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will they ever re-stock these

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No they won't


Best Gazelle? Best Gazelle

I found a used pair of Reining Champ UB's for $375. should I cop? they've been my personal grail for a while, alongside Creams (probably just gonna buy reps of them tho)

Why dont I ever see anyone wearing eqt's

what size?

Anyone excited for this release?



nah just a private seller group


how ridiculous are these color zx fluxs?

triple black coming soon


Are these alright? I can't say I know anyone who wears them, but after wearing slip ons and sandals this past summer I realized how much I would like a pair of Velcro shoes.

No laces to have untie or have to tuck in, extra fast without having to sit down and loosen every lace, and it's an interesting and different style to top it off.
I am not a Stan Smith person, so is this the best option besides battling myself over if I really wanna spend over $500 on fucking Velcro sneakers by raf

show more pics


velcro is autism


its hip, as is autism

Got these on ssense sale

Where can I buy these

Buy fakes nigger.

Should I buy eqt adv for like 50% off, or should I wait for ClimaCool 02/17 to go on sale one day?

Not in that colorway. I would def get the climacools

lmao those are terrible, the sole is completely fucked. everyone will know.

only retailer I know that sold these was and they sold out months ago. I have a pair in 10.5, make me an offer?

*10 actually

Where do people buy good fakes?

reddit /r/Repsneakers

What about this cw?
Also, what colorways do you personally like, user?

Not much into that pixel knit pattern. I would cop the overkills in a sale desu

anyone who thinks creams >white is a pleb

first pair that got me into sneakers. gonna put them into my rotation again this school year.

NMD fans on suicide watch

I love the eqt support rf's. very slept on design IMO

Just bought these, what do you guys think?

not as cool as the original city socks and the colorways kinda eh but still cooler than a lot of other shoes.

NMD needs to die. First City sock and maybe the pharrels are decent. the rest is just meh

if the strap was more like the margiela these would be incredible. straps are too skinny

I have a pair in 9.5. Only worn once. I'm in the US.

all my money

The right one looks like Beats by Dre: The Shoe, lmao.

waiting for these.

What do you guys think of these

Just ordered my first non black/white sneaker ever. Thought I'd go with a basic simple colorway for the fall.

yeah dude

What material is the upper made of? Would look better with a white sole and a white liner, but the upper is gorgeous!

The quality looks a bit off. The straps look like they'll fall apart pretty fast.

Yeah, they got stuck in the EQT adv's shadow in this new wave of EQT's, but I'm pretty sure they're popular among european old school sneakerheads.
I'll have to admit, I like the boost version better. The chunkier UB sole just makes it perfect in my opinion

Best citysock 2 colourway, but I still dislike the lower cut upper. CS1 with the more mid cut ankle opening looks a lot better.

Anyone know w2c cheap gazelles in the UK?


Should I get the bw army? how is the sizing compared to stan smith? the same?

did they not sell out?

ugh i found em on some european sites i wont link em tho ;^)

pls post

not even a thank you ?!

>save 19% for non EU customers

bless you user

How does Yohji dew it?

Tubulars dooms are underrated.