Not everyone can buy Rafs, Ricks or CP's on this board

Feel free to ask, answer and help with averything fashion related, from where to buy to what to buy

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lol, several of this brands are top tier in my country. So people who wear levi's for example are like the rich kids of the neighborhood

Where do fellow poorfags cop their sweaters, sweatshirts, buttonups, and flannels

yeah same for me

imagine wearing margiela and issey amongst those COOL RICH KIDS rocking NMDs like it is a big deal

Uniqlo has some good basic sweatshirts and sweaters, I think H&M flannels are good, not sure about the rest. If your area has good thrift /vintage stores then check those out too, I just got a bunch of sweaters for very cheap.

where do you live?

south america, can't be more specific

Same here in Brazil, I believe. There are malls where Zara is just besides Chanel and Prada. It's not as expensive, obviously, but a lot of people shop at both.

Thrift and Ross is pretty much it for me regarding non-online stores.

Same for Croatia.
In middleschool I wore some old ass Levi's that LITTERALLY my mom handed me down and a girl freaked out when she asked me if I'm wearing new pants and I answered, "oh yeah, my mom gave me these Levi's"

She couldn't believe it, she said that she wants to see the pic related shit and was very ecstatic about it.

Weird 2bh

I thought poor meant like spending €10 on pants on sale or something.

But Levi's. What?!

Because clothes are overpriced in poor shitholes like latin america and eastern Europe + like $400 wages.
This is why you see Slavs in shit you wouldn't even wear at home. Everything that's "branded" is seen as expensive/quality. This is why you see them in Nike/Adidas tracksuits

i do this, but i live in germany

People walking around with GAP, Hollister and Abercrombie with the biggest logos they can find as if it's some good shit.

I live in toronto. halp

it's cause levi's is somehow top tier in non-us countries. same with carhartt, it's weird

ross is not that cheap, it's easier to find better stuff in the brands in the image above

levis' is $20-30 in us when on sale, $50 for normal shit

Outside of the US Levis are expensive. Relatives from Europe would always cop levis when visting

Levi's are at least € 100 where I live. Is a pair of jeans even worth that much? Is it magical?

>€ 100
How are they so much? You can get like 4 pairs for that much in the US

Fred Perry in a poorfag thread? What?

Nah. I like their cuts, but the materials are nothing special. Only buy if you can find a good sale.

>literal europoors

Sale nigga.
>tfw when people compliment me everytime on my clothes even tho Im basic as fuck
>high scholol friends that haven't seen me in years think I'm even more handsome now
Tho I do worry I might get mugged and I'm still an autist

Non-US loves Levi's. Even the French would rather wear vintage Levi's rather than, say, A.P.C.

Cop the U.S. made (or at the very least U.S. milled) ones when they're on sale.

RIP mike ;(

4 pairs? nigga levi's in the US are normally 40-60 dollars depending on the cut


I have like 10 pairs of levi's

h&m, zara usually what im dressed in

I'm looking for a nice pair of quality sunglasses for around 60 bonez


Slav bernd here. Where should I look for cheap basic clothes. Is OP pic what I'm looking for?

UNIQLO is a good bet, basic inoffensive clothes for cheap with decent quality
you could also thrift

holy shit foot locker here in italy is expensive asf

Uniqlo is a godsend to poorfags.

i think carhartt us pretty nice but nt top-tier
t. australian

I get pairs for $80 at kohls. Only thing worth buying there desu

Last time I checked ASOS was pretty up there as far as price. I mean shit the carry moschino and armani

i guess who made that pic was thinking about the home brand

Uniqlo shit is worth the extra cost over H&M. H&M sweatshirts are decent though, their polos and button downs are shit.

H&M overall costs more here in my cunt
so my go to store is Uniqlo

Would Ralph Lauren be considered poorfag-tier?

this is normieness overload

that would be Supreme

and since i save a lot of money thrifting I can buy more expensive shoes

Don't you guys have Uniqlo?

ralph lauren, ralph lauren usually what im dressed in

Can confirm this is true

If you don't care too much and can wait, the sales are practically stealing

What's the best alternative to Stone Island for football casual wear?

>hear Gap jeans are actually decent
>Retail for 70 but get a pair for $20 new
>Gaps skinny fit looks baggy as fuck so I get the super skinny model
>Now I'm worried about it being too tight and accentuating my pencil legs too much

Being 6"2 135 with pencil legs sucks

>bought pants from Uniqlo sale for $7
I actually felt bad cause it was a such a steal

Recently copped this at uniqlo for $12

sorry to hear man, still 6'2 ain't so bad.

why do you have to ask?
but CP Company

good cop, i really like uniqlo's moma stuff. picked up a bunch of it when i went to hong kong

I wear lot of 'poor' brands with my designer gear
I have fjallraven, uniqlo, r-collection, won hundred, blk dnm and thrfi shit but then I also have rick, ann d, number nine, damir doma and julius, ain't no thing

Rich kids/adults buying expensive clothes just to feel rich are hallarious to me. They always end up looking clueless sooner or later.
I'll buy anything that looks good and is made properly regardless of the brand.
Non savvy kids/adults are the worst, but shame we need them, bless their souls x

Which pieces?

Is superdry really poorfag clothing? The prices here in my country seem really expensive for what you get.

Carhartt and Carhartt WIP are actually ok, unlike mainline Levi's

in what world is ZARA for poor people

Need some basic black boots. w2c some docs?

what's wrong with superdry? not really poor fag at all. the stuff they make without all their autistic branding bolstered over it is actually really good imo

Levi's and Fred Perry are NOT for poorfags in the UK..

fred perry is great for second hand though, since it's easy to find at great prices and most of their stuff is actually pretty nice

Where can I buy the best slim/skinny fit jeans if I am on a super tight budget and am looking for a physical store in Europe?

need new JACKET
Zara bomber literally falling apart.
Something I can wear all year round (removable liner or some shit idk)

anyone get anything from the jcf /JCrew $25 + free shipping code?


Where to cop fake yeezys on NYC or Virginia

Yeah, same here in Peru. Is dumb how cheap those are in Europe

H&M slim fits always look like regular fits on me and the skinny fits always leave me with so much empty fabric at the thigh area. I have some jeans from H&M and I do like them, but for some reason it takes me so long to find a pair that has no weird fitting issues on me that I usually just give up.

Not sure whether I am the only one who has this problem.

I have a couple of slim and skinny jeans from Pull&Bear, and these almost always fit really well. But their quality is just abominable. I got a pair for 10 euros a bit ago there, and that is exactly how much their jeans and pants are worth.


pick up a military surplus jacket user
olive drab goes with everything!

true. I've sold a lot of second hand fred perry stuff on ebay and it always sells pretty quickly, no matter what condition it's in.

I live in Belgium, and at least in my city, the Zara store has been taken over basically by immigrants. And loud 13-year-old girls. Main reason I never shop there at all. I am traumatized.

Malls here (Philippines) have docs
But best bang for your buck would be good quality milsurp boots.
Though I love it when I get complementa on my docs

Original Nike and Adidas are still quite expensive. They often wear fakes or used ones. Unless they are part of criminal gangs and then the tracksuit is more of a status symbol. I remember that in 90s Easter Europe some rich gangsters were wearing Nike or Adidas tracksuit jacket over the actual Armani suit and a leather jacket on top of this. Also gold chains and colorful sneakers.

I'm going fucking crazy trying to find good/stylish or whatever sneakers that won't break my fucking bank. Low-top or just slim/sleak ones in black ideally.

I picked up a pair of Airwalks as a "I don't care" pair for whatever, and plan to get a proper pair of Vans with a gum/light brown sole, but aside, no fucking idea what to get.

Onitsukas perhaps? More or less $100 in my cunt.
What's your budget user

Most of their dress clothes are polyester, so yes.

Do you mean Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Ralph Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, RLX, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, or Chaps?

Old Navy

What good quality piece of clothing can I get from Super Dry?

thought everyone wears levis?

ive been looking for pocket tees for the low in all sorts of colors. uniqlo has failed me and most stores have these awful washed out colors. send help

Like anything under 100$CAD honestly. I spent 70$ on Adidas baselines but returned them since the fit wasn't good and they were straight white, so not a good colour.

pulled up.... citizen watch..... full ross......

For some reason I can't manage to keep shoes in a decent condition for more than a year at best.

Last year I managed to get some picrel at a decent price, and I want to get something similar, but isn't there a cheaper alternative ?


Suede gum old skools are goat vans IMO

Either of these?


I posted similar here but was told those look "ugly", so if I'm looking at links above, are they not in the same styleset?

I want a pair of whitetop, gum soles are some point. those go well with light brownish chinos and black jeans.

First one is a better shoe IMO. you could also go with adidas samba off amazon for the same price, they are way longer lasting