Can we have an /interior/ design thread? Post tips, inspo, questions, etc

Can we have an /interior/ design thread? Post tips, inspo, questions, etc.

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are you okay?



Kinda thread related, I might be moving into a concrete basement soon. thoughts on the concept?

Anyone know of a "consumer guide"/review/etc site for furniture? Currently making due with an air mattress and cardboard boxes for a desk.

I still restore eames/polluck/saarnieen furniture because I'm autistic and don't like counterfeits

Ur gonna have atleast some light?

Ill move the washing machines place those with the litchen and separate the zone using a panel, u dont want to expend all day looking at washing machines or a kitchen.. Specially if its small, small kitchens ar hard to keep all clean and tidy all the time.also create a multimedia corner with tv, computer and music close to each other. Is better when u have atleast some capacity to transition from multimedia zone to the sleeping zone.

>katana over tv

i like ur drawing tho

the plastic eames make things look like they have no character
looks too expensive, and delicate, i would be uncomfortable
pictures in the back look lame
i like it a lot but it like a coffee shop
and the poster with text on it looks tacky

thx, moving to a new apartment sept 1st! excited.

anyone have some wholesome but more industrial inspo??? some exposed concrete???

That looks like it would be confining - bedroom, living room, kitchen all in one? Not for me anyways.

You're going to need more space for clothing too - pic is my $12 DIY hanging rack, it's more flexible and bendy than I'd like but does its job well.

washing machines are part of the basement aesthetic tho



absolutely fucking cozy

it looks like the green paded chair is a real eames chair while the others are reproductions


Unironically posting my living room (again).


how often does it rain / snow where u live

8/10 - 9/10 when overcast

this is like poverty stricken tinder date...

"did you want to come over and listen to some music and chill?"

"you don't have net flix?"

"I don't have a TV, or a couch, or an xbox, or much of anything really, i got some records from the thrift shop though"

"uhhh yeah i'm busy"

"well, can you at least buy me a sandwich...please?!"

"everything i own is a handme down from my parents that was new circa 1995"

looks like lower middle class living room from the 90's with a family that bought everything from kmart

wtf? why even diy that, ikea sells a metal rack for $10 that is essentially the same.

nah fuck you i'd def love that room if it was a cabin in the woods or something alongside that

It usually rains every other day in the Fall weather, which typically runs from late August to October. Besides that, it's on and off. And we have snow on the ground for a good six months most years, so...a lot.

The only thing from my parents in that pic are the folding tables. Everything else was bought thrift because I'm a poorfag.

i had to sit down and explain to a poor person that buying shit from thirft stores is more expensive in the long run than buying a quality piece.

score a $50 table at a thrift store awesome

keep it for 6 months and have to go back for another one

in 2 years you could have bought a decent table a middle class furniture store that would last 10.

always seems like you have less money than people who bring in more money than you? it's not because they just have more of it, it's spent wiser


Dude, what? You can find quality stuff at a thrift store, it's literally just used and inexpensive. That couch cost 13$, the stereo cost 9$, the tapes, records, and cassettes cost 0,50$ each, the wall art was 3$ each. The TV, stand, VCR, tape storage, antenna, and stereo stand were all free from Kijiji. And I'll have it all for years to come.

If you're spending 50$ on a second-hand table that's in such bad condition that you need to replace it in six months, you're just straight-up retarded.

As for your last sentence...are you high? Let's say I have 10$ and you have 50$. Now, make a cup of coffee. You could afford to buy a coffee maker, mugs, spoons, creamer, sugar, filters, a fair bit of coffee, and you'd still have money left. Me? I can't afford all of that with my 10$, so I'd probably get something from a coffee shop. But guess what? You'd still have more money left. If you doubled my personal income I'd have a nice amount of savings, because guess what? That's how money works. You make more of it, you have more of it. Hell, if I made more money I could afford to buy pizza every week and drink constantly, and I'd STILL have more money left than I do now. I honestly can't tell if you're shitposting or not, but if you're serious...get a grip, man.

does anybody know any good /interior/ instagrams for inspo? thanks in advance





>poorfags sperging out trying to justify their own incompetence
What a thread.

>Projecting that much


I'd say get laz e boy everything from a used furniture store



do you think this is the only room?

jesus that satellite and the lights outside kill it for me
not a huge fan of the blue thing paired with the rest of the room

this looks alright because its a drawing, if you saw this in real life it would be disgusting

someone else living my dream ;(

post one of your fits pls





id this couch

I would not want to be drunk in this room.


yeah sure, the guy with vitsoe furniture and vintage rams designed braun equipment is poor.

get outta here you fat fuck

I would design her interior if you catch my drift

i can tell u that image is of the interior of soto in berlin on torstr if you didnt already know and in case it helps

woooooooow that is fuckiing dope

can we get more pics of normal houses/flats with nice interiors? it's pointless seeing super expensive properties because they'd look good with any interior.


These threads give me life

Where do you even buy indoor plants

stores like home depot/lowes (if you're in the US, idk what it's like elsewhere)
florists/straight up plant shops
i've honestly had good luck buying plants o n amazon

does anyone have any bed frame recs? preferably something cheap and low to the ground

DIY would be best. i was thinking of just getting some wood slats/plywood and stretching fabric over it to make it look neat but idk if that'd actually look good

sword is a lil uneffay depending. If its a family hierloom or something interesting or aesthetically matching then its good, but if its just a shitty katana then its a bad call.
If the washer and dryer aren't already in place then don't do it get a 2 in 1 or move them somewhere that isnt right below your only light source thats valuable plant real estate.
also u need a big mirror to help with the natural light issue.





Maybe find a way to separate the different living areas

Paint some of your furniture and put some non-asian art up along with what you have. It looks like my
grandmothers house. Painting it modern colors will add a lot.

>Paint some of your furniture

It might just be me, but I feel like the Eames stuff is just a meme at this point, I don't see the appeal of it when it's this common amd over used. It is nice furniture and all, and it has its place, but that place isn't everywhere.

I'm gonna need some sauce on that chair, I do quite like it.

my apartment

thoughts? am i going overboard with the plants?

I like it. It looks cozy to me.

na ur not going overboard i on the other side....

Looks really nice and beautyfull Calathea u got there.

Also if i were u, ill organize the books that ar standing on the right picture at the left and place a beautyfull philodendron there , or if u like other species whatever u like.

I can tell many of ur stuff ar thrifted or second hand like mine so many of the things i know u wanna change like ur room lamp.

You're walking a think line with the plant levels. Looks good, but wouldn't hurt from being toned down a bit.

There's no such thing as too much plants :)

thanks for the input! you're right, much of my stuff is thrifted and i hate that living room lamp. i also want a bigger mirror and some kind of marble living room table.

damn right


ages ago someone posted the apartment of some American Apparel designer or some shit, lots of unfinished plywood, custom built. Anyone have it?

Dust nightmare

sorry but your rack looks like shit, the ikea one looks way better

This. If you're going to build your own rack use galvanized piping or iron. Something not plastic.

i like the plants except for the single vine that just runs awkwardly across the far wall in the second photo
looks really nice otherwise user

someone post Veeky Forums bedrooms/battlestations not just rich mans houses
noone has that much space and tall ceiling and some of the stuff look rich for the sake of being rich
pic related something I saved from /v/

why would he have to go back for another one?

Is that vine real? Regardless, where'd you get it?

he's autistic user... with all his time spent on Veeky Forums he does not know any better lol

Blech. I'm much more inspired by beautiful interiors and designs than by reddit basement dweller 'battle stations'.

I'm obviously not delusional enough to think that I can afford to do something exactly like the places I admire but the point is to be inspired by aspects of those places and incorporate something beautiful, unique, or comfy into the space that you do have.

I dont know how that doesn't make sense. Paint that cabinet. Paint that dresser. etc. Paint your furniture. Is this a new concept?
are you retarded?


My bad, I was drunk and when I read "furniture" I thought of...only the soft furniture. You know, couch, bed, things like that. Hence my confusion.

Painting a cabinet is completely reasonable.

That vine is a Potos or a Philodendron Scandens, is an easy grower and u can guide it wherever u want.
Damn that place got some serious temple vibes to it, i like it.

if those are actual solid wood, painting would kinda be a waste
stain it and let some grain come through

Oh, I'm not . My furniture's all cheap Walmart trash.

I cook for a living and I know how to make do with minimal appliances/kitchen space plus I'm not home very often so a bigger kitchen seems redundant to me.
The rack in my picture is one I made out of lead pipe with a wooden base and some wheels, I like your advice on a bigger one.
The sword is good quality and very minimal(black with a black holder) and has a lot of meaning to me so I still wanna keep it, I should move it somewhere else. I like your mirror idea though imma do that.

All in all though I agree with you guys on the separation of sleeping/creative/kitchen spaces so i'll look into some dividers or a wall or something, thanks for your feedback.

>I cook for a living
>Hot plate & Chef Mike instead of range/oven