I'm 5'0, what do I do?

Is being 5'0 as a girl awful? I'm 5'0 and my boyfriend is 6'2. He doesn't really care and he actually likes being much taller than me, but I always feel like a child. I'm 5'0 and I'm 75lbs, so I have a child's body. I don't mind it now, but what about when I'm 40? I feel like I'll never look like a "woman". How do I accept the fact that I'm going to be 5'0 forever? :(

That's unfortunate but what does this have to do with fashion?

you will never get respect

also statistically you're only going to be with this guy a max 2 years until you grow out of the "i want a tall guy" phase

since he will get tired of having to be held back in life by you and will get over the fetish

Is having a loli body effay

My relationship with him is not based on a tall guy fetish, lol. I met him online so I didn't know his height before we were in a relationship. I only found out when we met in person

as a fetish maybe, the dudes into the tiny girls are into it because they fantasize about being with a high school freshman/sophmore

>tfw 6'2'' and never had a gf my height or taller
>you will never cuddle with an amazonian tier woman

wtf does this have to do with fashion ???

Everything idiot

he likes being much taller than you cause he's a pedo

Manletc detected

Perfect height to suck dick

Colonized BTW

You have to own it and be a cute small little girl, fuck that ¨real woman¨ bs- when you get older you'll be a cute small old lady too.

>rave poster



Midget fetish.

I'm 6'3". Smallest I've been with is 5'2. Sex was awkward. Couldn't imagine dating anyone that short.

why did he think this picture was a good idea lmao

Both of your clothing is horrible so maybe instead focus on that??

>why did he think most everything he did was a good idea

nothing worse than midget girls prove me wrong
>bad proportions
>head looks huge
>care more about men's height than the average girl
>you assume theyre cute because of their size but theyre always the biggest cunts

It is pretty obvious you guys met online hahaha

>I hate that I look so young :(

The shit people under 25 say