I like paying $50 for a piece of underwear with this man's name on it

I like paying $50 for a piece of underwear with this man's name on it.

Just buy two packs of three for the same amount with the same name on it. You'd seriously save a lot of money.

Just copped 9 pairs for $73

Redpill me on cheaper, comfortable, quality underwear brands please.

I've already tried bonds, which are okay but they are definitely lower quality.

Are you buying the shitty 95/5 or 90/10 cotton/stretch fabric blends? Then you're a faggot who enjoys paying for the name. Buying the modal or nylon/elastine blended stuff? Then you're buying good quality shit that happens to have a name attached.

Saxx is pretty comfy, but the ones I have are already in worse shape than my discount walmart boxer briefs. Adidas/Reebok make good mesh type material ones for the summer/high intensity exercising, and their regular stretch stuff isn't half bad either.

i own 11 pairs at the moment
no regrets

>Saxx is pretty comfy
Never have I tried boxer briefs that stretch as much as stuff as this brand

Champion the best for briefs

>not getting your boxers from Marshalls

Would anyone explain why women in instagram shills for CK and Victoria Secret Pink?


most of them get paid for it or are wanabe instagram models

2xist is good

buy it on sale at amazon

Taking proper care of a garment will ensure it lasts for a long time. Don't come to a fashion board trying to push this 'ur dumb for paying more for clothes' mentality when you're probably still paying for xbox live and other dumb shit. Why do you care how other people spend their money?

They also feel fucking great on the sack, considering they're briefs.


I just got six CK boxer briefs for $40, try harder mate

thats how dick suckings occur
bitches pointing out dumb shit then all of a sudden shes schlurping on your meat

2xist is fucking trash, if your nads are wrapped in trash you'll never get laid

Hanes premium cotton. 100% cotton, premium comfort, like 30 bucks for a 4-5 pack.

uniqlo airism

i bought 3 for 15$
>not lurking for sales
l m a o, you prob buys ralph lauren for retail

Just reporting back in to let you all know that they're bafflingly comfy ;)

I always get their sports bras if I am in the need for a new one. Best option I found so far (kind of) Quality is good, they are super comfortable, support is fine if your boobs are small like mine. They are way too expensive where I live at they regular price, often even over €30 EACH. But then I wait until they go on sale and get them for 50 to 70% off. At that price, they are amazing.

But nope, not for its full price. Cannot judge their male underwear though.