Body hair removal

what do you use Veeky Forums?

inb4 muh alpha male bear-mode; if you don't groom, don't bother answering.

Are you a girl? If so, stop shaving your body hair, it's just silly.
Alpha bear mode all the way, you fucking mole rat.

sometimes stomach


don't care. should i?


It hurts like hell the first few times but if you do it once a week it's alright.

how painful is it?

>hurts like hell

I don't know user, it probably tickles a little, right?

The only hair this man has removed from his body is the hair on his cheeks. Would you rather have your wet hair glisten in the sun after rescuing your drowning comrades or look like a plugged chicken on instagram?


mostly because I only have a few hair so it looks like shit. Hence I prefer it fully shaven


I never know where to stop under my balls... I have no hair on my ass but between the cheeks yeah, I'll try to trim these one day.

But what can it be used for? Is it strictly a female's gadget? Can men use it? Or should men use it? And where can it be used? Upper body? Face?

Laser everything. Chest, back, arms, legs, ass. balls, pubes. At-home works, but is slow and takes dedication. Professional is fast, and more expensive.

I'm a hairy as fuck dude, my mom told me that I would bleed if I do it

I use nair pretty much anywhere but my face and privates and clean up with a safety razor. works p. well

doesn't smell great but the result is worth it

no body hair

How painful is this shit with lots of hair?
I don't want to spend money on this shit if I won't use it.

>alpha bear mode
let me just run this through my cuck translator
lazy, stinky and generally gross


penis (if you only shave the actual penis, it will look a lot bigger when not erect because you can tell where it ends properly. Great for jealous looks in the locker room)
Toe hair, finger hair, outer edges of arm and foot hair to not get that filthy 'overhang' but rather a gradual hairiness, facial hair, trim pubes very long to avoid complete bush, trim armpits even longer

>it will look a lot bigger when not erect
who cares

>Great for jealous looks in the locker room
ahaha holy shit

didn't do shit for me, even tried leaving it only for twice the duration

no homo but going from one of the boys to most well hung stud in the land was a great step forward.

Erect it doesn't look markedly different though but girls appreciate a man looking like a man down there while at the same time not having to floss pubes when they suck (except for the ones that suck my balls or lick my ass but those girls aren't too picky anyway)

Honestly, hair is quite attractive on both men and women. Anyone who shaves is a cuck, end of story.


I do this
it's easier if you shave few days before you do it, and take a pain killer hour before
I've used it everywhere except genitals. Beard legs hands everything goes it's just plucking. I've done with for a year and hasn't killed my skin or anything. You can use it on face if you go slow.
You trim first, then you epilate. 5mm hairs is the recommendation. Also exfoliation is important to avoid ingrown hairs.

Also, don't bother with cordless ones, they only last for like 30 mins

I just use a regular electric hair machine, never had a problem. Just don't go against the grain too much unless you like dealing with pimples. It doesn't remove them completely, but it looks good enough for me at plain view.

I'm hairy as fuck, like big thick dark hair in my pubic area, so I completely shave most of my torso, strangely I grow hair around my nipples without having too much chest hair and even a few ones in my shoulders too, so I take the oportunity to shave all around, it looks better than having a few crazy hairs here and there. And also you dry way faster after taking a shower.

My pubic hair grows fast and it makes me incredibly uncomfortable, so I'd rather shave it fully than trimming it, even if my dick/balls look weird. I've been thinking about shaving my ass too, since shit gets stuck sometimes when I get diarrea and it feels dirty as fuck, but I don't know how to do it properly.

Generally, I'd say that around 95% of adult men should shave their bodies for hygene, but I know some women like hairy men, however I've probably met 1 out of 20 that like it.

Also, there's Wax, but it looks painful and not really worth it.

CHAD hasn't seen a SINGLE STRAND OF BODY HAIR in his entire LIFE, compared to EUGENE who is COVERED in DARK and THICK BODY HAIR and SHITPOSTS on Veeky Forums telling people that it is MANLY (LMAO)

very true

mole rat

How do you shave your balls without cutting them off

How do you shave your face without cutting your throat?

But you do know that the throat is by far the worst part to shave, do you use common razors? Gillete for example, is it feasible?

i just use the sideburns electric razor thing you get with mechanical shavers

I use pic related to shave my balls and dick, they both remain unscathed to this day

I use this on my shins. Thank allah I don't get much body hair besides that.
hurts like a fucker on the upper lip.

I've used a variety of stubble trimmers my whole life and went through phases of having basically everything trimmed as low as possible, to now where I keep all of my body hair tidy and groomed but nothing is actually trimmed down to the skin.

I've found that the general consensus with women is that they want a man to have some body hair so as not to appear girly or boyish, but nothing too long because then that gets gross. There are always going to be extremes on both ends, certain women insist the man never touches a razor and certain women would gag at the sight of a single chest hair.

That's why I go for happy medium, and that's what my girlfriend prefers so it's a win-win. I think the real key here is to groom yourself to the point of being presentable, but don't overthink it.

The one thing you need to be meticulous about is if you get any rogue hairs growing on the actual shaft of your dick (pretty common). Pluck or shave those (carefully) with an actual razor.

I'm alpha male bear mode and I belive laser is best option for hair removal.
No ingrown hairs and other complications.

DE mustard race. Tranny here. I've shaved just about everything except eyebrows and head hair. For your groin, just relax, take your time, and use a gentle hand. Best not to do it when you balls are hanging low as fuck like a wrinkly sock, though.

Seriously, though. Maybe a $100 initial investment, and then it's cheap as fuck for the rest of your life. You can literally throw away the razor after every shave and still save money over cartridges.

How do you use a razor like this?

I agree.

I've heard Magic depilatory powder works well for white men with thick black beards. Does anyone know if there's any truth to this?

Also, are there any depilatory creams which burn off the hair all the way down to the root? Or has man simply not reached a level of chemistry where hair can be burned off without simultaneously burning off the skin, too?

It's easy, user. Look up a YouTube video? You unscrew the handle to take the head apart (the razor is a whole three pieces) and place a blade in between the halves, then screw it back together and use it exactly like any other razor.

What are opinions on happy trails?

Ive tried shaving my pubic area and stomach dozens of ways and cannot find anything I'm satisfied with. At this point I'm just full bush because I feel like anything else looks odd.

>tfw belly-button down I'm fairly hairy, while chest area just has little hairs minus my nipples

just a light trim sometimes thats all
being bare is dumb unless u got a huge dong or your gf prefers it that way

>huge dong
I thought guys shaved to make their smaller dicks look bigger. What's the benefit if you're hung? Just to show it off more I guess?

i got a small dong and shit looks like a thumb if i shave myself

Tranny again. I think happy trails are cute, depending on the guy. But ye, might want to keep it trimmed a bit. Or not. Idk. Shave your fucking ass, though.

>Also, are there any depilatory creams which burn off the hair all the way down to the root? Or has man simply not reached a level of chemistry where hair can be burned off without simultaneously burning off the skin, too?

Anybody got any ideas what the answer to this is??

>At this point I'm just full bush because I feel like anything else looks odd.
You are correct.

Barely hurts after a couple of times, pretty easy to get used to on almost any body part beside genitals. I always use it while watching TV on my phone in the bathroom because it can take a while though, rather boring.

Even your face?? Would it maybe work even on thick thick facial hair?

Yeeaahh. I still haven't gotten used to it. I much prefer waxing, but I've only managed to do that below my knees. Epilator is just hell. I can't imagine using it on armpits or, dear god, the face. As much as I hate my facial hair, I'll just stick to shaving it for now, and wait until I can afford electrolysis.

Oh. Meant to say, though. Last time I waxed and epilated, I popped a pair of acetaminophen and my Adderall, and sprayed my legs with Bactine - antiseptic with lidocaine. The lattermost really, really made things a lot more tolerable for me. Plus, it keeps things relatively sanitary, which is also important to avoid infections and ingrowns.

I have not tried that. I don't think that is a good idea. I removed my pubic hair using it once. And I think I have a pretty decent pain threshold, but damn, that was pretty horrible of a thing to do. Not only the spot, but the hair is a lot thicker. I had to finish the task in several sessions, otherwise it is impossible imo. Never in my life again. The hair came back really soft at first though.

Anyway, first times is always the hardest to remove hair that way obviously. My hair kept grewing back a bit less and less initially (and it is less visible because it grows back instead of the cutted edge showing), so now I am at this point where I at least appear to have less hair and if I remove the hair from an area I want to maintain on a regular base, then it is not a painful thing to do anymore at all.

I just really despise shaving most body parts. After half a day the hair is already visible again in my case, and it is so rough and feels sharp then.

Thank you, tranny of wisdom.

I'm definitely cool with my gf having armpit hair, leg hair kind of gets to me though :/

Am I being trolled here? Electric razor like this is the only way to do it, at least for men.

Get a length adjuster. Lowest setting for pubes, nipples, medium-low setting for chest and happy trail, remove the adjustor for the face.

No pain, no pimples, no razor burn, you don't even have to be careful. It takes 10 minutes max.

Why anyone would do anything else is beyond me

Just dropped in to say all my girlfriends and I wouldn't date a guy who shaved his body hair and prefer body hair on a man. Yes, even on his chest. Back hair is excessive and gross though. That's all.

whyt he fuqck do you have HAIR on you're DICKE dude

Even if I shave with a razor against the grain I can feel stubble after less than 24 hours

Your girlfriend is a disgusting unfit hippie with terrible hygiene so no one cares