I've got an issue Veeky Forums. I'm having this want inside of me to wear girly, feminine clothing and the like...

I've got an issue Veeky Forums. I'm having this want inside of me to wear girly, feminine clothing and the like. I'm a dude and I hate the idea of transexuality but sometimes I just want to dress somewhat girly (or sometimes full girl, with skirt and ribbon etc) but at the same time I know I can never become a girl for a day and would look horrendous wearing those things. What do ?

I struggle with this every day. The only answer is to get yolked and find the dainty girl you want to be and make her yours, my man.


20 and Still a Virgin, can't get chicks.

Maybe I should try nofap and see if that makes me more manly

You don't have to be a girl to wear feminine clothing. My gf is making me a skirt to wear while dancing, I'm pretty excited. Probably gonna wear it with a short sleeve button down, untucked, and work boots cause they're my comfiest dancing shoes


Are you in one of those sissy cuck femdom relationships?

Where did you meet your gf? I want a relationship like this

What kind of porn are you watching?

>Where did you meet your gf? I want a relationship like this

He probably met her in one of those femdom meeting porn sites

A shitload of JOI and CEI videos. They turn me on. I think they are turning me into a sissy. I like Femdom videos of mistresses with strap on too.

i went through this and then did something with a man and I've regretted it ever since desu

don't let your fetish take over

Were you (sexually) bullied when young? Called a girl/gay/pussy? Bullied/laughed at by girls? Never got attention from the females you desired?

Sounds like you are very desperate for feminine interaction. You think you are not desired and think you can not be, which is why you watch femdom porn. The only way you could see yourself getting female attention/contact is by being a worthless slave.

Wanting to dress like a female is the final stage of this subservient mindset. Your unconscious mind: "The only way I can get in contact with the feminine is by becoming feminine myself."

You have to work on your confidence and insecureties. Psychotherapy can definitely help you. Also, I recommend dropping acid. It completely changes the way you look at sexuality and can help you get rid of insecurities. Good luck

Get off of this kind of porn, my dude. I've seen enough anecdotal evidence to support guys deciding they are gay or trannies because this porn is like a drug. You need a stronger and stronger dose over time.
You can do it, I did. If you experience mirrors mine you will fall off the wagon many times but keep quitting it and eventually you will get to a place where you don't have to look at it anymore.

>Also, I recommend dropping acid. It completely changes the way you look at sexuality and can help you get rid of insecurities. Good luck

Not sissyboi but I'll bite, tell me more.

Yeah I was bullied but not any more than the average kid.

And fuck user. I don't use to believe in psychoanalysis but you got it just right this time.

Ironically the thing about BDSM is it's kind of "hyper-normie."
By this I mean that whatever things you need to get a girlfriend - you need those same things but to a greater degree to get a dominant woman.
It's actually easier to get a submissive woman because there are way more of those so their standards can't be as high.
You could be a weedy, ugly beta and get a submissive girl if you have high Dark Triad traits.

>Ribbon and Skirt
Anime melted your brain away you pedophile piece of shit
Suicide is your last sanctuary

I don't watch anime you fucking idiot

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According to this thread you are a mentally ill virgin

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Always habe in mind that suicide is the best way for you :)

I'd highly recommend it, my man. I'm less than a week away from ninety days which is what the nofap community considers a "reboot." I can attest that it works in small ways that you can miss because you're having such a good time not worrying about getting your rocks off.

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Not OP but that sounds like some good advice ima follow

not that guy but acid is just a drug same as any other HOWEVER if you think about stuff it can allow your brain to come up with very constructive conclusions that you may never have come to before

If you want to quit porn one thing is to watch your triggers. If I look at dating websites it gets me looking at chaturbate. If I'm looking at chaturbate it gets me on pornhub. If I'm looking at pornhub it used to get me looking at bad stuff.
But if I don't look at those dating websites I can go days without really feeling much like fapping. It was actually shocking to me to discover how low my sex drive is without stimulation.

I can shitpost as much as I want you sub human and only you have a problem with it

Maybe you're an actual tranny but it's probably just psychological issues and insecurities that manifested as wanting to crossdress

Just get a gf and get her to dress the way you want instead and hop on roids and leave your basement

K m8. I'm gonna start fapping to normie porn now. Thanks for the tip. The trick must be to control yourself and do it gradually

I myself have struggled and still struggle with the effects of (sexual) bullying. Because of this I was very desperate towards women and was even more thirsty than a normal teenager. Constantly craving feminine contact and attention to feed my strong desire to be desired by that unreachable woman, to compensate for never being desired in my youth. This state of mind is so unhealthy because my desire could never be fullfilled. The unreachable woman does not exist.

On LSD, you start realising this. My libido was gone. Absolutely gone. I felt almost completely blind to gender. Finally I was free from burning desire. At the same time, and maybe because of this, I realised, or better, felt, all the things I beat myself up about, am insecure about etc. were essentially caused by thinking that they are the reason I could not get what I desired. With the desire fading away, the insecureties fade away with it. You realise that what you desire is a facade projected onto the world by your own mind, and upon further investigstion this facade always shatters. Even if I could get a girl I initially desired, she would not fullfill my desire because she actually wants me, so she is not unreachable anymore. It's a paradox I have created for myself.

I think that almost all insecureties, in however complicated ways, always relate to sexual desire. The end goal, especially in youth, is almost always sex.
Sex is the best way to get people's attention. Almost nobody can help looking at the tv when they hear the word "sex" coming from it. It's like a reflex, we do it without controlling it and barely being conscious of it. Our unconscious mind must be constantly monitoring for sexual stimuli.

Power enables one to fullfill sexual desire, therefore the will to power is in a way also the will to sex. And almost anything we do in life serves to increase our power in some way.

But maybe this is all just subjective speculation. LSD is so fucking weird man.

Ever since I started watching shemale porn since I was 13, I haven't been able to not watch it since. Every type of fetish in porn I have indulged in has come and gone except for shemale sissy porn. It's so addictive. I'm 20 now. I haven't enjoyed straight porn since. Only time I enjoy straight porn is when I'm watching some girl get gangbanged and I imagine myself as the girl.


When I was a teen I literally looked like a girl, with blue eyes and blonde hair, and used to dress girly in my bedroom.

Around my 18th birthday I suddenly turned into a literal SS soldier, my muscles tripled, my jaw squared and I grew a dense beard. Mind blown. I was happy and devastated at the same time. I sometimes regret my good old days.

So you turned from a virgin to a chad. You should be fucking grateful.

i dont want to feed your addiction but bruh you gotta check out chloe salpa

I was always good with girls though, I kinda get them

Here's something that might help, or maybe you'll like it. Watch Bailey Jay's JOI videos.
For me they were really fucking gross. I expected it to be good but they were nasty as fuck. He even had red sores on his hips from a recent fat injection.
Linetrap was what got me into it and it was probably him that got me out of it.

Seen a lot of Chloe's stuff. Vica ts is really good. Should check her out if you haven't already

Just tried this user. I got hard