Which one should i go for ?

which one should i go for ?

This belongs in qtddtot btw
Uniqlo is the better bet, h&m is usually shit




go with the right one, i like the texture a lot, thought it looked real nice and was surprised when i saw it was hm.

h&m edition actually was 100 bucks before sales

huh, well i can tell from the picture the material is good

allright dude will go for that thanks, kinda remind me of the acne ones


those look so cheap my man


dickies.com comes in black or blue. 51usd


kinda answers its own question

get something that isnt a meme

>bomber jacket

i like the fit of dickies and carhartt clothes but i don't like visible branding :/

Did you mean to reply to me? If you mean that because it's HM it's automatically bad and useless, I disagree, it's case by case especially when you compare a specific HM thing to a specifing uniqlo thing

It's just a simple jacket dude who cares

bomber jackets are timeless

Keep believing that.