talk shit, post fit

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Drkshdw/Rick adidas


I don't talk shit tho

Genuinely the best fit you have ever posted

This is better than your other fits that i've seen, but you still need to style your hair

is the headband a thing


i love you :*

not ipad poster


ID on those pants mah boi?

I love this


Pic has texture

the dude in the back has an incredible fit. your fit not bad either


person back is /fa. you not so much

Remove headband and you're ace. Very nice, maybe different shoes though.
Good for work, this Not feeling the shirt, what are the shoes?
Nice! Photo makes it look kinda weird though. Is the shirt RAf?

Mines incredibly boring, but it's cozy. I don't like the sandals personally, I need new ones.

I like when the rickdidas go over the pants, not under, but maybe that's just me. Also not huge on the headband. Good
Cmon dude
I'm guessing this is a bad angle, but the cuffs are bad and pants too formal for the shoes
Eh. Chill. No argument. Looks comfy.
Inversely this is overly chill. I'm in a good mood though and don't feel like arguing. Do you.

shoes are puma disc blaze
shirt is COS

>overly chill
I'll take it, nice shoes user. Wish I could afford some

It's fine dude. Opinions don't matter on the internet so. Like you're fine and in shape so the clothes will always fit which is more important than anything.

MX5 bois what wheels

What's that white thing on top, a necklace? Pic's a bit shaky, it's hard to tell.

Yeah just a puka shell necklace


yo big guy i respect ur weight loss bro fuckin keep it going bruv ur doing great

as for the fit its a lot better than ur past stuff

>drinking the sugary jew
not bad eurobro
I like the shirt
I'm not so sure about those kicks m8
Someone doesn't give AF if you wearing that shit out in public



Plain but not nice plain. The shorts are very ugly and a nasty colour, t shirt doesn't really work with them. Shoes are navy blue, why not black? this just seems like a sea of drabness masking the fact that it's a mediocre silhouette with mediocre pieces. It's not that it's necessarily strikingly ugly, but their is nothing of merit in this fit and the colours don't go together.

cool face and hair, confident enough to wear anime shirts in public yet met make them work with the fit. nice

nice and cozy

no on puka shell necklace, stop that. Also, a better angle would get you a better critique.
too simple, not really worth posting, but the clothes fit nicely at least.
you look young

I've missed u

your best fit imo

Is the middle a shirt.
Are u wearin 2 shirts and a t shirt??

Is it wrong to only be effay on days when you leave the house?

Fuck me up

overshirt bro

bleach stain the shirt

put the sleeves back on the shirt, uncuff the pants once or twice, and get something black and leather for the shoes
i feel like im supposed to hate this but i actually dont


Enkei racing S

I like you mwwt youre a cool dude. But this is probably the most boring thing ive seen you wear. But yknow its chill, good photography

Adidas pants ruin this. Would be better with a more substantial pant both in size and material

Speaking of boring fits

you look like a sock
way cool
The sweater ruins it desu, looks like you bought it at pac sun or something as in the graphic looks really cheap
I feel just plain black sweats would work better than the adidas, but its pretty cool
take a better picture, ditch that puka shell and the lanyard. you look like a highschooler
The shirt is hilarious you pull it off pretty well
This is the most average looking fit on the planet
Not a big fan of the shoes I cant tell if your pants are pin-rolled or if they are joggers, but I am not about either
Wish i could tell what the pattern on your shirt is
a gold watch and a necklace would complete this
Those are mondo sized shoes

w2c jacket?

Its a noragi from a brand called Publish

this lmao


More of a fall fit but i suck at dressing for the summer anyway. Top half is no-name thrift and chinos are J.Crew
I like the top half and always dig those shoes but the black jeans don't work for me because i feel like the coloration doesn't work with the rest of the fit so much and also the rips the jeans.
Safe, clean, and simple. I might try some white socks or a grey sneaker if you have it.
I was skeptical until i saw the earring. I really do appreciate a good goofy outfit now and again. I guess it depends on what sort of crowd you're hanging out with.
I like the bottom pieces individually but not digging the sweater or seeing much coherency to the fit
cool. almost always like your fits. you could try throwing in more colors but i like it the way it is.


very nice

Dude how tall are you haha

I really like this, even down to the flare of the pants which I don't think many here would appreciate. One critique I have is how loose the pants are, especially around the knees. Something closer to pic related would look better (albeit his pants are a bit too tight on the thighs). Good stuff though

im only 6'1

and i think you're right, i need to take them in like an inch starting from right above the knee or so. been thinking about that for a lil while.


this sites for ppl 18 and up kiddo

Tfw 21 but 115 lbs and 5 foot 6

that's pretty unfortunate bro, if you're telling the truth. stop dressing like a kid. i know 21 isn't old and you can get away with dressing young but shit man you have the body of a 7th tier chinese gymnast who gave up on olympic dreams and is looking into a future as a jockey

If it means anything I typically wear something like this. I love the Saint Laurent aesthetic just because I'm so fucking skinny

which exact adidas sweatpants are those

thx friend. Cool pants.
understandable. Don't know if they ruin it, but I have a nice pair of black cargos in the mail that should solve the problem.
see above
adidas 7/8 track pants maybe? Got them from end.

this looks a lot better. to be honest with you, idk how the slp aesthetic would look on someone short because i;ve never seen it in person, but in the first fit you posted i would ditch that hat forever. it makes your whole body look tiny by engulfing your head. props on you for owning something you can't change and choose though

It doesn't look to bad on someone short, you just have to be confident about your body, which I definitely do struggle with. Here's a full body picture with boots.

The hat is when I don't want to do my hair Hahah, I'm keeping it for lazy sakes

aww fuck im looking for a similar pair without a drop crotch

solid but those pants really hug your thighs.
maybe it's the suit pants with a tank top that throws it off? And the cuffs are gigantic, appreciate the experimentation but this might not have worked out
ratios very off. Pants look too long, not helped by the shirt being so short, helped less by the shoes looking massive. Also you could use a haircut.
seems cozy. Shoes are kind of pointy but nothing here seems glaringly bad.
negative on the shoes (in fairness I don't like the trend), but a different possibly low top white shoe would improve this imo. Good job otherwise.
I support this, cool jacket
hi statue man. Cool fit. I think the shoes are a little too techy for the wide pants look, but support the rest.
yes it is small child.
best of the 3 you've posted. I agree with and props to you for owning being small. It's a hard life but there are worse things that could happen.

I wouldn't say these have a drop crotch necessarily, but they are wide in the thighs so I find myself pulling them up to avoid that.

fair enough, i would just tighten the hat though if you wear it again. unless you have long/bushy hair and that;s as tight as it gets lol i know that feel

i love how nice Veeky Forums has started to be to each other. post more fits mf'ers

damn, big guy!!! looking good!!

bro the pic quality boosted your fit more than anything lmao. good fit

i feel the need to clean your room
i havent been on fa in a awhile and just an update: i'm still in love with u
i wish the shoes could be a lil more sleek looking. the white laces just funk it up for me

I need sleep ;_;

Youre cute please burn your clothes and remove nose ring so you can ascend




cool hair cool sweat awful bottom half
fuck off chairman
sweet pants

Expression nails the entire fit, also dope footwear
Aspire to be this comfy
Commit to a better neckpiece, pants are good
How is this a fit
I like
Not a fit
Sweater slightly questionable
I like

Holy shit, do you actually believe that this looks good?

Tucked is better imo
nice fit man

you never want to syncpost with me anymore.

also holy wow this is a good waywt!

holy fuck long legs lmao, good fit but unsettling

oestrogen levels peaking

well if they arent drop crotch i might pick them up. I have a long ass torso and shorter legs drop crotch would look ridiculous on me

wow so Veeky Forums can dress when they try

good shit

Yeah i know i usually wear it tucked i only wear it untucked occasionally

Not bad but the belt makes your legs look long and torso small. I would untuck the shirt and maybe get a slightly oversized one that hangs over the belt, that way your proportions will look better. Also I would lose the chain and clean your shoes, if they're cons you can put them in the washing machine. The colored laces are sick though

Great fit, awesome use of color and I love the classic clothes against the sneaker silhouette. Nice hair too

Nice fit, I think you are the few people who I've seen pull off a checkered shirt. Simple but effective, low tops might look better but that's just me

love your hair

Thanks man :)

Thank bro you fit is good too

Bought a purple hoodie and not sure what to wear with it, thought on my color scheme?


ID on pants?

wow w2c jeans my man?

tryna decide if the shirts 2 baggy ? for shoes was just gna wear b&w gazelles

no, that's the point