Hey user, can I borrow a pair of jeans?

>Hey user, can I borrow a pair of jeans?

>i guess, they're gonna be pretty baggy on you though

I generally have no issue with taller ladies (I'm 6'2" myself) but that image is a bit unsettling.

its because you feel emasculated

it's a tranny you dip

>tall female

lol idiot. sounds like you suffer from manlet syndrome and are insecure about your own height you so attack women that are taller than you/the average man.

how does it feel to be misshapen

>You will never have 6'5 gf

#14 a cutie

fuck i love tall girls i'm 5'11

>You will never be smothered by the volleyball teams' feet in the locker room after a match

Noose or pills, lads?

I know that feel except it's not the feet I want to smother me, that's gross.

Absolutely excellent

...but we can still do stuff, right? :^)

Nice try manlet

Project your insecurities somewhere else, I'm perfectly content with my height :^)

>I'm not insecure
>Rages about manlets
>While being a manlet
You are the confindence in person m8

>that's gross


41352 is the only acceptable answer

>content being a manlet
when will they ever learn

Yo OP I went to high school with this chick, real shit. She's rom a small town in East Texas. How'd you find this pic lmao?

i did a shit ton of squatting the past year and a half and now my legs look like this.

now there's a problem. I can't find any jeans that fit me just right. Every pair just gets too tight around the thighs, making them look like cringy skinny jeans. When i try a bigger waist size its still too tight around the thighs, however, now the waist is just too loose

what the fuck do i do? please help Veeky Forums


I'm 6"2 and this shit makes me feel insecure

>Have the same body structure as her
>Pants are always highwaters

s-s-sorry sir i don't think they would fit you

Please study this chart carefully

What is this in rest-of-the-world units which NASA used to go to the moon?

not even joking


you got it

Not me.
t. 6'3" 8-incher

6ft = 182cm

No, but you can borrow my boipucci.