So what are the pros and cons of H&M?

So what are the pros and cons of H&M?

pros: fast fashion
cons: fast fashion


but really,

pros: cheap

cons: absolute beyond shitty construction, a year or two behind trend, everything is way, way too skinny for anyone who actually does any physical activity, the stores are always extremely disorganized

Pro's: cheap and alot of good basic shit like t-shirts and underwear

Cons: most stuff is badly made and falls apart in a few months, some stuff might even stink in your closet if you don't wear it for some time

i work at h&m ama

guys know what's up, and just 2 years ago I would occasionally get something from h&m

Pros: you're up to date with pretty much any trend if you shop here
Cons: most of the trends make you look like a faggot

it's cheap as hell
thats good and bad

What this guy said, t-shirts and underwear are only stuff one needs to buy from H&M. I have some 10+ year old black and white t-shirts from there and they're still quite ok as undershirts if nothing else.

[spoiler]I nowadays buy my V-neck t-shirts from Lidl though[/spoiler]

Pro: everything is super neutral/basic so you can get very creative with outfits

Con: If it's not on sale, most of the materials are so not worth the +$60 bucks

Not a lot to say that hasn't already been said.

( + ) Affordability
The stuff is affordable and will make you look better than 99% of the population (in most places). To be honest though, my personal philosophy on fashion consumerism doesn't really accord with low prices being a virtue. I think more often than not this is not true, except for thrift deals.

( + ) For fast fashion chains, a little less boring of a look compared to similar places like Uniqlo and GAP, which are very safe and basic. However, Uniqlo is much better fast fashion--certainly from a quality standpoint. Which brings me to my next point.

( - ) Quality
The quality is atrociously bad. Inexcusably bad. I think most people would be willing to pay a bit more for something that isn't absolute shite. Anything that is not as simple as a tee or some sweats from H&M will almost inevitably have some stray threads sticking out, be coming apart, etc. after a very short time. I say this from experience having once been an H&Mfag. One I was stupid enough to by dress shoes at H&M and the heels collapsed in a month.

( - ) Fit
My hunch is that H&M is catering a lot to the east Asian market at this time. Fits are very slim, with a lot of K-Pop boy looking stuff. Yesstyle-y shit.

>a year or two behind trend
Say more. What do you consider trend now? Just curious because Veeky Forums as a whole isn't necessarily up on this. This place is still stuck on Rick and tech ninja shit. after all.

cons: bad quality
pros: looks like shit


it's great for high school kids who want to get laid

Anyone notice that smell in every H&m store? Smells like some weird perfume they pump into the shop or something.

I think everything has been covered but I've bought things from there because it looks kind of how I want and it's cheap, often cheaper than a meal for one. the problem is that after one wash it begins to fit badly and if you've spent time and money elsewhere on clothes h&m stuff begins to feel a bit rubbish compared to the slightly more expensive things you have on. I have two sweaters from there and I've worn them a couple of times, they just sit at the bottom of my wardrobe now. the only fast fashion items of clothing I truly like are Uniqlo hoodies and flannels, but you could still get a cheaper, better flannel by thrifting.

saying that, if someone's goal is to look good, and particularly look good for the general person then fast fashion is perfect, many won't notice or care about what someone on a fashion forum would pick up on.

Not who you're replying to but I noticed that they were very late with all those biker themed clothes, like joggers with biker ribbed parts on them.

I bought a jacket from h&m and after a couple of washes it started smelling like pennies

pros: cheap
cons: everything else

I know what you mean but I think it's just what they use to clean the stuff. Preferred to other stores that smell like they had a Cologne gernade go off inside the place

H&M sometimes has decent stuff. I used to like their jeans but after trying different brands they felt like sandpaper to me.

Stick to cotton or other natural fibers.

only buy shit on sale i bought a tshirt for 5lv which is like 2,50eur
got a purpose hoodie for 17lv which is like 8,50eur
my advice is never pay retail for hm wait for sales or check their site daily they always got stuff on sale.

i love the zip up hoodies, cant find any hoodies that fit like that for that price (around 20 bucks) price in stores around here or i havent looked good. hoods on the thinner ones are good too they dont look like kkk wizard hoods

pro: its cheap
con: its cheap

what fucking H&M are you shopping at

Their trend collection

What tool do you prefer to beat the Burmese slave workers with?

The basics are decent, I have a few blank t-shirts, some socks and some pants from there.
Sometimes the quality is good, but on some occasions I've returned items after they fell apart within a few weeks.
I've noticed the pants lose colour after a few washes, which is a bummer.
Never get anything with any kinds of prints from H&M, that shit is absolute cringe and garbage.

Their t-shirts are more comfortable if you compared to the wal-mart ones

$6 plastic clearance belt next question

Pros: Cheap
Cons: You will looks like you shop at H&M

I walk in their out of curiosity. I never end up getting anything. I always leave disappointed.

It's to cover my farts.

fast fashion, when i buy something there i don't expect it to last

Pros: it's cheap
Con's: it's cheap

Who are you

I like their polos. Am I a bad person for holding this opinion?

Honestly their jeans are the only real decent products they sell imo. They seem to be one of the few places that sell skinny/slim fit jeans that don't completely fall off my ass. The only downside is they are really fucking slim fit, unless you're a little Asian twink-twig or something. Their normal slim fit is somewhere between a 510 and 511 in the legs, but the actually skinny fit is basically like jeggings on me. But it does make it nice for tucking into boots if you're into that Shia/SFB or Austrian meme boot thing. I've heard good things about their cargos too.

Pros: I got a shirt with toucans and one with idk some other kind of bird on it for only € 4 each because nobody obviously wants them.
Cons: Same as the pros.

>cons: absolute beyond shitty construction, a year or two behind trend, everything is way, way too skinny for anyone who actually does any physical activity, the stores are always extremely disorganized

I don't know why people say this unless they're fat but for me the skinny fits are a huge pro.. For people who actually maintain a model level of leanness they fit awesome. I do some MMA stuff mostly stand-up, some weightlifting, have a decent level of muscle (pecs, lats, delts pop) mass. 5'10 140 bf% idk enough for visible abs. Smalls fit me beautifully...

>fit like leggings
Please post picture? Are you a disproportionated dwarf? Most super skinny fits from H&M are not even that extremely skinny

i do mountain cycling and their slim fits are perfect for me, what you say about their skinny must be true though

pros: their jeans, cheap stuff that is usually expensive like silk
cons: people think i work there everytime i'm just looking at stuff

>what fucking H&M are you shopping at
not that guy but here in stockholm most of their shit is around 200-500kr (£20-50)

>5'10 140
>decent level of muscle

Skinny fits are only meant for skinny people, with little to no musles at all. The issue is that people with any body type wear them. If the H&M skinny fits are already too skinny for you, then you obviously have the wrong body type. Which is okay. Probably even better. But when will people understand that skinny jeans only look "good" (well just only talking about the fit) on a very small percentage of the people who actually wear them. Why not just buy a fit that suits your body type.

pros: cheap
cons: absolute shit quality

Pros: sometimes they have skin-tight skinny jeans for br00tal boys who like to crab
Cons: sometimes they don't

I'm a college aged girl which is definitely a demographic H&M caters to, so a lot of my clothes are from there. Pros are it's very cheap, but cons are the quality sucks for long term use. It's enough I can get by and blend in with normie-wear.

>6 basic tees, 5 tank tops, sweatshirt, hoodie, 3 shorts, dress, socks are what I own from H&M