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>liking shoegaze
never gonna make it

What music do you like, user?

shoegaze is THE Veeky Forums music genre

it's not cool, but it is effay.

>being a faggot
lol you made being a faggot alirght


i'm upset

Was considering this one but idk

I have this one laying around somewhere

And I had this one a while back but I think I had to throw it away eventually. Such a shame. Loved that one.





It's also the most tryhard shit ever. People get into MBV and Slowdive and say shoegaze is their favorite genre because they think it makes them appear so cool and detached.

Cringy and lame, even though I like this group
Lol but cringy too.
Oh god no, almost as bad as wearing those smiley nirvana shirts





i prefer this one

shit taste

Korn you cunt

wow i thought i liked MBV because they sound good to me, guess not

aren't you so cool and above it huh

Music taste is bullshit, you can't tell me that the first time you're insufferable friend played Loveless for you in your graphite colored Volvo 850 through the tape adapter into his 60gig black ipod classic that you didn't say internally "Wow this sounds like shit".

I don't usually like band shirts, but this Kanye shirt is pretty damn dope

Not that guy, but Loveless is honestly one of the few /mu/-core albums that I loved on first listen. The fuck's wrong with your ears?