How do I dress like a white nationalist? I need some inspo

how do I dress like a white nationalist? I need some inspo.

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Like this, user

chose a whole outfit at walmart.
(protip: outfit can't be over 100usd in total, exclusive shoes and vest, but both of them are optional)

Short tidy parted to the side hair.

Fitted white shirt. Fitted black trousers. Black or brown leather shoes and belt.

This has my interest. Monitoring.

I'm fucking sick of seeing this thread every day. Every fucking day someone posts this and every fucking day some kid is shocked that he is completely normal Male Pattern Baldness.

can we post some good stuff in this thread, fellow pedes? I could make a nice guide after and share it our friends on t_d. I'm going to include some spicy rare pepes too. PRAISE KEKE, meme magic is truly real, and these cuck sjw libtards will finally be BTFO forever

white polo and khakis

t. black guy who thinks he deserves to live in this country

I wish I had more upvotes to give this.

You are a kekistani faggot johnny-come-lately.

why does every fucking board on this stupid website get infested with this edge lord fascist horseshit. fuck off to /pol/

calm down mr. shekelberg

literally nobody wants anything to do with fascism you dumb cunt. you faggots lose every single time.

But calm down, man. Its just a thread about clothes. I won't reply you anymore.


the whole Charlottesville thing got me inspired what can I say

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These people are numale faggots trying to emulate actual men.

>how do I dress like a white nationalist?
Like this

Did he eat the previous owner of that jacket? And what is the guy on the left doing

He's a big guy




>''white'' nationalist
lmao fuck off mongrel wannabe ''white'' Ameritard

The alt-right look seems to be preppy with a fade

white polo
hair gel

Spencer pulls it off, the others I've seen not so much

dressing like a fat slob totally triggers libtards

Say it with me folks:

"The Faggot Store."

Now shut this shit down cause I don't politics in my fashion board