Why don't more women get buzzcuts? Is it just because most women use long hair to hide facial/head imperfections?

Why don't more women get buzzcuts? Is it just because most women use long hair to hide facial/head imperfections?

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It looks bad even on attractive females imo. To each his own tho.

>To each his own

I agree, but your opinion is objectively wrong

never seen a post so wrong

The reason I stopped dating women

this guy knows

this sounds pretty gay desu fampai

It is gay

Because culture and history and running counter to those is extreme and not for normies.
Because not everyone looks good with it.

patrician taste my friend

I like shor hair for grills but buzz is too short

Opposite for me, I can't stand gay little pixie cuts but buzzcuts on girls look good to me

Because not everyone has the head shape to pull it off

it was the biggest haircut trend in são paulo and other hype brazilian cities in 2016.

now they're all growing their hair out and regretting it. i liked the trend tho.

Whatta hell are you on man?
Big Trend? Only if you're talking about the emponderadas/problemáticas kinds

because not having hair even though it is a buzzcut is associated with sickness and therefore unattractive

Only women with very delicate features (like Emma Watson, Natalie Portman or Charlize Theron) can pull them off, and even then they look a lot better with long hair.

every fucking place i went i saw at least 3 girls with buzzcuts. and by places i mean subways, grocery stores, public squares, malls...


It only works on women with nice strong features..

Though even then they look better with longer hair, but buzzcuts/very short hair is like a power move, it'll make you stand out.

That looks like an beurre, not even a beurrette, just a gayass beurre

Because it looks like they got cancer

It's too much upkeep.


buzzcut on female is trending now, so expect it. Personally i thing is hideous but what gives anyways

because they look sick

Got my head shaved. I didn't exactly choose to do it, but it happened.
It was on my bucket list, but I absolutely hate it. It's ugly as hell, and I'm not hot enough to pull it off. I've been resorting to dressing like a boy.


Pretty much.

because most aren't demigender lighterfluid sjw feminazi brainwashed special snowflakes

why do you like your girls to look like 6 year old boys

It only works on attractive girls because attractive people can pull anything off. If they are ugly, it would only draw more attention to their ugly face.

Are you literally retarded or figuratively retarded?

Ctrl z

She looks like megamind

A buzzcut made Katy perry turn to shit

I cut my hair once a year and have it braided most of the time for minimal detangling. Try doing that with short haircuts.


Don't have to do that wit buzzcuts, don't have to even look at your hair before you leave your house in the morning.

You still have to get it trimmed regularly though. That's the big ask.

>get it trimmed

You don't tell me you would go to somebody and pay to get a buzzcut lol? It takes 5-7 minutes max once a week, do it when you're shaving your legs.

That's what ends in this

You what mate?

It's harder to distinguish a female from a male if they have a buzzcut and no makeup on, unless they have a very feminine face.
Also buzzcuts are mostly used by lesbian or crazy woman.

>tattooed brows
just when i thought you couldn't get trashier


Personally I think women with darker skin pull it off better


recently did a joint fundraiser for a cancer charity with my gf that involved both of us getting shaved. it actually suits her

It's a good haircut if you don't want any attention from men :^)

Ok, might not be your cup of tea. Enjoy the feel of breeze on your scalp while waiting your hair to grow back.

Because it looks shit. A lot of girls want to be feminine and cute, not to look like they are edgy as fuck or just finished cancer treatment



I'd love to see a whole bunch of pictures posted ––––– I'm starting a file on this subject.

Wallpapers of buzzcut women would be particulary appreciated.

They look better with hair.

Wow I actually really love how all these look. I agree with you OP.

it's my fetish but it's not everyone's cup of tea

That shit about fashion being filled with gay men who somehow think they know how women should look is getting more obvious by the day.
At this point, you're just rejecting femininity in itself.

Stop being a basic bitch and just find a nice wig. Pretty much all fashion-conscious girls use them, or extensions. You're literally doing this to yourself.


Kristen Stewart looks good in any haircut.









Sup dude.

long hair are more sexually attractive to males.
buzzcuts are male domain tier shit. very unfeminine.

she's dogshit nowadays and a dumb lesbo.
also what a shitty tattoo.

Britneys head shape couldnt pull it off
But the op pick and the girl in the car with the eyes censored is top shelf

You can't mess up a buzzcut with a guard on it, it is physically impossible. That girl tried shaving her head for some reason.

I don't, I think more black women resort to it because their hair is awful.\, half the time I can't tell if a black woman with a buzz is male o female.

You meant to say, it only looks good on attractive females

I love her Guernica tat

She's bi and you have shit taste.

>tfw buzzcut gf and u have mega long hair


Yeah. Mine wasn't particularly long, but I think it suits her. Needed to crop picture for privacy sake, but this was shortly after being buzzed.

>women use long hair to hide facial/head imperfections?

omg jezsus ... wow...


literally JUST

My hair is currently the shortest it's ever been, which isn't saying much for me, but Ive been considering buzzcutting for a while. Not sure if I have the "delicate" features for it tho what if I straight up look like a man (it's currently shoulder length)

i agree 100%. looks awful. at best it makes a girl look "still has a cute face but its too bad she shaved her head..."

she clearly stated she isn't

were they effay?

Like honestly, move to a major city its dime a dozen. install tinder and you'll be dating Sinbad O'Connor in no time.

true. been there done dat.

I agree with the first part, if you're butch and go buzz people will confuse you with a low test fag, but whether they are better looking with long hair or short is necessarily a matter of personal sensibility.


>It looks bad even on attractive females imo. To each his own tho.
if a girl's got small ears and a slender neck it's super fuckin' cute in my book

I'm the guy above who dates a girl with short hair, so post your pic and will give my opinion. she's a first for me, it's not a fetish thing.

Nah man. Her eyes stand out more and I learned to appreciate how purdy she really is:

aaand I see this now.

Hon hon oui oui baguette


hows middle school

>gets older and more irrelevant
>suddenly: "shit, I guess I should find a male provider quick and stop pretending I'm lesbian even if it costs me muh precious daily LGBTBBQ brownie points from twitter, reddit and dumblr."

saw right past that bullshit.

Or you know maybe she's just bisexual, like she's said before numerous times.

add her hair, and you will make 9/10 from this snake piece of shit


Great analysis. She definitely needs a beta provider.