Make some shit, post some fits, and discuss. We need original content brehs

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I need some criticism. Is it shit, or is it okay? I do plan on hollywood dirting it up

is this a joke? literally none of these pieces is lunarcore in any way neither are they wearable at all

Post some of your lunar fit ideas

that's pretty good actually

Try higher boots or something, make it jump out to make it definitively lunarcore

Decent fit but not very lunarcore imo, more pale colours and maybe some orange. Bigger and chunkier boots too.

Like other people said lunarcore boots should be huge. That or go with a simple sneaker like in Alien

how does a poorfag get into lunarcore?

you just cry

You save up some money for decent lunar boots and thrift/DIY the rest. I almost got pic related from ebay for 15 pounds but the guy wouldn't ship to my piece of shit slav country.

shoot for the moon

That jacket is pretty cool. I get so triggered Everytime I see a NASA logo. Fuckerheads never went to the moon

Are you saying NASA never went to the moon?

Are you actually posting in a fucking lunarcore thread and being this fucking idiotic?


NASA never went to the moon. If you don't think we have the technology to fake it, what makes you think we have the technology to go there.

Why does astroNOT John pettit say that the technology we used to get to the moon was destroyed/lost. He admits that someone "taped over" the telemetry data from the Appollo mission.

Please don't imply I'm a retard, you sheep. This thread is for inspo not blind fanboy-ism

Oh we're doing that now, where are the stars in your image?

But we have been to the smoon, haven't we?

Is anyone familiar with BLKBVR?
I've heard about it from here and decided to check out their site the other day.
I ended up buying a pair of cargos but have no idea how their stuff is

Thrift/Grail military stuff

anons do not take the bait

thanks for the bumps though

Well they tried to fake it by getting Stanley Kuberick to help them but was such a perfectionist he insisted they film it on site.

Youre such an unoriginal fagtard. We're told the moon is ~238,000 miles away. The "space race" was just propaganda, but we're told it was a race to the moon. We're supposed to believe that after Russia got just a couple hundred miles away from the earth, the USA buckled down and got all the way to the moon in one try. Nobody ever went halfway and came back, nobody ever went a quarter of the way and came back to see if it was safe. 2nd place to the moon was only one-thousendth of the total distance to the moon. Bullshit. But wait, there's more-

This military surplus parka lining from the /k/ommando store is pretty flippin lunarcore

Wow that liner looks great, I'll need to cop one.
I like the /k/ommando patches too, but I don't browse /k/ so I'm gonna hold off on those.

I can't stand you. You regurgitate that joke, not even noticing that you are admitting that Stanley Kubrick helped them out with all the compositing techniques he used for 2001. Why in the world would they need a movie director to get to the moon? Come to think of it, what skills would an actor have that would help with being a president? Because wasn't Ronald Reagan, the guy who told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, an actor in old cowboy movies? It's almost like the cold war was a big production, an excuse for propaganda on both sides advocating trading personal freedoms for security.

Oops the pic is upside down for some reason

It's true, you don't have to be a victim to Jewish mind control programming to dig the lunarcore aesthetic

I think this is another milsurp piece that would be good in a lunarcore fit. I wanted to ask everyone which color of cargos is best for the lunarcore look if you can only pick 1 or 2. Black, Gray, or White?

The colors in this info graph don't really scream "exmilitary astronaut".
There's too much grey and white, seems more like a bland dystopia, or a crew worker on a pristine space station.

Black by far, they're way more versatile.
Something Charcoal colored even more so.
After that I'd look into a pair of olive or pine green

Lunarcore looks so clunky.
How do I get into lunarcore while still being mininalist.

A lot of anons tend to go for the gritty and practical sci-fi aesthetic of the 70s and 80s which is why most lunarcore looks like an offshoot of techwear.
More contemporary Sci-fi works such as Oblivon, Passengers, or anything else made this decade have a more minimalist aesthetic that could be used for inspo.

Here's an user's fit from a previous lunarcore thread.

I love these milsurp pieces, if anyone knows where I could pick up some woollen sweaters in military colours that'd be awesome.
I'd like to know someone's answer to this too.
Also was alien the original kino lunarcore?

You can get them fresh from Rothco or some other military clothing maker or get them from one of /k/'s favorite surplus stores. They are nicknamed wooly pullies.

>If you make sure to taper the cargos.

>Either use a boot like palladiums/converse Xhi's, special field boots, jungle boots, or combat boots.

>or use simple sneakers like PF Flyers,converse, or weird monochrome velcro sneakers

Like I've said before really take some inspiration from classic sci-fi movies, some of the best inspo ever is the original Star wars Trilogy and ALIEN

And DIYing really lends itself to this style since most of the stuff you see in those films had to be handmade, so you need to do it to, and desu it's fun making your own shit and knowing it's 1 of 1 no one else has this piece you made flaws and all

>pic related a cool DiY lunarcore bomberjacket that a Veeky Forumsggle made a few weeks back

Cool design but the collar is wack

I actually picked that style of cargos just for the bagginess.

I actually really like the collar, looks cool to me reminds me of something you'd see at a space cantina or someshit

For a bit of inspo, check out this alien covenant space suit. The backpack has straps from something like a military parachute backpack, it'd be nice to convert a backpack with custom straps.

Holy shit those are perfect

Oh yeah I've been meaning to show you globetards the stitching on these cargos I found at old navy. The flash is on so it's not that color green

You do realise more things have been sent to the moon besides the Apollo craft right? Dozens of probes were sent beforehand. Stop watching Alex Jones so much.

Camper x Gosha from like 2014

good shit

2014... good year for Veeky Forums

No I don't "realize" it and neither do you. You are putting a lot of faith into government scientiss that you've never met.
Just because NASA says they sent something doesn't make it true. Just because Alex jones/bill hicks says something doesn't make it false. That's his whole gig, to discredit the truth. There IS shit in the water turning frogs gay, that's just a fact.

i'll turn you gay faggot

It's too late I wasn't molested as a child. Being gay is not a choice, unless if they were dressing provocatively of course

Why would they continue to lie? The USSR is long dead.

>where are the stars
>moon literally reflecting a shitload of sunlight right in to your field of view


>faking radio transmissions and telemetry that anyone with a sufficient radio could have followed along, tracked, and verified


>actual rovers on the moon's surface


Why do you get off on trolling against factual knowledge? Why do you get off on the concept of anti-intellectualism? You're as bad as (and probably are) Kekistani shitheads.






Holy sweet flying fuck take this cancerous moon conspiracy theories to JRE, as an old fag I've NOT ONCE seen a lunar core thread devolve into this kind of ridiculousness this is a lunarcore FASHION thread, not some /pol/ moonlanding thread, so keep this shit light hearted and fun and imaginative, if I wanted to get into stupid debates I'd just hop over to pol not here

Personally i think they were originally faked back in the 60s but I definitely think that we've been there or at least sent shit there in the past 20 yrs, weve certainly had the tech to do it for the past 2 decades for sure, but regardless none of this matters.

this is supposed to be fun, light hearted, and cool, thinking about what it'd be like living in an ALIEN-esq or OG StarWars universe and coming up with ideas for pieces and fits and making drawings and such

These threads are supposed to be fucking comfy and cool, not "moon landing angry debatathon 3000"

>fucking pic related, my weird cargo t-shirt I made when I was bored at a coffee shop.
Feel like there's different versions I want to make, have different sized pockets different zippers, different patterns, sleeve lengths, etc.

Make it a vest, not a shirt

Drawfaggle again.
And whoever posted this pic
THANK YOU, it's sooo fucking cool, its definitely gonna give me some piece ideas for sure thank you

>Even the "oldfag" thinks they may have been faked

Kill yourself. If you're posting in a fucking sci-fi thread that takes inspiration from actual fucking events in aviation history, and yet are stupid enough to believe it didn't happen, then please, just do the scientifically and intellectually minded world a favor and kys.

Looking at it again that's not a bad idea user
I'll make a vest version or a few different vests

In the meantime enjoy SpaceJews doodles fucking love that guy, wish he still posted here



I believed that they happened for most of my life (25 here)
But it wasn't until about last yr I ended up watching some stupid episode of JRE with some dood talking about the landings, and it definitely raised some questions for me, and like I said before, personally Idk if it happened at the original date back in the 60's but we certainly have been there in the last few decades, like I said we've certainly had the tech to do it the past couple decades, I just don't know if we did in 1960's America

>But it wasn't until about last yr I ended up watching some stupid episode of JRE


I know I know lol

Imagine if the Coneheads were the Xenomorphs in Alien, just in body. They did all the same shit the Xenomorphs do.


post some grungy and gritty lunarcore please anons

Why don't you?

I post enough shit ITT

Half the time I'm the one making these threads

because i don't have any genius

Just throw some clothes into MSPaint like I do, something sticks eventually

I'm too lazy to deal with captcha and countdown shit. I swear appchan.x used to auto-post once the cooldown timer was up, but it hasn't been showing the timer anymore.

So I'm just posting to refute the dumbasses. Also trying to post shit that isn't posted in every single fucking thread.








Just copped literally 5 mins ago

lol the proportions are so bad, look at those thighs ,and the legs look so short

Anyone have lunarcore room inspo?
I'm looking for a rug

You can tell it's just the angle, but I do agree that the fit doesn't look that great
Feels more techwear than lunarcore

In the sterilization of space you don't need rugs..
Lunarcore rule number 1

get a transparent non-slip mat instead

Wrong post m80

USSR was never the enemy except in comics, movies, and on the news. By riling up the people to be scared of foreighners they've never met, you can get people to trade personal freedoms in for security. This has been going on at least the past 50 years, all the communist rhetoric has returned to the U.S. No i dont believe in nukes, we have no reason too.

Oh so if they make the costumes then it MUST have been real. I guess lord of the rings and star wars are real too

>thinks he's scientifically and intellectually minded because he agrees with what he's been taught

How about think about it holistically, or in terms of history. Don't you think germans who hated jews had thought up some intellectual and scientific reasoning behind it?

You didn't help the people who faked the moon landing, so you don't get to take credit. "Humanity" didn't go to the moon you nerd

I'm trying to find a lunarcore jacket to cop, but it basically NEVER gets cold where I live. Can anyone recommend something lightweight? I really dig the kind of surplus-y Alien type stuff, with lots of pockets, if that helps narrow things down at all. Thanks!

I like them a lot, I feel like you could do some good fits even outside of Lunarcore with them

I like the cap & headset Guenter Wendt has on. I found you, Martin Noakes.

Could I go with some Converse Weapons?

Too 20th century
Looks like a one off of a Jordan
When you think of lunarcore think mono colors, at least with shoes anyway
Get something like pic related