6 sessions and results take months to really be noticed. It's a slow progress but really effective.
It can get expensive if you do vampire facials, which is microneedling and using your own plasma as a serum for your face. Those can run from $450+

Greatly appreciated senpai

you can do at it at home but take your time for research, at least 3 weeks at forums and reading studies through sci-hub to get a good overview

sun avoidance and strong chemical peels

Nice broscience faggot

What's with the whole "religiously avoiding the sun" thing? Is it really that bad? I wanna take care of my skin but spending time under the sun during summer is inevitable when on vacation. I always put sunscreen on so that I won't burn but even then I still get a tan. I am worried now.

Has anyone had any experience with Japanese sun cream?

Trying to find one for every day use (eventhough the uk hardly has any sun)


It's just for advertising, they're not that great. Depending on your skin, even once in a while with the most gentle brush can be too much. I just exfoliate with a towel now and my face is fine.


They're super popular on r/skinaddiction bc they don't have zinc oxide, and that's what makes people look ashy. They're sorta expensive but apparently worth it

Im in love with BIORE

Senpai, jap sunscreens are one of the cheapest for its quality. Here some really good ones
>for poorfags
Biore (forgot which product model is the most popular one but it has a blue container)
>for non poorfags
Shiseido Anessa

IIRC shiseido is also on the leading when it comes to creating a new product to combat hair loss

How do get rid of cystic acne? Q_Q

i have a lot of closed comedones and comedonal acne, so I got the Drunken Elephant TLC night serum. It has AHA and BHA for exfoliation. It says to use your regular skincare routine after you let it dry. If I used the serum, let it dry, and then used benzoyl peroxied+clindamyacin like usual, would than burn/irritate my skin?

japanese hyaluronic acid + japanese sunscreen is my daily driver. 11/10 would recommend, even if its a touch expensive sometimes

how to avoid getting wrinkles? I'm 20 yo and am really concerned about having wrinkles in 5 years from now

Accutane is the only thing that works.

Moisturizer and sunscreen

My doctor wouldnt prescribe it to me because

but i have an appointment with a derm in october

How do you guys keep a good compexion? I don't mean acne, I mean bumps and whiteheads and blackheads and whatnot.