Watch thread /wt/

Time for a new watch thread.

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

Required viewing for those looking for a first watch:

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r8 my Ball Engineer II Ohio

Post lume shot

My phones camera goes crazy with the focusing in the dark

Nice touch on the seconds hand, tritium looks legit. Those 6,9 and 12 markets should be something else. Otherwise a very solid piece.
I'd rate it 4,4/5.

Rate my newest cop

I don't have a steel watch yet and I'm looking at this entry-tier one. Any thoughts??

Btw I like the Ball Engineer one

Do not buy a fucking emporio armani man...
Get a watch from actual watch company.
Some fashion watches can be good because they give you stainless steel case and a solid link bracelet for relatively cheap, but they are never competitive in quality with actual watch companies.
Look for Citizen if you want the similar look.

Fuck off, both of you.

Should I

It's a really solid watch for the money. The strap is kind of bad, but swap a decent nato or a leather strap on it and you're golden.

Cheap and pretty good. What's keeping you?

Bought a blue one and a leather strap instead dudes

What are your toughts on TGV?
aka this guy:

No qualms but I don't follow drama so your mileage may vary.

Pure class

Posting my current watch. I got another one I wear regulary like a white Citizen with black leather strap and Rolex Explorer.

No. Seiko 5 is good but not that one.
Dont buy Armani. Dont buy designer watches in general.
I like it

Nice dude, can't go wrong with any rolex

Love the seamaster, especially that one. Need to get one someday, but excellent watch.

pretty good for memes/cringe and would probably be a nice guy irl

Dunno, something about him just seems phony as fuck. It seems like he's trying so hard to be perceived as an "old soul" type. Maybe that's just who he is and it's not an act, but it just doesn't feel genuine to me.

Also a grown man who collects little toys and figurines just rubs me the wrong way

Got this Poljot Chronograph for 117€. Opinions?

looks like a breitling knockoff

it it okay to wear g shock as a grown men?


If you must wear an analog quartz at least stick to the Al Queada watch or it's updated variants since they're small and don't scream "LOOK AT ME UUUUURRRGGGHHHH SPOOOOORRRTTTSSSS MAAAAAANNNNLIINNNNEEESSSS" if you catch what I mean.

Is TW Steel a good brand like Seiko or a meme brand like Fossil?

Currently looking at Seiko, Tissot, Citizen and Casio




Thoughts on Tissot Quickster?

SARB017 yes or no?

Coming up to fall, think it would look awesome

Just copped. Thoughts?

why do the faces on citizen watches look so inferior and cheap

Over designed craps always look cheap and become a real shitter once the honey moon phase wears out.

Same goes for TAG. This is from the last thread. Fuck I feel bad for the guy that bought it thinking he got himself a solid swiss piece for a few grands.

oh my god that is disgusting. what moron would ever buy a bland ETA rehash watch with a million out of place features on the dial. This is why everyone hates tag.

At work so wearing the mudman
Just ordered a seiko 5 and nato strap

my dress watch

Nice! Is that a Portugieser?

looking for a good 18mm leather strap. what are some good brands i should look out for?
i see a bunch on amazon but not sure what to go for.
also, it kinda looks like most brands are pretty much from the same chinese(?) manufacturer, just rebranded multiple times and sold at slightly different prices.

hirsch straps for $50+
camille fournet for couple hundo

pic related: my watch

Crown & Buckle

Cheap but decent to pretty good quality: Hadley-Roma

Got it for $200 and needed one that's water resistant for swimming. I'm satisfied. :^)

Can't decide between these 3, was looking for a simple white face brown strap watch.

The first is $69 and I would have to get a replacement strap. Second $57 and last $43

This is also going to be my first real watch besides a casio digital I have

Honestly go with the first one, decent leather straps aren't that expensive and it looks way better

I personally would go with the Timex Expedition. It is a beautiful field watch with the traditional field watch look with a decent water resistant rating and Timex's Indiglo!

Are you exercising or hiking or something?

My current and only watch is pic related.

What's a good everyday/daily watch in the $3-500 range? Also with a leather strap.

I was looking at SABR035 & Visodate on /r/watches but wonder what else is there.

I think the Expeditions are pretty nice, I like the Weekender, not a fan of the Easy Reader but they make day-date ER's and not Weekenders, sad.

Casio a158

But it's $15. That's way below my budget.

kek, that was unexpected!

Thinking about getting pic related with a leather strap. bad or good idea?

You said 3 to 500

lmao! I meant $300 to $500 USD.

yes sir, it is :)

Thinking of buying a decent and affordable watch. Is this a good one? I like the simple style and I reckon Tissot is a respectable brand.

Please advise.

What's the opinion on Glycine? I recently bought the Combat Sub Goldeneye version on Jomashop about 2 weeks ago. It still hasn't shipped as it is out of stock but I want to know if it is even worth it after Invicta bought them out.

What's Veeky Forums's opinions on shark leather straps?

They look good and apparently are water resistant. Also not as expensive as crocodile and ostrich.

lmfao these ug memes

Tissot are not the worst thing in the world, but they are very very low level swiss made, if you are after affordable just go for a respectable japanese brand like citizen or seiko, personally I really like the ecodrive range by citizen, then when you're financially able to break into the higher bracket go for a good swiss or german.

new to me, never seen someone wearing those
don't know much about them, but looks very nice
Is it a new thing?

hmm, Tudor homage, but i like them. Good color contrast and overall looks good. I would wear them for camping or some sporty events

Have they illuminated dial??

Can I wear a Casio meme in 2017?

What do you think about SWISS ARMY Watch?

As meme as the Swiss army itself.

>Is it a new thing?

Don't think so, they appear a lot in a book I own by a German collector of Soviet watches.
I just started to get interested in them since I've read that most of them are water resistant, which makes me think they'd make good leather bands for divers.

Forgot to say that this book I mentioned is from the 1994.
The red and green leather straps in pic related are made of shark leather.

I have a sarb035, can recommend for daily wear. Super versatile, especially if you alternate between the stock bracelet and various straps

Yeah I'm leaning towards that one.

whats the watch on the bottom middle?

I'm a big fan of minimal watch faces. I currently wear a Braun (see pic) for my daily and it's been doing me right. Any other suggestions for minimalist watches?

get the old braun's ones, designed by dieter rams
aw 20/21
aw 50
aw 60
got's the aw 21 pretty well made tho
or you can go for other designers watch, jacob jensen, naoto fukasawa (for miyake) or invest on a mechanical one like a junker bauhaus

>got's the aw 21 pretty well made tho
>or you can go for other designers watch, jacob jensen, naoto fukasawa (for miyake) or invest on a mechanical one like a junker bauhaus


The Breitling Slav rapechild has just arrived. Opinions?

Is that case fucking plastic??

The case looks somewhat poorly finished, how's the movement itself?
How much did you pay?

Well it's a Poljot, not a Breitling after all. The movement is the well known and reliable Poljot 3133 chronograph movement, in-house. Has a good accuracy and power reserve. These watches went to space with the Soviets btw.
I got it from an auction for 115€.


Where to cop a good leather and/or exotic leather band?

Camille Fournet lets you pick from a few overpriced exotic leathers and customize them down to the last stitch, and Atelier du Bracelet Parisien carries pretty much everything so if you want a strap made from elephant trunks or white rhinoceros ballsacks or tiger foreskins or whatever then they're probably the place to go. I don't have first-hand experience with either because they're not cheap, I think cheaper-midrange brands like Hirsch and regular cows are good enough.

For exotic leather your cheapest option will be foreign eBay sellers.

Just picked up a Tudor Pelagos last week.

Forgot pic.

I really like these watches, the hands seem to divide the community more than any other hands I can think of.

great watch if you don't put that nasty bracelet TGV put on his.


I've heard bad things about the build quality of that watch on amazon. Is it as bad as the reviews say? Its beautiful.

Currently bidding ona '69 bullova accutron(normal not soaceview), t houghts?

Noice, good luck servicing it though.

How many watches do you own /wt/?

This. There are a few people who specialize in accutron movements so seek them out when the time comes.

Four. But only two are automatic. That's gonna grow though.

Too many, I'm trying to cut it back to 6.

About 12 and I've got 3 more ordered.

Ok I went to a store in CDMX (Palacio de Hierro) to see some watches. I was looking for a SARB035 but they didn't have it. They had the Visodate and I tried it on--it's a beautiful watch. I had the money for it but it came to $650usd and changed my mind.

Anyway thing is I saw the Omega stand and was in awe of the Speedmaster. The (I guess most common) silver metal band and black dial kind. It was about $1k usd but online I see it for more money than that.

Is there a cheaper model or what? Or maybe they're cheaper in Mexico for some reason?

Speedmaster Reduced is cheaper but still not that cheap. Maybe it was used? Or fake.

If its in good shape would it need specialized service? Im not saying any bumfuck service center could do it, but could anywhere id take a normal bulova do it? This is my first vintage watch so not much experience

Got a couple questions for you guys that I need input on:

What are your thoughts on video game or novelty watches in general?

Would you wear something like pic related when out with friends/people close to you?

I've been considering after coming across someone wearing one

If it fits a certain aesthetic its okay although an openheart or old casio would fit most that fit that aesthetic better
Pic related is my growing collection
Skagen is a gift or id trash it, forgot my gshock in the car so not shown