Super excited for these. Thoughts /fa?


They're ok.
Seeing them in person might change my mind though. I doubt it though. Once you've had a pair of J's, you've had em all.

This will be hard to cop right? Is it pretty much bot required? Never bought from an online drop before.

nah it shouldn't the price is only 190 and it is a collab with nike and they tend to have more in stock so they should be able to get them if you're there in the first 10 mins

yeah I guess but I like the extra lettering and I'm a big fan of abloh and I really like the size and feel of jordans. And they have a sort of patchwork feel due to the stitching of the logo. But I'll definitely admit that it really is just a personal taste thing.

do you browse redddit by any chance

>mfw people pay top dollar for bad photoshop jokes

not frequently but you may have seen me on the r/sreetwear with the same pic

>people pay top dollar for bad photoshop jokes
>implying I haven't wasted half of my life looking at memes

>mfw bad photoshop jokes look good

Now I understand why you have shit taste

muh people who use anything other than Veeky Forums have shit taste

Never implied that, fuccboi

i immidiately associate those shoes with niggers desu so they're fucking ugly

Fabric at the toebox and sides looks and feels very low quality, i was pretty disappointed.

You have them. Big hmm

"Are you on reddit"
"now I understand why you have shit taste"
no you weren't implying anything at all

good point

>anything other than Veeky Forums
reddit isnt the only place to go outside of Veeky Forums lol

but its generally considered the "other" website

not for fashion.

Who said that, some bully you met irl?

the guy in the thread

any website with people who care about fashion can be used to talk about fashion