How come the white people on here are so ugly and unfashionable? Shouldn't it be the other way round...

How come the white people on here are so ugly and unfashionable? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Honest question here, because I've looked at the WAYWT and hair threads for years now and it's disillusioning

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How come niggers commit violent crime?

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name one good black fashion designer

asap bari


it's so fucking ugly, post one Vlone outfit you think is aesthetically beautiful

Huh? What's that long ass text supposed to prove xD. Bet you wouldn't say that to baris face bitch

that it's dull, ugly, and at the very best, derivative.

Olivier Rousteing

He's trash.

he sucks his cheeks in but yeah fair enough. apologies for the racism

Not that it matters. Your post wouldn't have disproved what OP said in any way

The white people here are un/fa/ because they spend all their time on the internet and have often been left out/have had no friends, this has led them to not care about their appearance and they are all new to it.

the fella who's doing Heron Preston is alright

>look guys i tucked in a t shirt into sweatpants

there seems to be a great deal of novelty among designers such as Asap Bari, Heron Preston and Gosha etc.. however it seems to be just that, novelty, with no emphasis on the quality of the garments or the beauty of them as long as they're new.

Teenagers and adults are browsing this board for years without any improvement.
So it's quite the opposite actually, they do care about their appearance very much, it's just that they are inept and not self conscious beyond any sob story you made up as a justification for that. Actually sounds more like projection even.

>Going to that point that you actually discuss with the ugliest people in this earth

well that is projection but i have 'evolved', i guess it's just the blind leading the blind

/fa isn't a great place to learn as /fa people don't browse /fa

improved not evolved

he said good

because whites have no culture and dont eat their chicken with spice so of course their sense of style will be bland (inb4 "its minimalism UGH") or complete appropriations of black style