Russian fashion

weird request, but I wanna sport something Veeky Forums and inexpensive that shows off my russian heritage, u feel? i dig this Gosha Rubchinskiy stuff but it's out of my price range atm. help me out, show me some cool Russian shit/link where to buy.

Other urls found in this thread: sneakers based around soviet era chucks knockoffs

Thanks man!

The whole post soviet wave is almost gone but you can still get stuff, theres this one guy from gosha that started his own brand. And denma gvasalia transformed balenciaga from just a new money flex brand to something really special and interesting like how allesandro michelle did with gucci

you mean gosha rubchinskiy him self faunded paccbet, not some random guy.

and paccbet, but paccbet objective is to be a brand like supreme or palace, so the price of pieces is just a bit lower than those brands

SSUR is cheap and goes well with the Gosha aesthetic. The guy that runs it used to work for supreme back in the day uhhhh Russ Krablin

Do they ship to the states? Anyone have experience ordering from them?

These are sweet but the only ones I like they don't have my size

Sputnik1985 has some cool graphics. Can't say anything on their quality tho

I find SSUR to be too fuccboi/hypebeast like. They don't even have any clothing in cyrillic iirc which is big for me. Sputnik is sick but don't know if they ship to EU/US
Anyone ordered online from Sputnik before?


Sputnik ships to EU, albeit a bit slow. Ordered from Belgium and took almost a week and a half to arrive. Quality of the materials and design are very decent for the price and the screenprints are also high in quality.

thanks. I moved back to the states recently so need to talk with someone whos ordered to here.
I love a lot of their tops.
Can I ask what you ordered?

I really want to cop that crewneck on sale at Sputnik but their sizing chart is complete nonsense and they don't have a return policy or anything.


Friend recently brought me back a couple Sputnik pieces, tee and a sweatshirt. Quality is nice, fit on the sweatshirt is a little abnormal but overall good. Would reccomend

Just go full Adidas

Sputnik is utter shit, you know?

Sneakers Dva myacha, sweater Sputnik 1985, Adidas pants.


anything to back that claim up? genuinely curious