Good facial structure

>good facial structure
>nice hair that I can easily fix
>pretty eyes
>all of it is brought down by cystic acne like a mother fucker that's been going on for so long that it's taken a toll on my skin

;_; please help Veeky Forums , i've tried 3 step proactiv for 2 months in a row, then I switched to a facewash a bought from Ulta and nothing has really changed

I assume you've don't drink soda anymore too right?

I only drink water and unsweetened peach tea anymore desu

So people tend to go overboard, if you have really oily or sensitive skin the last thing you want to do is dry it out like a motherfucker. Balance dude, go for the middle road.

Also why the fuck would you use proactive? Have you seen how ridiculous their commercials are, like how fucking sheep can you get?

Don't hate, exfoliate.

Go to a dermatologist you retarded faggot

Proactiv is a meme, man. For basic skin care, I'd recommend checking out the links in the skin thread and resources on skincareaddiction. As for treating cystic acne, you should definitely see a derm to get some prescription meds. If nothing works out, accutane is the nuclear option.

Here's a challenge for you. Eat nothing but meat and leafy greens for a month.

it's called puberty and most of Veeky Forums is still about to experience it. Your body changes alot now and your hormones go crazy, which is the cause of acne. Go to a dermatologist, only they know what product is right, NOT THE INTERNET.

Growing up really is exciting ;)

This, prescription acne treatments are your best bet for a fast solution to cystic/nodular acne. The alternative is trying every OTC active product ever made, which will cost a lot more time and money in the long term for worse results.

Dermatologist and ask about accutane

Why haven't you gotten on Accutane yet? It's literally meant for cystic acne and the only thing that works. See a derm asap.

accutane will clear your face in a few weeks

Epiduo is a prescribed cream and the only that ever worked for me. Acutane works wonders though. As far as skin routine, an avocado face mask once or twice a week is really balancing. (A dab of raw honey, one eggwhite, half an avocado, beat till mixed evenly, apply to face until dry, etc). Also wash your face every night but be sure to use gentle moisturizer (probably oil-free, for you) after, because otherwise your skin and already over-active oil glands will sense your skin's oils are out of whack, freak and over-produce oil (that is, over-produce even more than they normally do). Godspeed friend

Meat only makes you're skin more oily, man.

If you knew everything there is to know about good skin you wouldn't have shitty skin. Try it.

I think you've got me confused for OP.

He should stay away from red meat

accutane dries your lips like hell so if you choose this treatment, buy some norwegian lip balm

how's your diet

Try Murad Post Acne Lightening Gel. it hurts to apply but it cleans up cystic ance so well. you can also get their 60 day bundle which comes with a 3 step wash, treatment and moisturizer.